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Two New Limited Edition 3DS XL Consoles Coming To Japan Next Month

Posted by Damien McFerran

Orange x Black and Turquoise x Black will retail for 19,000 Yen each

The production line of limited edition 3DS hardware continues unabated with the news that Japan is getting not one but two new 3DS XL (LL in that part of the world) systems.

The Orange x Black and Turquoise x Black consoles will both go on sale on November 28th for 19,000 Yen. The pack includes a power supply (which is more than European gamers get with their XL systems) and a rather fetching carry pouch.

There's no word on whether the west will be seeing these two new consoles. Do you like the look of them? Share your feelings in the comments section below.


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IKAY said:

The orange one looks great. If I hadn't ordered the MH4 3DS I'd choose that one



SpookyMeths said:

I like the orange one. Is there anything in particular that these models are promoting or commemorating?



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

Orange would be great. My favorite orange was that burnt metallic orange prototype unit I think they had on display behind glass way back before the 3DS was released. That thing looked like a sports car. But I'd settle for this orange. Looks great.

Edit: Yay, Google image search. Found the burnt-orange pre-release unit (possibly just an engineering mockup with no guts in it...dunno):!slide=633444



BakaKnight said:

Orange, I love orange! OoO

I would say "I can't wait to see it in Europe (hopefully)", but I already have an XL and I'm not a console's collector >.>;



Lalivero said:

Are you kidding me?! My favorite color, orange, is finally made a reality in a 3ds (xl) model and it's only being released in Japan, most likely?!

Nooooooooo! D:



Mario_maniac said:

Ha. I was holding out for an orange 3DS for ages but gave up and pre-ordered the Zelda XL just the other day. Typical.



DarkLloyd said:

well the orange gives it that dragon ball z feel for me but damn it i havent seen any zelda 3ds xl in canada ugh



Peach64 said:

I really like the orange, but all black or all white are the only colours I want any handheld/console/phone/tablet in.



Marshi said:

The orange one looks amazing,with the orange stylus and orange buttons on a black Genuinely the best 3ds design ive seen



gamingreal said:

I really like both, if i had the choice though iis probably go turquoise, however ih got my animal crossing edition 3dsxl in june (probably the most common limited edition gameboy ever...) so im set



Rief said:

And even more of them...
I give up on collecting all of them...



FluttershyGuy said:

That turquoise one makes me feel nostalgic. My one and only Nintendo DS (I skipped DSi) is a turquoise "Nintendogs Best Friends Edition" DS that I got for Christmas in 2005! I still play it occasionally.



Keep said:

i like the orange.. my family's color.. and also my current project's color theme >,<



citizenerased said:

I think these replaced the fully white XL as my favourite. If they bring it to Europe I'm likely to pick one up.

Orange is getting a lot of love, but I think the blue one's just as stunning.



Heroboss said:

I'm a sucker for blue but dang that orange one is so sexy. It feels like it's a lamborghini version of 3DS.



Metal_Slugger said:

Orange and black ( come to the West) I will take one please. I like the colored buttons nice touch. Both look nice though.



ToniK said:

A tribute to the original 3DS colors? Less saturated version of flame red=orange and aqua blue=turquoise. That's what instantly came to my mind. 3DS is doing so well that it's good to remember the classics

Edit. Actually black and blue were the first ones... doh.



Superconsole said:

Aaaah you had me at coloured buttons Nintendo, both are beautiful. Turquoise ever so slightly more beautiful...



Buduski said:

Would of loved to own the orange one, too bad it probably wont make it to the US (hope I'm wrong)



Lionhart said:

Let's all unite and pepper the Nintendo America Twitter and Facebook pages with request for NOA to release these 3DS XL models in the United States. I seriously want the Orange one. I'm a sucker for orange and it sure looks Dragon Ball-ish! I'd pass up that golden Zelda 3DS XL for this Orange/Black!



TruenoGT said:

Interesting, the exterior finish on these looks glossy compared to the satin look on the other 3DS XLs.



yenly said:

wii u is getting colors soon I bet. It will start the color war of collections



datamonkey said:

I like the way they have colour-coded the buttons. Looks sweet.

My plain old silver one is now looking very boring!



JuanitoShet said:

I also like the orange one, but dislike the contrast of the buttons with the black interior. That looks awful.



UnseatingKDawg said:

So, North America... still waiting on that dern Luigi 3DS XL.

At this rate, I don't see ANY exclusive 3DS consoles hitting the US.



Mask0Gears said:

Gosh darn it! That Orange 3DS is SO gorgeous!

Choose one option:

1. Custom order one, take a 3DS XL apart and switch the hardware.

2. Learn Japanese.



Backwardsonapig said:

Please please please come to America. I NEED that orange and black 3DS. I have been waiting for an excuse to get an XL and that would be enough.



AdanVC said:

OH MY GOD! The orange one!!!1 It looks so damn awesome! If you bring this to America, Nintendo, I would buy three!



WingedSnagret said:

But of course the chances of those making it over here are little to none.

Why must Nintendo be so uneven with their handheld color distribution?



FabioSMASH said:

Oh, look... Japan gets more 3DS color options. What a shocker.

I've never been more ORANGE with jealousy.



Joygame51 said:

I already have a the royal blue one....with black inside but the Turquoise is soooo nice.... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well, go figure...I takes me over a year to get a 3dsxl and I only had a few months to get one nicer...he he IF I GO TO JAPAN THAT IS and a Carry case ....DRAT YOU NINTENDO.... It would seem they are partial to the Japan,,. Naw, how could that be? HE HE HE...oh yeah ... its a Japanese Company! Do ya think?



Metal_Slugger said:

Yeah looks like some sweet gloss happening there too. For heavens sakes I won't even buy a 3ds xl now that I seen these. Unless Nintendo step up their designs for NA and the rest of the Westerners.



iN3RD said:

This is pretty sick. I love the buttons and how sleek it is. Very nice indeed!

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