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UK Boy Band Union J Sign Up To Promote Pokémon X & Y

Posted by Damien McFerran

Following in the footsteps of fellow X Factor stars One Direction

It has been revealed that UK act Union J will be working with The Pokémon Company International to promote the forthcoming Pokémon X & Y.

In you're from outside of the United Kingdom, you may well be wondering who Union J are. Billed by many in the music industry as the next One Direction, the band gained exposure via the talent show X Factor — the same show on which One Direction found fame, in fact.

The band is holding a special press conference in London tomorrow to announce more details about their partnership. We'd imagine it will be pretty similar to the campaign which involved One Direction when Pokémon Black & White 2 was released — there's an example advert below.

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5ony said:

So does that mean they're Two Direction?

...that was terrible, I'm sorry.
I actually didn't know One Direction was promoting Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, feels kinda weird to know that these popstars are in the age bracket to be nostalgic for Pokemon. Wonder how the Union J thing'll go down.



yuwarite said:

Who? I'm from the UK, and I don't know who they are. But associating the name of the British flag with a crappy boy band... man, what has this country come to?!



MAB said:

They must have a factory pumping out boy bands on a conveyor belt at alarming rates... Kill it, kill it now




FishieFish said:

In case you don't know who they are, they are pretty much the next Justin Bieber.

They are terrible.



Peach64 said:

"In you're from outside of the United Kingdom, you may well be wondering who Union J are".

Like @yuwarite I'm in the UK and never heard of them!



tom_q said:

This makes me feel a bit sick, it is hard to explain to my adult contemporaries that pokemon is just as worthy of purchase as GTA 5 when these soulless, teen girl bait puppets are associated with it. I do love GTA 5 by the way.



Squashy said:

Oh God no! The horror! WHYYYYYYYY!

Still, at least it's not as bad as when Nintendo got Jedward to advertise the DSi XL. "It was dark times Harry, dark times"

@Dambuster Haha I couldn't have put it better myself!



rjejr said:

"The Pokémon Company International to promote the forthcoming Pokémon X & Y."

Seems to be a lot of dislike for this idea, but when was the last time Nintendo got anybody at all to promote anything at all about the Wii U? Some bad comedian poking fun at the Wii U in web ads is hardly helping.

It's obvious this band is to get girls to buy the game. just like putting in "Boutiques And Salons".

I'ld settle for a commercial w/ Mr. T playing W_D on the Wii U at this point.

"I pity the fool who doesn't play this game on the Wii U!"

B/c, well, "fool" and "U" almost rhyme. Hey, these are desperate times, at least I'm trying.



Haywired said:

A surprising decision considering the One Direction ads didn't do anything for Pokemon Black & White in the UK. Except for maybe turning into a "girly" game that boys wouldn't want to buy... Good old Nintendo UK... They still don't seem to have realized that this doesn't work.

It's like that huge campaign for girls with female celebrities that NoA did last year for Style Savvy and Art Academy. They didn't do so well... Surely all you need to do is just sell the game, then people will be interested in it regardless of their demographic.



Captain_Balko said:

Wait, what? Okay sure...

These guys were in Kick-Ass two though, so I guess they aren't as bad as the other bands. (Hit-Girl watches a video of them with the popular girls, actually a comical scene)



DiSTANToblivion said:

They're not a band, they're a group, and just like One Direction they are a terrible group at best. Well I guess they make money through being a generic trend, so they achieve that goal. As long as the corporate music industry can profit we can't really do much about it besides turn off the radio and TV and actually listen to something decent.



DarkKirby said:

Boy band Pokemon promotion? I guess they are targeting the teenage girl demographic? I don't much care for this band, or know who they are, but the more girls that play Pokemon the better, I guess?

Maybe Nintendo assumes everyone who likes Pokemon is already getting the game so they are targeting people who don't already like Pokemon?




That was so fake. I highly doubt they own 3DS handhelds, nor do they play Pokemon. They had level 50 starters and monkeys in their base forms. This wasn't really a good promo.



LoveSugoi said:

It's really not a bad idea, it's pretty obvious they've been targeting females for this game and girls like boy bands (though I've never been much into them besides a couple exceptions). Should have went with One Direction again though since they're much more popular now and from what I can tell have a big worldwide fanbase, these Union J guys seem to be honestly nobodies right now...

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