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Ping 2: Attack of the Spheres Hoping To Bounce Its Way Onto Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

Kickstarter campaign is looking for $20,000

NAMI TENTOU MUSHI is the small development studio behind Ping, a puzzle game found on Android. It's now working on the sequel, which is making the move to Wii U, PC, Mac and Linux as the scale and power required has surpassed that of mobile devices.

It's called Ping 2: Attack of the Spheres and in order to make the project a reality, the team has set up a Kickstarter campaign and is looking to bring in $20,000.

As the name suggests, Ping 2 is based on the physics of Pong, but as you'd expect the concept has been expanded somewhat. The main premise is puzzling and you take control of a cube, which you must bounce through various obstacles, enemies, bombs and moving and invisible blocks to reach the goal.

According to the developer, Ping 2 will share the same level of difficulty with its predecessor, with it becoming progressively tougher as players move through the stages. This could make it an attractive option for those who like a good old fashioned challenge. It has a distinctly retro vibe to it, with superb neon visuals that are simple but effective, combined with an original techno soundtrack.

While the basis of the gameplay will focus on the bouncing, there will also be spaceship fighting sections and a shooting level at the end of each world where you must destroy a sphere base. The developer has brought in these new styles of play to make effective use of the asymmetrical features of the Wii U GamePad.

Multiplayer will also play a big part on Wii U, with up to five players being able to simultaneously join in thanks to the trusty GamePad. There's also a two player swap main story mode, while off-TV play is set to be supported as is asynchronous gameplay when playing on TV mode.

NAMI TENTOU MUSHI is hoping to release Ping 2: Attack of the Spheres next Summer. You can see footage of the game from a pre-alpha build in the short trailer below. Pledging $10 or more bags you a copy of the game upon its release.

Are you hoping to see this ping onto Wii U? Let us know in the comment section.

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Haxonberik said:

At least it's going for a reasonable goal. I hope it makes it, but wont care much until then.



LittleIrves said:

Looks pretty rad. Like BIT.TRIP BEAT 2. Also reminds me of Art Style: light trax, in how it goes from 2D to 3D at times.



sinalefa said:


I saw that one. Looks pretty nice, but it turned me off that if I want a Wii U download code I need to pledge at least $35.

Never played Ping but this looks interesting.



sinalefa said:

@Hyperstar96 @Kurisuellegarde

Pledge $5 or more

- EARLY ACCESS --- Get Digital Copy of the Game on Mac or PC before it's released. — #id--EARLY-ACCESS-----Get-Digital-Copy-of-the-Game-on-Mac-or-PC-before-it-s-released

Pledge $35 or more

51 backers

- Play it on Wii U --- You will be given a download from the Wii U eShop upon the games release PLUS get everything from the $25 tier and below (including early access version of the game for Mac PC and Linux) Please note: game release date is approximate only. — #id--Play-it-on-Wii-U-----You-will-be-given-a-download-from-the-Wii-U-eShop-upon-the-games-release-PLUS-get-everything-from-the-25-tier-and-below-including-early-access-version-of-the-game-for-Mac-PC-and-Linux-Please-note-game-release-date-is-approximate-only

Please correct me if I am wrong, but what I get from that is that the Wii U version is only given if you pledge $35 or more, while if you pledge less you only get PC or MAC. If that is not the case they should make things clearer. They also say

Wii U support - ATTN: We are unable to tweak the wording on the existing tiers. EVERY TIER from $35 up WILL get a download for Wii U. The wording sounds like it's only the $35 tier. It is every tier from $35 and up.



Hyperstar96 said:

@sinalefa Are we reading the same thing? It says:

Pledge $10 or more

9 backers

EDIT: Oh, you're both talking about a different Kickstarter. I though you were talking about... you know... the one everyone else is talking about.



sinalefa said:


We are not. I was talking about Knite & The Ghost Lights, the game that Tsuchinoko mentioned in his comment that was also in a kickstarter. Sorry for the confusion.



Tsuchinoko said:

Its all good. I'm hoping that both games make their goals, which is why I wanted to bring it to the attention of the writer of this article, in the hopes that he'd write an article for Knite and the Ghost Lights. Any publicity that game can get will help, especially since its in its last week of funding. I've seen a lot of games on kickstarter get nearly 50% of their funding in the last few days though.

Even though I live in Japan, and might never get to play these kickstarter games, its fun to help people out



Kurisuellegarde said:

Send the creator the contact section of this site and maybe recommend to him to check out some Nintendo blogs.



Cia said:

I have a question: If a kickstarter project like this fail to get enough money for the project, where does the money they are able to get go? Are the developers just stuffing the money in their own pockets if they're unable to get enough?



Kurisuellegarde said:

@Faron If they don't reach the goal, then the money goes back to you and the creators are left with nothing. IndieGoGo lets you keep what you get. Kickstarter is a ALL or NOTHING type of deal.



JustinH said:

@Tsuchinoko Thanks for the heads up. Hadn't heard about this. I suppose the problem is they added Wii U support a little late? They've got a real small ask up so hopefully they get there and that's all they need to put it up.

As for Ping 2, best of luck to it! Glad to see some people are still putting Kickstarter projects on Kickstarter, and not just these behemoth retro resurrection titles...



Kurisuellegarde said:

@JustinH That's what made me decide to steer away from that. Retro is becoming almost oversaturated now. >.< So I took a page from Bit.Trip Runner 2 and made it a bit more modern. Thanks!

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