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Improved StreetPass and Nintendo Zones Coming to North America Later This Month

Posted by Martin Watts

Make sure you take your 3DS with you wherever you go

Earlier today, Nintendo of America announced a handful of new improvements and features for its ever-growing StreetPass and Nintendo Zone services.

You may recall that Nintendo previously enhanced all of its StreetPass and Nintendo Zone locations with StreetPass relay functionality, which allows 3DS owners to receive data from the previous visitor. Now it's planning to take the service up a notch by enabling 3DS owners to receive data from the last six visitors to an individual location. This upgraded feature will be rolled out later this month, which will no doubt prove useful to those of you who don't cross paths with other 3DS owners on a regular basis.

In addition to this rather helpful improvement, Nintendo will be offering free exclusive content for Nintendo 3DS owners to download at Nintendo Zone locations throughout the rest of the year. Fans will be pleased to hear that the first piece of content is already available: a Fedora Chair for Animal Crossing: New Leaf players, which can be downloaded up until 14th October. A sushi platter item will also become available from 15th October.

Nintendo plans to bring additional content to Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Super Mario 3D Land, as well as special Gold Pants Mii characters later this year. How very jazzy. Stay tuned to Nintendo Life to find out when the content for these titles will arrive.

What new content are you planning on getting? Let us know in the comments section below.

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ejamer said:

Haven't we heard this song before? And didn't most people find that the relays simply didn't work? Hmm...



Zemus-DJ said:

Closing in @ almost 6000tags =] this feature is a welcome to anyone lacking tags and nutbags like myself



rjejr said:

Almost forgot all about this.

Is the Kid Icarus and SM3DL stuff going to be in those games, or just more stuff in AC? My kids loved those 2 but have no interest in AC.



Ralizah said:

Given the fact that streetpass games are getting meatier now, I'm glad Nintendo is taking the initiative to improve this function of their handheld for NA gamers. Any plans for the same thing to happen in Europe?



Darel18 said:

@rjejr I'm wondering the same thing... New stuff for MK7? I don't think so
Maybe some Nintendo ghosts... Lol



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@ejamer Depends on the place. The ones at my nearby McDonald's fast food places all seem to work though the ones at the nearby Best Buy's NEVER seem to work at all. Though then again the fast food places are more common so doesn't really affect me much.



Klimbatize said:

You'll now get six Miis from a Relay Station? Does that mean they're going to raise the limit of 10 Miis you can pass before having to clear out your Plaza? I hope so.

This is great news for me and other owners of the new Streetpass games.



ejamer said:

Fair point. It's probably more a configuration problem with individual sites than a problem with the feature in general. I'm just bitter that - more than two years after buying a 3DS, and after multiple trips to major urban areas in the US - I've only broken 150 StreetPass tags in the last month or so.

Here's hoping this announcement improves things.



Chie said:

The starbucks next to my house is a relay point... this is great news, as I don't get too many just from walking around!



LordGeovanni said:

I am quite happy with the improvement, however I worry that the amount of free Passes will become too much. Especially with the HomePass system that people have created. 6 Miis is far too much for me when I have 4 Nintendo Zones to reach each time I just go to work or return...

Here is hoping that they release a bunch more puzzles too! I have gotten every piece again and I am sure I will max the next puzzle within 2 weeks without really trying... Another 5+ puzzles at once will make my week.



Ash_Anne said:

I hope they actually improve it because where I live none of the streetpass zones work.



Mk_II said:

this was the best news for me in today's Nintendo Direct. Streetpass hits have already increased a lot now the 3DS is selling so well but this will really have a huge impact. Excellent thinking Nintendo!



Zach777 said:

Was there any specifics on what this bonus content would be? New levels, courses, what?



chiefeagle02 said:

@thesilverbrick Before the Direct, 2014 was the release window (albeit an extremely vague one) and it's still scheduled for 2014 after this morning's announcements (so hoorah!).



Emaan said:

I literally get no Street Pass tags though I live in the city.

This update will be nice



c1pher_c0mplet said:

The Nintendo Zone at the local Mickey Ds here worked about a summer ago but now it doesn't. I get ~5-8 tags/day on campus and ~2 just going around town. Hopefully the boobs who set these relay stations up in their restaurants/stores will actually get more of them to work here.



luckybreak said:

I have about 100 miis in my plaza, but it couldn't hurt to get more. It definitely is the best for animal crossing. I love being able to order people's furniture, so much easier now than having to buy it at nookling's!



MideonNViscera said:

Shockingly the relay actually works at McDonalds in my small Nova Scotian town. Excited for this. Less excited about ghosts and mushroom houses for the Mario games haha



New_3DaSh_XL said:

"Nintendo plans to bring additional content to Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Super Mario 3D Land..."




theblackdragon said:

this relay thing sounds really cool now — i like the idea of getting actual local miis on my 3DS this way, and it doesn't even have to be one-by-one. excellent move, Nintendo! and what's this about MK7 content? am i gonna hafta bust out my cartridge again?



Drewroxsox said:

I was at Mc Donald's on Sunday, and I actually went INSIDE, and the rely didn't work even though the Nintendo zone was available. Hopefully this issue is fixed because the update will be pointless for me.



Arcamenel said:

So happy to hear they are still supporting Kid Icarus: Uprising with this. I loved getting the daily weapon gems and fusing them to get better weapons.



Mk_II said:

Please Nintendo of Europe... make this happen here as well. It's probably just a setting in a configuration file and would make a lot of difference to many 3DS users



FJOJR said:

Wish I lived in a close knit large city or my area became one. Or setting up Nintendo Zone hotspots in bus/sub/train stations and airports would be cool.



McGruber said:

Maybe if the Nintendo Zones actually worked.I live in NYC and if they aren't working here then I'm sure a lot of other people are having the same issue.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@Andrewroxsox This is exactly what happened to me about a month ago. I was trying to hit the access point from the parking lot to no avail; going inside, no luck there either. I was trying to get the Afternoon Tea Set for AC:NL so I just went home and set it up that way. But I'd love to be able to get these 6 hits at the relay points... if the local businesses around here can get them to work.



onlyaman said:

Exactly! Streetpass is cool for encountering LOCAL Miis that actually crossed your path (even if not at the same point in time, thanks to the relay). If you spoof your home router so you can grab streetpasses from around the world (as @Dexter2015 suggests), you are just cheating yourself out of the true unique charm of the service. It is so exciting to visit a new state or country and meet new Miis from that place. By spoofing your router, you lose the personal element and streetpass becomes just like any other internet-based app. Plus, you'll quickly blow through those streetpass games you paid for.



IKAY said:

I hope they bring the improved Relays to europe, too. I for my part have no big interest in the StreetPass the NintendoZone brings because I have a huge StreetPass community in my town. I care more about the special features. Maybe they give away some special puzzles like they did in japan. Even if its just a BigMac or a plane.



onlyaman said:

@Dexter2015 Yeah, I guess there aren't too many 3DS owners in Argentina, and no relays either... so I guess that makes sense for you. Streetpass is really fun in western Europe though, and I can't wait to go back to the states to try these improved relays.



Genesaur said:

I'm gonna be that guy who goes to various McDonald'ses, orders nothing, and wanders around a bit before taking off to the next one. I wish there were other locations in my area, but alas...



marck13 said:

6 sounds a bit much. Where I live we cheer for every single hit. Hey and that is part of the fun! Some more would be nice, defenitly yes, but if it was too easy to get hits it loses the fun.



SurferClock said:

They couldn't just make it five and not have you miss 2 relay tags for every second one you use to fill your plaza? Still, I'm definitely grateful because relay tags are a nice little bonus for the commute home, not to mention trips to Nintendo Zone locations.



Bakajin said:

I haven't noticed a huge increase in hits since SPRelay hit, but if this helps out and I consistently get bunches of hits a day, well, I may have to shell out for the paid StreetPass games.

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