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Nintendo Direct: Check Out the Japanese Daigasso! Band Brothers P Direct Here

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Including an overview trailer

A little while ago we reported on a new Jam With The Band title coming to 3DS, in development by Intelligent Systems. Jam With The Band on the DS certainly had some fans in Europe, though unfortunately it never made it to North America; Nintendo has now broadcast a special Nintendo Direct in Japan for the upcoming release.

The new title looks set to be called Daigasso! Band Brothers P, and will incorporate various features. As well as playing instruments, it'll be possible to record and manipulate your voice using Vocaloid, a common effect recognisable to most. Recording and saving existing songs — as well as creating your own — looks to be a major part of the experience, and according to a translation by NintenDaan will allow sharing on YouTube.

You can check out the Nintendo Direct and an overview trailer below, with confirmation that this will release in Japan on 14th November.

Nintendo Direct

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Overview Trailer

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eza said:

The original of this game is what really sold the DS to me.
I was interested in the DS, but only after watching a video of the developers multiplayer playing Daigasso! did it become a must-buy.
Here are some of those old videos in an old video format:
It's such fun to play multiplayer: any wrong notes are obviously heard by everyone, which results in giggling, which leads to more wrong notes, and so on

So the question for me is: do I support Nintendo's horrible region locking policy by importing a Japanese 3DS?
I really want to play this game, and don't really want to wait for four years or more for it to eventually come out over here...what a dilemma!



Megumi said:

Seeing all of these music/rhythm games show up...what happened with TNX? I want Rhythm Heaven! xD



Captain_Balko said:

In my humble opinion, no music game has ever been as good as Elite Beat Agents. I'm not sure what this series entails, but unless somebody shouts "AGENTS ARE GO" I don't care.



SKTTR said:

Since the prequel came to Europe as 'Jam with the Band' at least there's a chance for this new one to come over as well.



TobiasAmaranth said:

Errrrk.... I think the vocaloid karaoke tracks kinda kill this iteration for me. I loved the first two but I don't think I can stand having to listen to a vocaloid track on like, EVERY song.



sinalefa said:

Love music games so I am in. I am actually playing Rhythm Thief right now.



1upsuper said:

@Captain-Balko So you say EBA is the best rhythm game, but you won't play any others to see if it's ever dethroned? Beautifully crafted logic. You should really check out Ouendan too.

I really liked Daigasso!! Band Brothers DX, though I hated the perma-download limit. Hopefully there will be no limit to downloads on this one. Looking forward to picking this up on my JPN 3DS in two weeks.



Captain_Balko said:

@1upsuper Realistically I'll play pretty much anything, I really like Rhythm Heaven, Rockband / Guitar Hero, et cetera, but Elite Beat Agents remains one of my favourite games of all time. Also, I've looked at Ouendan, but from what I can tell it's mostly Japanese music, and what really made EBA for me was the music.



Marioman64 said:

I will literally buy a japanese 3ds in order to get this game. I already imported daigasso band brothers dx and its one of my favorite music games of all time, I still need to buy another copy just so i can download more songs. its THAT good. even if it came to america i doubt the anime songs i like would be available for download over here

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