Earlier this week we bemoaned the fact that Nintendo's global release plans for Pokémon X & Y had been undermined; what was a concerted effort to release the new generation of the franchise to everyone at once had been let down by some of the gaming press, public and retailers. It had been an unprecedented move by Nintendo for the series and, based on what's happened, one it may not bust a gut to repeat in future.

We've have people breaking embargoes and leaking surprises, and we've also had retailers posting pre-orders early, all-but guaranteeing that plenty of gamers will be playing these titles earlier than some others patiently waiting until launch day. It seems that the impatience has spread to bricks-and-mortar stores, with MCV and gamers online reporting that stores such as GAME and HMV are selling the game today in the UK, blatantly breaking the official release date by a full day.

It is standard for major releases to arrive in the UK on a Friday, so it seems retailers are reacting to that demand to make some big bucks, with the likelihood that once one major retailer broke cover the others duly followed. It does demonstrate the disappointing truths that we highlighted this week; despite a developer's and publisher's intentions, cynical retailers and impatient gamers often make a coordinated release — and the shared surprises therein — an impossibility.

We've reached out to Nintendo UK for its perspective and will update accordingly.

[via mcvuk.com]