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Train Simulating Shenanigans Live On With the 3DS in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

If Densha de Go! 64 is out of your price range

Just recently we published a retro review for Densha de Go! 64, a remarkably tricky and realistic train simulator that even came with a unique controller. If you want to experience the trials, tribulations and challenges of being a train driver, that's a title for you.

While slightly quirky simulator games are available in various guises — particularly on PC — it seems train driving has fallen off the radar of Nintendo systems. It may seem that way in the West, but there's clearly still demand for these titles in Japan, with a demo of Railroads Japan! Nagara River Railroad Compilation now available on the region's eShop. You drive accurate models of trains on existing routes, with concerns such as maintaining the correct speeds and accurately stopping at stations, presumably with stereoscopic 3D adding to the immersion. Funny train driver hats are optional and not included.

The odds of this coming to the West are around a billion to one, but train enthusiasts should keep an eye on it, right?


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DrKarl said:

I would buy a train simulation title. I really enjoyed using the touch controls for Steel Diver, and can imagine a similar implementation for trains.



eza said:

This looks awesome!!
I'm getting closer to importing a Japanese 3DS... just waiting for the 'inevitable' hardware refresh...



Freelance said:

I'll stick to Trainz 2009 on PC. I haven't played that in a while though. Making your own rail line is hard, but fun.



unrandomsam said:

Wonder if it lets you simulate the infamous Japanese "Grope Train"

(Real thing that actually exists and after its introduction stopped the problem overnight on real trains. The West could learn a great deal from the Japanese when it comes to that sort of thing)



Tsuchinoko said:

Yawn, didn't take long for someone to bring something like that up now did it?

Even a quick bit of research would show that internet stories and real life are almost never the same thing, and often these stories about "crazy Japan" are hugely exaggerated.
And in either case, this train line in the game, which I provided a link to, takes place in a really rural area far north of Tokyo, two prefectures away.



Tsuchinoko said:

@unransomsan Dude, I'm a Japanese citizen, I know way more about this than you. Like I just said, its overly exaggerated, I didn't say it was untrue. I thought it was a bit offensive that you take a post that is about a Japanese train sim and automatically you talk about train groping, even though (since you know so much about it) this game takes place really far away from Tokyo all the way in Gifu and has nothing to do with that.

And come on, the Tokyo women's trains are not called "grope trains", that's a bit much. Couldn't you just let an article about a game dealing with trains in Japan be just about trains?



unrandomsam said:

@Tsuchinoko It just really surprised me. (Probably unreasonably). My cousin is married to a Japanese woman. (And lives there on and off). I have been as well so I try to understand.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I think a UK train sim would be more fun. You could use the microphone to tell the passengers that you have no idea when the signal will change, that there are leaves on the track or that someone has forgotten to mind the gap .... Or you could just not turn the game on when it snows, safe in the knowledge that loads of virtual passengers get stuck at home/work!



ZueriHB said:

I loved Train Sims back in the day, but now I miss the physical feedback of acceleration and wheel slip.
But nevertheless, tried the demo the other day. It would help greatly If I understood the ingame prompts and the Japanese regulations.

Yes, currently waiting for a red signal to change to green so I can proceed.



GreatPlayer said:

Train Sim is good, but where is the Bus Sim? The last Japanese Bus Sim that I knew (Tokyo Bus Simulator 2 on PS2) was incredible, and it has the quality and strictness that cannot be found in Western Bus Simulators. Any Japanese Bus Sim coming?



Windy said:

I wish they would bring one of these to North America I've always wanted to try one

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