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Tesco To Offer a Special Pokémon X & Y Serial Code Gift in UK

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Another way to receive Mystery Gifts

With the arrival this week of Pokémon X & Y, those that have yet to pick up a pre-order or decide on a store are likely to be weighing up a series of incentives before choosing a retailer or the eShop. In what's perhaps an extension of the increase in co-operation between Nintendo UK and Tesco, it's been confirmed that the retailer will offer a special extra incentive with copies marked as part of a promotion.

These copies of X and Y will entitle lucky buyers to a Serial Code, which has recently been confirmed as another method for receiving Mystery Gifts in the upcoming titles; there'll also be the expected options of local wi-fi, Nintendo Network and infra-red for picking up additional goodies. The code in question from Tesco will provide 12 Quick Balls, Poké Balls that could be essential for catching some of the nippier 'mon in the 6th Generation.

We suspect that retailers in various regions will utilise Serial Codes at launch and beyond for special distribution events. If you're in the UK, does this tempt you to grab your copy from a local Tesco?


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gspro15198 said:

I'm gonna stick with the eShop version. I hope in the future buying from the eShop entitles you to all the preorder items



Bulbousaur said:

12 Quick Balls? Basically 12000 Pokedollars (unless they changed the in-game prices) That's almost nothing really, I hope no-one buys from Tesco just for this....



Kit said:

Aww aww aww aww! I'm so gutted to miss out on my extra 12 Pokéballs. NOT! What...?!!

I'm happy with a free copy of PokéDex 3D Pro through GAME!



KeithTheGeek said:

@Bulby Unless you're really stingy with your money during the first part of the game 12000 Pokedollars can be a bit hard to build up. Plus, Quick Balls usually don't show up in shops until later on in the game anyways.

12 Quick Balls is almost a little game breaking to have at the start, because they can capture many Pokemon easily, and most early route Pokemon are a guaranteed capture with Quick Ball. Although I would hoard them just in case of a shiny encounter.



FishieFish said:

Well, still better than the 25x life's you get for pre-ordering Sonic: Lost Words at Amazon!



RupeeClock said:

They left this sort of promotion entirely too late, with less than a week until the game's launch most people will have pre-ordered already.

Also, why Tesco?



lbs said:

GAME are giving away Pokedex Pro with pre-orders, right?
That's seems like a better deal seeing as it retails for £13.50 itself.



Cinaclov said:

@lbs It's only for downloads though, which is a shame, I'd quite like to have the 3D pro app but I'm not willing to pay more than a few pound for it. I'd much rather have that then a Pokéball game holder that I'll never use, but if the trade off is having to have a download copy then I'll pass. Pokémon, in my mind at least, is not a game that should ever be restricted to one system.



Cinaclov said:

Even if you don't buy both X and Y it's inevitable at some point that there will be more Pokémon games within this generation. There will be some Pokemon that require trading to evolve, or some multiplayer mechanic that's required to get some reward (see hidden bases, underground or pass powers). There's been quite a few occasions where I've had to borrow my mum/sisters DS to do something between my DS Pokémon games. If all your games are downloaded and restricted to your system however you can't do any of that between your own games, you have to find someone else to work with (and if your friends are anything like mine they'll try a side-event once and unless they love it will never want to do it again ). Hope that makes more sense

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