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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Conjures Up More Than Twice Its Kickstarter Goal

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Two more stretch goals achieved in final day

Gather the noisemakers and break out your best pair of harem pants, because Shante: Half-Genie Hero has finished its Kickstarter campaign with several extra stretch goals tacked on.

The final total at the end of the campaign is $811,962, including more than $35,000 in PayPal donations. That is more than double the original Kickstarter goal of $400,000 and smashes through four of the game’s nine stretch goals.

In addition to the goals previously described, donors gave enough within the final 24 hours to unlock two more. The $700,000 stretch goal provides a selection of outfits for Shantae including a ninja, beach-goer and Mighty Switch Force’s Patricia Wagon, each of which will provide a change of stats and abilities for subsequent playthroughs of the game. The $800,000 goal added another new chapter to the story, "Fire and Forget!", that throws a rival genie an additional transformation into the mix.

According to an update on the Shantae Kickstarter page, PayPal donations will still be accepted and can be applied to any reward tiers that remain open. These donations will also still count toward further stretch goals, the next of which offers the chance to play through the game as three long-time supporting characters.

Did you donate to this Kickstarter campaign? Are there others out there that have caught your attention? Feel free to let us know below.


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Captain_Toad said:

If only I have $88,038 to donate so I can enjoy hero mode....
Oh well I'm glad this game got as high as it got so far. Will be buying it.



Cevan said:

So glad it got 4 of it's stretch goals achieved! However, one of the best ones (the ability to play as Rottytops, Sky, and Bolo, all with their own unique abilities and storyline) is the next stretch goal in line, and hasn't been reached yet. Be sure to donate to their PayPal to get us closer to it!



TwilightV said:

I do hope they reach the next stretch goal. It's the one I was most excited about.



Aqueous said:

The one million stretch goal story and the Fire and Forget where likely the two most interesting to me.Nice to see one of those



JaxonH said:

I gave $15 to Shantae: Half Genie Hero and I gave $20 to Mighty No 9. I get a free download of each of those games when they release. I'm going with Wii U for both of them (like my games all on Wii U if possible), although I was tempted to pick PS4 for Mighty No 9 and Vita or 3DS for Shantae: Half Genie Hero. Maybe I'll buy the handheld versions for Vita or something so I have a portable copy.

My first 2 Kickstarter games I've ever funded, and possibly my last, Idk we'll see. Don't want to make it a habit, but MN9 was a MUST-FUND game and Shantae looked good so I said why not.



Nico07 said:

@JaredJ Wii U version for sure. I ended up funding today for $12. At first it looked like all of the early adopter pledge amounts were unavailable but after logging in I was able to pledge with only 12 minutes to go. I didn't want to be cheap but I have so many other games I want to buy now but it'll be nice to get the bonus dlc for those that funded now.



Kaze_Memaryu said:


When that 24 hour countdown started, the project was at 615k!
They got 200.000$ in 24 FREAKIN' HOURS!!!
I'm SO gonna celebrate this game when it releases!



RadioShadow said:

I donated $160 (£100). Well deserved! I may give a bit more at the end of the month by pay pal.

My only concern is, the Wii U version will just be a "port" of the PC and not take any advantage of the Wii U features. I did send WayForward a question which they replied:
"It's too early to tell but it will most likely use the touchscreen and support off-tv play. Beyond that we are not certain yet."

I would like to see what they did with Pikmin 3 and give us a choice what controls to use. Like use the map on the GamePad but use Wii Remotre (with Classic / Pro Controller attached) to control Shantea / select items.



Warbeard said:

I'm sorry to say that both previous Shantae games have disappointed me, probably won't be getting either this or the Pirate's Curse, even if I want to like them.



Captain_Toad said:

@StarDust That $776,084 was for the main kickstarter. The paypal that contributed for the kickstarter also came into play. Both just made up the grand total.



StarDust4Ever said:

@mariobro4 I guess that makes sense then. It's good to offer people multiple ways to contribute. To do kickstarter, you need an Amazon account in addition to Kiskstarter. If a person has only paypal, they don't have to sign up a lot of different places.



WaveBoy said:

Even though the trailer is early, the game so far visually speaking looks very dissapointing. It could almost pass for a cheap I-PHone flash game. Shante's 16-bit GBA outing looks miles more appealing than this.....But eh, it's probably in it's infant stages right now and will look far more detailed and stunning by the time it's released. but as of now, yuck. I'm not a huge fan of the art direction present in Mighty switch force either.



sinalefa said:

I wish this one would have made all the stretch goals. Those cutscenes would be very tempting. Risky mode will have to do. Sadly I think this campaign had two main rivals: Mighty No 9 and Shantae Pirate Curse. Maybe they should have tried to raise the fund later on.

I pledged $35 on this one and $40 for Beck and Call, so I get the OST and a strategy guide/art book for both games.



ProtomanRedBomb said:

We STILL CAN PLEDGE VIA PAYPAL. PayPal will be open for sometime (few months). If you will pledge and get a copy via PayPal, you get all KickStarter exclusive benefits (extra costumes and weapon). Also, the amount will be add to stretch goals funding. More informations at: "". You can check stretch goals list and funding on Kickstarter page. The page to pledge via Pay Pal is: "".

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