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Nintendo Applies Minor Update to the Wii U Version of Miiverse

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Don't get too excited

Miiverse has evolved a fair bit since its launch with the Wii U in November 2012. It may not feel that way, but the network was certainly more restricted and less intuitive than its current day version, not to mention the fact that it's now available on any web browser. It's also a service that Nintendo has been able to update frequently and with ease, without any downloads or updates required of gamers.

The company has made another minor upgrade to the Wii U version of the platform in the past day, allowing you to search by nicknames rather than just by Nintendo Network ID. In theory this should make finding other users without the precise details a lot easier; here's what the never-smiling Mii for Nintendo's Marty has said in the EU version of the network.

Up until now, you could only search for other users by Nintendo Network ID, but now you can also search by nickname. To use this function, go to User Menu ⇒ Search Users.

Please be aware that, although Nintendo Network IDs are unique, nicknames are not, so you may get multiple results when performing a search by nickname.

So there you go, nothing earth-shattering but, nevertheless, welcome.


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anders190 said:

Considering that the Wii U is a HD console, I would like to see the Mii's getting a graphical enhancement too. I actually prefer the Xbox 360's Avatars. Something in between perhaps?



Sandro89 said:

Ughh too bad im still banned on miiverse. Miiverse is fun and all but those mods are horrible.



daveh30 said:

@Sandro89 I'm a big fan of the MiiVerse mods... they've kept it from turning into a cesspool like the 360/PS3 online communities.



IKAY said:

You should be able to give your WiiU Mii the same hat as he wears in the StreetPass Mii-Plaza



DarkNinja9 said:

nice add since i have tried to search someone before by nickname and course never got results so i think its interesting

agree on the admins/mods on miiverse though they over react on stuff not sure if its automated at times but jeez they need to chill -_-



Kirk said:

This kind of stuff should have been in there day one, it's so blimmin obvious, but at least it's there now.



rjejr said:

Did this happen automatically about 10pm Tuesday night? I noticed the red light turned orange for awhile but never could figure out why.



jorgem696 said:

Nintendo Life is not your personal army. If you were banned from Miiverse for behaving rudely toward another person, that's between you and Nintendo; profane comments left here will not help your situation — TBD



dizzy_boy said:

@jorgem696 by what you said it seems that you were rude first, so what did you expect with the reaction you got.
If you don't like somebody's drawings, tell them politely where they went wrong, and how to improve it, if you can't do that then it's better to keep your comments to yourself.
As for the update, anything that improves the experience, no matter how minor is always welcome.



Specters said:

I think the more important part of the update is that they said this is only for the WII U VERSION of Miiverse, thus the 3DS version and hopefully a unified account system must be close.



efaulk84 said:

I always thought it would be nice to let my Mii have blue hair or something like that. I just feel there should be more customization for Miis. I wish we could make them unique and less generic.



Yoshis_VGM said:

So does Marty announce the UK updates and Tom the US ones? Because I always get messages from Tom when there's an update.



brandonbwii said:

Great as I'm sure it's easier for my friends in the online community to search Brandon instead of BigBadBrowne.

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