The 2DS, as its design suggests, is a tough little unit designed to survive the rigours of clumsy young hands — as we put it in our Nintendo 2DS review, "this thing can take a hit". Of course, it's not indestructible, and even without the break-ready 3DS hinge and regardless of its tough plastic back, it still has two screens — or one divided by a plastic shell, to be picky — that can be damaged by direct impact.

A member of the Destructoid community unfortunately cracked a 2DS screen, and as physical damage isn't part of the warranty queried the potential cost of repair with Nintendo of America. They were quoted $65 plus handling/shipping (which varies by location), which is pretty much half the price of a new 2DS system in the region. It's not outrageous in the context of a hardware repair, but quite steep in the event of a worst case scenario.

Be careful with those 2DS systems, in other words.