Wishful thinking?

Pokémon X & Y may have only just hit the 3DS, but there are people out there who want more — namely remakes of Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire.

There have been calls from fans for Game Freak and Nintendo to update these classic entries, and if mysterious hints left in X & Y are anything to go by, the wait might not be that long.

Twitter account Operation Hoenn (for those who don't know, Hoenn is the region in which the Ruby & Sapphire are set) — which is dedicated to pestering Nintendo into remaking Ruby & Sapphire — has spotted some references in Pokémon X & Y which suggest that Game Freak is up to something:





Of course, this could just be a case of Game Freak playfully referencing past entries in the series, but it could also be a hint of the next Pokémon project. Needless to say, it's gotten some fans very excited indeed — what do you think?

[via gonintendo.com]