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Pokémon X & Y Sells Out in Japan Before It Even Launches

Posted by Martin Watts

Monster Hunter 4 stock also running incredibly low

It seems that the launch of Pokémon X & Y can't come soon enough for Japanese 3DS owners, with both versions of the upcoming instalment in the popular franchise reportedly having already sold out ahead of release.

Pokémon X & Y are the first games in the long-running series to feature full 3D gameplay and graphics, and it's likely that this has played a considerable role in boosting pre-order sales.

In related news, Capcom's 3DS exclusive Monster Hunter 4 — which released last month in Japan — is also proving to be very popular with consumers. According to a local report citing Enterbrain, 99.6 percent of all copies of the title shipped thus far have been sold. This means that more than 2.7 million copies of the game have already been sold to date (that's at retail only) — an impressive feat and a sure-fire sign that it has been nothing but a very good time for Nintendo's handheld system lately.

If you've been living under a rock and aren't sure if you should pick up either Pokémon X or Pokémon Y, then make sure you check out our in-depth review. The game will release globally on 12th October.


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Swiket said:

I'm jumping on the digital version. Like Animal Crossing, I'd want this around with me at all times.



Azooooz said:

It is also sold out in Kuwait as well. In Kuwait,local shops sell NTSC versions of most Nintendo games.



cookiex said:

How does one exactly "sell out" before it even arrives stores? Do they mean that the number of pre-orders exceed the estimated shipment?



ferrers405 said:

Predictable, I'll get one digital version (to play on launch) and then another physical later.



FiveDigitLP said:

Definitely going digital with this game. I did that with Fire Emblem and it was quite nice to have. (Though I do miss having a box for the game.)



KTT said:

Well, I'm getting a boxed game. I don't want my pokemon, pokedex entries, items and all stuff vanish when something bad happen to my hardware. I may get the other version as digital download though. Unless they announce pokemon "Z", that is.



Sidewinder said:

I have it pre-orderd from Wal-Mart! I got the last pre-order card at my local wal mart!



HopeNForever said:

Here's hoping that there are no difficulties in getting my very recent pre-order from my local retailer. Pokémon was once really hot when it made its debut, and now it seems that old hype is back again! "Gotta catch 'em all" indeed!



Lalivero said:

Just over 2 days left...this last week has been torture!

Hitting up my GameStop for my copy of X!



Emblem said:

i would really like to know those MH4 digital sales numbers, i'd also be interested in seeing X/Y digital sales once they have released.



LexKitteh said:

I hope the severs don't crash at midnight when everyone (myself included) tries to download the Digital Version!!



GamerZack87 said:

Well, my preorders are down, so there should be no need to worry about missing out. It's kinda weird, actually; lately I've been going all-digital to keep my games in one place, and also for the convenience of the eShop...but I just couldn't resist the packaging for Pokémon X! So I'll buy the download at a later date, but keep the boxed copy as a spare save file.



DarkCoolEdge said:

Ok Ninty, now you can give us Metroid, a new DK, F-Zero, ExciteBike (64 style) and new ips or fresh spin-offs.

It would be great if you can convince S-E into bring some of their games to the west, Capcom to make something else (and bring MH4), bring Fantasy Life and get western developers to give some love to your(our) great handheld. Action-adventure, fps, sports and real time RPGs would be much appreciated. Thanks. You keep' em comin', I'll be buyin'.



Megumi said:

Sooo...does this mean the world is ending this weekend, or something? lol



JaxonH said:

Monster Hunter is such an amazing game, and most people don't even realize it. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is easily the best game on Wii U, and right up there with Fire Emblem Awakening on 3DS.

I bought the game, played it a few hours and gave up on it- I thought it was slow and dull. But once my friend, a veteran of Tri got me to play online with him and actually hunt a couple monsters and make armor from our kills, the game got its meat hooks in me like no game has in many, many years.

The game is fantastic. I'll put it this way- I just got Zelda Windwaker HD limited edition with Ganondorf, and haven't even popped it in my console once, and I probably won't for a while either. MH3U is just too addictive- if gamers would give it a chance and bear with the first couple hours of slow gameplay, they'd find a diamond hidden beneath that surface. Unfortunately, most gamers are impatient (like I was) and if the game doesn't catch their interest hard in an hour or two, they give up.

MH3U is such a massive game, it'll take me 6 months to beat it (I have a job), but hopefully by that time they'll have localized Monster Hunter 4. I just wish they'd make a Wii U version. I love MH3U because of that- there's no substitute for Monster Hunter in high definition on the big screen- it's an experience to behold for sure. I think I'd much rather prefer the one I have now on Wii U over MH4 on 3DS, especially considering the sheer amount of content in Ultimate, but I'll take it gladly either way.



Senario said:

@JaxonH All good points because I am also admittedly a MH addict XD. I have reached what is considered endgame but I still think that there is a good 200 more hours of fun left. And that is after 500 hours between the 3ds version and wii u version since the game came out lol. I may have a problem since it is cutting into my college classwork.



PokemonManiac said:

I read the title without the sells and got a little mad. I thought that was there way of getting back at the leakers lol.



19Robb92 said:


I'll be getting X later this week. Hopefully I'll find a copy without having pre-ordered.



LoveSugoi said:

Crazy. Just crazy.

I'm still wondering what the preorder numbers in NA and EU are. Are we even going to get them?



Volmun said:

@JaxonH Exactly!! this is what i keep telling ppl! (iv been playing Monster Hunter sins the 1st game back on PS2 and have played all the MH games to hit the UK) It is a fantastic franchise but as you cant be "Teh ULTAMATZZZ" in the 1st 5 minits ppl hate on it and clame the game its self is "crap" as thay cant beat the monster i actuly had a huge argument with a "expert" Gamer and Reviuer (pff yeah right) who litrly made up reasons to hate it the funnyest one was "its crap as thers no helth bar for the monsters" Oh im sorry do you see HP bars on animals in real life? i thought not. lol sorry small rant over but glad you are enjoying this fantastic game.



Azooooz said:

@210cristian I did bought it. If you ask me, many shops sell it at 18KD, which is equivalent to $66, which is ridiculously expensive, go to Q8-assassin or Game Center, where they sell it at 15KD, which equals $53. Hope that helps.

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