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Rumour: Cryptic Messages In Pokémon X & Y Hint At Forthcoming Ruby & Sapphire Remake

Posted by Damien McFerran

Or is Game Freak just teasing us?

Pokémon X & Y may have only just hit the 3DS, but there are people out there who want more — namely remakes of Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire.

There have been calls from fans for Game Freak and Nintendo to update these classic entries, and if mysterious hints left in X & Y are anything to go by, the wait might not be that long.

Twitter account Operation Hoenn (for those who don't know, Hoenn is the region in which the Ruby & Sapphire are set) — which is dedicated to pestering Nintendo into remaking Ruby & Sapphire — has spotted some references in Pokémon X & Y which suggest that Game Freak is up to something:

Of course, this could just be a case of Game Freak playfully referencing past entries in the series, but it could also be a hint of the next Pokémon project. Needless to say, it's gotten some fans very excited indeed — what do you think?


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Yamitora1 said:

yes, yes god yes! I've been waiting for this. Not only would it be a update on several fronts, but it would be in 3D in all likely hood. Awesomeness! Best of all, most of the work is already done, all the pokemon are rendered and all, all they'd have to do is render a few new trainers and prof burch.



SpookyMeths said:

I hope this guy didn't pull any muscles with the incredible amount of reaching he did here.



Rief said:

Those are just references to other Regions, they do that to show that the world isn't as small as only one region.
Every game in the series had this.



Silent said:

A few references in a game, not some cryptic message.

But for Operation Hoenn and their variants, a few references= OMG GAME CONFIRMED.



AlexSora89 said:

I don't know what to think about the possibility of Hoenn remakes, but if Game Freak play their cards right, I think this time it will be different. Sure, the Pokémon Bank helps a lot in that regard (in fact, it would solve the biggest flaw Hoenn had - namely, a crippling lack of earlier-generation Pokémon combined with the equally-if-not-more crippling lack of retrocompatibility). Still, X and Y already feel like "Ruby and Sapphire done right", so it's really a fifty-fifty. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver were a win-win as soon as they were even announced, regardless of the updates they had. With Ruby and Sapphire, though, Nintendo's gonna need to build a lot of hype, as the nostalgia factor alone might not suffice this time around, despite all the time that has passed.



Kyloctopus said:

They also make plenty of messages about Unova



Sam_Loser2 said:

The one about seeing that guys region soon just made me hopeful that Hoenn was in X and Y. Quite a boon to players that would be, but I knew it was false hope.



meltendo said:

Please don't remake...I'm very pleased with X/Y. I would be much happier if they bring in regions from the other games into X/Y--maybe in the next release of the game. That would be mind-blowing!



Raylax said:

Haha, looks like the Remake Candidate of the Year Reference Hunt is on again. I don't think the references really tell us anything - all the games since Gold and Silver have had characters chat about their home regions - but if they are going to remake the Hoenn games, I have but one request:

Throw some landmarks into that massive ocean section. Much as I loved Emerald, all that surfing was tedious. Wild Tentacool appeared! Again!



Sandro89 said:

Ruby & Sapphire were the weakest pokemon games imo. I rather have Red 2 & Blue 2



BulbasaurusRex said:

Hmm, it could work if done right, as we're now two generations of hardware ahead, and it would be able to add the online play and move-specific physical/special split from the 4th generation; the reusable TMs, triple and rotation battles, and hidden abilities from the 5th generation; and the Fairy type, gaining experience from captures, hoards, and maybe sky battles from the current 6th generation. On top off that, Deoxys was the only 3rd gen legend (other than Rayquaza and Jirachi in Japan only) to be released during the 5th generation.

However, if they do evetually do it, I really hope they include Emerald's Battle Frontier.



sillygostly said:

I really, really, really don't want to see a Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald remake. Release the original GBA games on the eShop by all means; maybe even create a 3DS app which allows players to transfer their Virtual Console Pokémon to a Gen VI save file, but no remakes, please.

I mean, they were enjoyable at the time owing to their improved graphics and what not, but I've already experienced Gen III several times over and I certainly don't want to relive it again considering the improvements that were brought forth with Gens IV, V and VI. I strongly doubt that the land of Hoenn will be any more "fun" with the X & Y engine. Perhaps "demaking" Gen III in the style of the original Gameboy titles would make it more enticing... (whilst maintaining compatibility with Gen VI games).



bizcuthammer said:

A Gen III remake would be okay i guess, i just would prefer either a Gen I remake for 3DS, or just go on to Gen VII. I'd still buy a RS remake, i just know it wont be as good as XY, or even HGSS in all likelihood.



SpookyMeths said:

I think what all of these Operation ______ spinoffs forget is that Operation Rainfall wasn't about Tweets and cringeworthy petitions. It was about putting up numbers and showing potential publishers cold, hard cash. We got Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora's Tower because we proved to NoA and Xseed that there was sufficient consumer interest.



Warruz said:

@meltendo Im with you, i like how X&Y doesnt just magicly exclude pokemon from other regions and has a fairly decent spread. (although for the life of me cant find a koffing). Personally i think we might keep seeing these minor additions in each game but bringing in more of the backlog.



ueI said:

If they remake Ruby and Sapphire, won't they have to remake FireRed and LeafGreen?



Memeboy3 said:

What's up with sudden love for Gen 3?
I liked it better when everyone 'hated' it....



Gold said:

Yeah, I did see lots of other region references when I was doing my playthrough, but Hoenn was mentioned the most!



Cinaclov said:

I don't want a remake of R/S. I think the games still hold up well graphically (with a higher frame rate than the DS and 3DS games ), they're still very much playable and you can transfer Pokémon from them to the current games (plus it would make a mess of the quite nice timeline they've built themselves through the games )

If they really feel pressured to revisit Hoenn then that's what the game(s) should be, revisiting the region, not a remake of the same story. Make it similar to Black2 and White 2, or how Kanto was in G/S, the same region but several years further down the line with all new story, upgrades, areas etc.



tsm7 said:

Just release the games (any pokemon game) on the virtual console finally!



Arcamenel said:

Hoenn remakes are unnecessary. Gen I and II got remakes because transferring over Pokemon from those games was impossible. In Gen III you could import your mons to Diamond and Pearl if you had the DS Phat/Lite which had a slot for GBA games.



agumon1123 said:

from what I know the backpacker talking about his region is talking about a new one from what ive read



Dandalfa00 said:

Alright so, I'm 18. Which means I have plenty of memories of stealing my brother's GameBoy and Red and messing around. But I never had my own Pokemon game nor did I ever really understand the games until Sapphire. It's my favorite because it's my first. I've played more than my fair share of video games since then and I agree that Gen III is a weird one. A good step forward but also a step to the side for Pokemon. It just never had the punch of the other games. However, I can almost guarantee it will be remade because, ya know, MONEY. I think it deserves a remake though. I would assume Hoenn is the absolute least "discovered" region by players seeing as it was released a decade and two systems ago. Heck, looking at the numbers, more people experienced Kanto by the year 2000 than have ever experienced Hoenn. Remaking the generation with XY graphics would be amazing. Sure, there isn't a need to get the Pokemon back into play, they never left, but the world and story would be something new to many and, in my opinion, worth a refleshed visit by others. Team Aqua and Team Magma were awesome to me, still are. So while I agree none of the in game references prove anything. Logic says it's time to go back.



MikalM said:

@AlanEdgeHead This.

My playthrough has netted an equal number of references to Sinnoh. Not to mention Sycamore studied under Rowan in Sinnoh.



SirQuincealot said:

im oping it will be a dlc rater tan a full new game, the ruby series was probobly the shortest games and unless they add alot to it i dont think it sould get a full re release



rjejr said:

I don't think they even need to bother w/ remakes, just re-release Ruby/Sapphire and Emerald as DLs on the 3DS. Profit.



Jorzha said:

If they are remaking it then they should use 3D visuals like pokemon x and y did because then it will be worth buying again.



LeVideoGamer said:

They're hardly cryptic. Although, I do want them to make Ruby and Sapphire remakes, partly because they were my favourite games in the series, but mostly so all of these annoying posters in the comment sections will stop begging for it on every Pokémon article. It's almost as annoying as the Square Enix fans begging for Kingdom Hearts 3 pre-E3.



Azikira said:

Odds are that they are actually making it. I have discovered a pattern for Gamefreaks remakes. After they released R+S+E with the updated graphics and in-game engine, they remade Blue and Red. Then they had the Diamond and Pearl's 2.5 Dimension upgrade to graphics, and after that they remade Gold and Silver. They didn't really re-invent the graphic/engine in Black & White, so they didn't do a remake after those came out, but now with X+Y's huge graphical/engine overhaul, it's going to be time to remake Ruby & Sapphire!

TLDR: Gamefreak remakes one generation per graphical overhaul.



One-Winged-Pit said:

@Azikira Except there is a huge difference with the fact that Red/Blue and Gold/Silver could not transfer to the third generation. They gave us all the legendaries and starters again for Ruby/Sapphire in HG/SS and B2/W2 so it might be a hint that no there will not be one.



alrighthearthis said:

This is non-news either way. We know Game Freak would get around to remaking these games at some point as they have with the others. If things go by their usual pattern we'll get Pokemon W or Z (possibly X2 and Y2) in a year to a year and a half. After that we'll likely get the Ruby and Sapphire remakes as it's easier for Game Freak to remake a world instead of coming up with a whole new one. If the 3DS generation lasts as long as the DS (which it likely will), then we'll get the next generation near the end of the handheld's life cycle.



Neram said:

Is there seriously another "Operation" something? Those things are such a waste of time. Obviously they're going to remake the Advance Pokemon games on 3DS, just like they did with every other Game Boy Pokemon up to Gold and Silver. It's like gee, I wonder which ones they'll remake next...



ModernMARVEL said:

I noticed that while all regions appear to be referred to, Hoenn is the most. I really hope they get back on the old trend.



MixMasterMudkip said:

I like R&S, and i would like them in the same fashion as X&Y, but they don't really need it. The reason R&B/G and G&S got remakes were because they were no longer compatible with the newer games. People just assumed R&S would too, but i would like to see this since it is getting progressively harder to send Pokémon from a GBA.



PokemonManiac said:

The only one that really stands out to me is the first one. They mention unova a lot in the game but "you'll see it soon" is such a tease! I have no doubt they will remake hoenn, just give it time.



JustinH said:

Hate to be this guy because I think highly of the work of NintendoLife and Damien McFarren but this is nothing but the echo chamber of the Internet-bound gaming media. This is a total stretch, a handful of references to a previous game made in Pokemon X/Y, which makes several references to previous games in the series. That absolutely everyone is reporting this as having some sort of basis is ridiculous.

To say nothing of how little we need a Ruby/Sapphire port. Those games are compatible with all the other Pokemon games, straight through to X and Y.



Memeboy3 said:

We got plenty of Gen 3 gym leader in BW2, Also,Not to be rude, but Pokemon R/S are too short to be full games, it's supposed to be almost like a Cult Classic, Just wait, you guys are like those HL 3 fans....Just wait for some Expansion pack or something.....Maybe for an All region game...Pokemon Foam/Cinder....mmmm...



Aqueous said:

I take it as referencing.
Since we've had Dream Radar, Blue (The trainer), Harmoknight, a music track from Black and white. Odds are a few more I haven't hit, forgot or missed.



Captain_Gonru said:

@alrighthearthis I had a similar thought. I'm assumimg Z, since there was an article recently about a Pikachu-focused game. Plus, with a blue X and red Y, doesn't a lightning bolt-shaped Z make at least a little sense?



IceClimbers said:

Its more referencing than anything. There's a HarmoKnight reference too. There's also plenty of Sinnoh and Unova references too. You also find the dojo master from the Fighting Dojo in Kanto in Lumiose City. Trainer Blue is even referenced. Oh, and don't forget the "over 9000" reference.



Expa0 said:

I really wouldn't care for R/S/E remakes since it is my least facorite gen.



J-Manix98 said:

They also made a reference to Harmonight. But this sounds cool as crap!
I would definetly buy that game



Nionel said:

They fail to mention that you go back and talk to the guy in the first screen and he says he isn't talking about Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova, so I guess that one can be considered debunked.



Dynasty_Apache7 said:

No this would be backpedaling and a big mistake. R/
S/E served their purpose as a gateway and revolutionary change for the gameplay-mythology. Jay-z said it best ninjas want my old stuff? Buy the old album. #OnToTheNextOne



awesumsauce1 said:

@Arcamenel Don't forget you need two DS's (or 1 DS and a 3DS) a copy of D/P/Pt, B/W/B2/W2, and need to pay for Pokemon Bank, transferring Pokemon from R/S/E is a lot more expensive than buying a copy of FR/LG and a Gameboy Advance



RainRook3454 said:

I started with R/S/E and I loved it. To such an extent that I stuck around up until now. But I don't think we need a remake but a revisiting would be better. Is it necessary? Arguable. Is it what's best for the fans and the company. Not sure. I think Game Freak could go three ways with this. 1. Stop making Pokémon games.(With the money they make, probably not) 2. Keep making new regions. (And in turn more Pokémon, and from what I've seen there's a lot of hate for this) 3. Remake the old ones. Maybe two and three mixed together too. Even I have to admit that Hoenn was kinda lacklustre when compared to the other instalments but this could be a chance to improve it. Gen I and III are also the only main games to not be found on the 3DS or the DS and its variants.



SinisterLynx said:

I would love a RS remake! I loved those games. Having secret bases were fun ^-^ Plus most of my favorite Pokemon are in that gen
Not everyone 'hated' the game. I personally love RSE. They were my favorite. I still play them at times too.



ThePurpleFrog said:

there hinting a new pokemon game or dlc. but i do still think there hinting a remake of ruby and sapphire a few amount of people from hoenn are there. i wouldn't think that Gamefreak would not put a bunch of hoenn people in x and y for no reason



katatonia said:

hahahahaha To all you miserable haters who would dare step on dreams of hoenn fans. please leave.there will be a remake for the hoenn region so we win and we stand proud.

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