Just recently we published a retro review for Densha de Go! 64, a remarkably tricky and realistic train simulator that even came with a unique controller. If you want to experience the trials, tribulations and challenges of being a train driver, that's a title for you.

While slightly quirky simulator games are available in various guises — particularly on PC — it seems train driving has fallen off the radar of Nintendo systems. It may seem that way in the West, but there's clearly still demand for these titles in Japan, with a demo of Railroads Japan! Nagara River Railroad Compilation now available on the region's eShop. You drive accurate models of trains on existing routes, with concerns such as maintaining the correct speeds and accurately stopping at stations, presumably with stereoscopic 3D adding to the immersion. Funny train driver hats are optional and not included.

The odds of this coming to the West are around a billion to one, but train enthusiasts should keep an eye on it, right?

[via siliconera.com]