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Nintendo Working on Fix for Pokémon X & Y Game Breaking Bug

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Provides advice on avoiding and resolving the issue in future


There has now been an official English translation of Nintendo's notification, which advises that the fix in question will be an application to download from the eShop; this will then restore corrupted save data. There's also an English version of the map, showing the blue areas to be avoided when saving your game — thanks 123akis.

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Earlier this week we reported on a game breaking bug in Pokémon X & Y that was affecting some gamers in Europe and Japan; it was discovered that — occasionally — saving in Lumiose City can cause irreversible corruption of save data, forcing the unfortunate players to start all over again. Nintendo has now acknowledged the issue and advised that it's working on a fix.

Posted on the company's Japanese website, the message — allowing for some quirks in translation — suggests that work on a fix is under way for those that have experienced the problem, with a "few days" apparently mentioned though, to be safe, let's just treat this as a case of "as soon as possible". The post acknowledges Lumiose City — or Miare City in Japan — as the source of the issue, with advice to save in buildings such as the Pokémon Centre. The map below reportedly shows areas that prompt the bug.

As mentioned above, the fix will apparently deal with corrupted files, so if you're happy to wait you may not have to restart the game. We'll keep you posted on further updates.

Thanks, NintenDaan.


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LordJumpMad said:

They should have called it Glitch City.
I wonder if I can find MissingNo while the game is still glitchy.



GamerZack87 said:

Looks at Japanese writing in image
I don't understand any of that! "Le grill"...? What the heck is that?!



Kit said:

Pity the people who re-started their games. But well done Ninty! Crack-on.



edhe said:

Well I'm glad Nintendo Europe and Nintendo America are on the case.



DarkNinja9 said:

nice to translate part of the website but not upload a translated pic of the city >.>

but how about the easy fix... dont save in the city yey problem solved?



Gioku said:

Good to know they're fixing it! Although you can get around it, it's much better if they just get rid of the problem. Nintendo sure is getting good about fixing these things! I like to see that.



Angered_Pegasus said:

Well, good to know they are working on it

Hmm.. correct me if I am wrong, but aren't the map "pokeballs" locations read as "Pokemon center" (the location between route 4 and route 5 does indeed look like one).
Does it means that those are safe points where to save the game? (I think I'll avoid saving in Lumiose city until the bug is fixed ^^)



MetaRyan said:

Good for the people that are affected by this. I don't personally know anyone that has had any problems with this, but I know I'd get annoyed if this happened to me. I had Silver's save battery die right after I beat Red on Mt. Silver.



ghall said:

When I found this out, I was super grateful for my habit of saving inside buildings. Still, I'm glad Nintendo is fixing this pretty severe bug.



shonenjump86 said:

I'm getting Pokemon X today. Hope this game breaking bug goes away. It happened to me with Zero escape.



LztheQuack said:

I've saved in Lumiose several times and nothing happened to me. Maybe it's more specific than that?

At least they're working on it



Windy said:

I knew about the glitch so I was in and out of Lumiose without to much exploring and just moved forward in the game to the next 2 cities up. we should call it the Move along nothing to see here glitch Hahaha



SneakyStyle said:

Saves seem to be safe unless if a Taxi is in screen or moving past as you save it. but yeah i'd stick to inside the pokemon center in that town, i'm avoiding saving anywhere in the town for now and i've had no issues.



Plucky said:

I heard rumors that it could possibly be solved by pressing home, or turning off the WiFi toggle. unsure if it has any basis, but it could kickstart some things.

I've noticed long load times for transitioning onto the 3ds' main menu when i press home whilst playing Pokemon Y.



PixelPerfect said:

I've saved in Lumiose City a few times already before hearing of this bug and all is well. I'm not saying I'll put myself at risk anymore, but I don't think people should let this issue stop them from buying the game. It is very easy to NOT save in one specific location of the entire game.



unrandomsam said:

Hopefully the next batch of carts contain the fix. (Dunno that they do that these days though).



Unit_DTH said:

Does this immediately corrupt your save data, or is the data only corrupted if you save there and then turn the game off and try to reload it? I save my game A LOT! And I know that I saved in Lumiose City about 10 times, but I rarely turn my 3DS XL off completely and when I'm involved in a game, I usually don't turn that title off unless it's to check street pass or Swapnote. I also saved outside of Lumiose City multiple times in the same play session. Just wondering.



Unit_DTH said:

@MF_MaxiMillion LMAO... love it! I didn't understand that setup either. It's for the 3DS but it works best in 2D and if you turn on the 3D in a battle, the framerate drops dramatically. Oh well, I'm still really enjoying the game.



Xomitsious said:

I read in a forum (sorry can't remember where exactly) that if you accidentally crash the game like this you can remove the sd card, reboot the game and save somewhere else.
The OP there even thanked for the advice and said it worked



Unit_DTH said:

@ShadowFox254 Lumiose City is only about 2-4 hours into the game, but if you have been grinding then it could be much more time, but grinding before then would be worthless. Since you need another badge to control Pkmn above level 30 and this game has new settings in place to ensure that grinding is not that necessary anymore.



Unit_DTH said:

@Xomitsious Would that work with the Physical version? If you have the game synced to the site then your save is backed up online. I wonder if they could restore it from there somehow?



AlbertoC said:

@123akis put a link to the english map. Beat me to it, i was about to comment that the map tells to not save in the blue area.



Marioman64 said:

huh, just on the outer ring and a couple roads leading inward? I'm guessing someone mixed up a variable in the world rotation value into the save data and it's not loading the right angle... I haven't even gotten there yet though (lol so slow I know) so I'm guessing



SuperBlaze said:

Nintendo just posted prob. on They said they will make an "application". Why not an update/add-on.

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