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New Video Content in the Pipeline for 3DS's Nintendo Video Service in North America

Posted by Martin Watts

The Legend of Zelda and Pikmin to headline new line-up

Nintendo of America has announced a brand new line-up of new video content for its Nintendo Video service.

Starting 1st November, the free video application will start showing new short-form videos, with more content coming all the way into 2014. Five new series have been planned, with content based on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and Pikmin 3 being the main attractions.

Below is a breakdown of the content that's due to feature over the coming months:

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Misadventures of Link: This new series of comedic shorts will focus on the green-garbed hero, albeit in a new and more humorous light. Nintendo has stated that the series will be be based upon recent remastered Wii U hit, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.
  • Pikmin Nature Documentaries: No doubt inspired by examples such as that of our very own video editor, Mr Rory Cocker, this mockumentary will follow the lives of the Pikmin as they live in their natural habitat.
  • Bravest Warriors: Created by Pendleton Ward — the genius behind Adventure Time — Bravest Warriors follows four intergalactic teenage heroes-for-hire, as they warp around the universe saving aliens. New episodes are scheduled to arrive every Friday.
  • Wildheart Riukiu: A new series of 3D shorts from the creator of Meat or Die. The series combines classic 16-bit visuals with not-so-charming, but supposedly hilarious characters. On a side note, Meat or Die has apparently been viewed more than five million times on Nintendo Video.
  • Bee and PuppyCat: This two-part series follows Bee, an unemployed 20-something whose life changes forever after meeting a mysterious creature she calls PuppyCat.

Tony Elison, Nintendo of America's senior director of Business Development had the following to say about this new video content:

This latest set of great new shows for Nintendo Video gives fans a unique way to enjoy two of their favorite Nintendo franchises, in addition to hand-picked series from some of the most imaginative and successful creators in the world of animation.

As we've said above, this new content will start appearing from 1st November, although we're not entirely sure what will emerge first. If you're interested in viewing any of these videos, we suggest downloading the Nintendo Video app so you're completely ready for it.

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User Comments (41)



C-Olimar said:

Meanwhile, on the European Nintendo Video, we are cycling the same videos for the 80th time!



Chariblaze said:

Yup, time to turn SpotPass back on. With all the repeats I thought Nintendo Video had basically been abandoned.



DerpSandwich said:

I can't even express how much I've wanted modern, Nintendo-made video content based on their properties for pretty much all my life. Such a missed opportunity, if you ask me. So this is ridiculously awesome.



rjejr said:

That Cory Pikmin video was awesome, I hope these are as good.

Will these be avaible in the Wii U eShop? Somebody should let Nintendo know that my Wii U has both a small screen on the Gamepad and a big screen tv hooked up to the console and some people might like to use those screens to watch videos.

They had an excuse w/ Kid Icarus, that was a 3DS game, Pikmin 3 and WW HD are both Wii U games. Putting those videos on the 3DS but not the Wii U makes no sense to me.



TheLilK98 said:

@rjejr It doesn't make much of a difference to me. I haven't used Nintendo video in a year, and I know I'd never use it on my Wii U either.



Megumi said:

Eh....I took Nintendo Video off a hile just started getting boring. :c



dizzy_boy said:

Now this is the sort of content Nintendo could throw at the mobile market to keep the shareholders happy, and to make the mobile brigade aware of Nintendo probucts .



MetaRyan said:

New content? YES! There hasn't been a non-recycled video in months! Having major titles like Bravest Warriors and Bee and PuppyCat, along with a much-needed replacement for Meat or Die (the only thing that makes it worse than it already is is re-running it every month), and 2 awesome-sounding Nintendo series, is a breath of fresh air for the service. I was starting to wonder if I should remove Nintendo Video, but now I definitely won't.



LoveSugoi said:

What's this? More reasons to love my magical handheld of endless treasures? Oh 3DS how I do love thee.



Justaguest said:

I remember they promised bunch of 3d movies when 3ds came out. what happend to that? or have I not looked hard enough?



HopeNForever said:

This piece of news really taunts me personally, for Nintendo Video is totally useless when you're living outside North America. Even Nintendo's own content are not uploaded.

The jealousy; the rage!



WiiLovePeace said:

I look forward to the announcement that these arrive on the PAL Nintendo Video app, so I can make room & redownload it. Going to buy a bigger SDHC card this week I think.



ToniK said:

For once something interesting. So it probably won't arrive to europe



NintyMan said:

It's about time that the Pikmin shorts resurfaced. I was beginning to wonder if the series had been canceled. At any rate, it's cool that Nintendo Video will be becoming relevant again. I'll watch both the Zelda and Pikmin shows.



Kolzig said:

Hopefully this comes to Europe as well.

it's a shame you can only see four videos at a time and after certain period all disappear forever. I would like to see all the stuff that Nintendo Video has had in the past two years on 3DS now...



Spoony_Tech said:

In other news these will be available for free for the first 24 hours after that its 99 cents a minute!

Glad we are at least getting something. Haven't really watched it since the Kid Icarus shorts well over a year ago!



KeatonTS said:

finally, I was sick of the Music videos. pointless reviews/reports, and unrelated animated videos with no history.

the only good thing i saw from nintendo video was Dinosaur Office and Kid Icarus anime. more specifically the 2D animated. the 3d was fine. but 2D is always better imo
I wish they'd utilize Nintendo Video more like how the wii version was. so that we can just watch an E3 or a Direct on there. if they already do, then i wouldn't know because i don't have the app anymore.



FluttershyGuy said:

The first "Misadventures of Link" (great title, especially here almost 25 years after AoL's North American release) was hilarious! Wind Waker is such a great source of material for a video series like this. The game is a comic gold mine (some of the funniest scenes in a game EVARRR)! I can't wait to see if they do something creative with "The Barrel Launch", and "Tower of the Gods rising from the depths!" Cue "Goofy Hollar" from Link ^.^



Lionhart said:

Well it's finally happened! A animated Legend of Zelda show. I sure did like the Kid Icarus Uprising anime (not the 3D) that was available on Nintendo Video. Hopefully, Nintendo will make these Legend of Zelda: Misadventures of Link videos available for purchase and download in the Nintendo eShop.

I am a bit surprised that they chose to go with the scenarios of Wind Waker instead of the upcoming A Link Between Worlds but it's all good. I haven't played Wind Waker but once I buy a WiiU that will change.



RR529 said:

Finally, ongoing series based upon Nintendo properties! I'll be redownloading NV right now.

I enjoyed the KI:U & Kirby shorts, and the occasional movie trailer, but that was about it.



brandonbwii said:

It's nice that Nintendo still supports this service. I thought it was over aside from repeats.

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