Earlier today, Nintendo of America announced a handful of new improvements and features for its ever-growing StreetPass and Nintendo Zone services.

You may recall that Nintendo previously enhanced all of its StreetPass and Nintendo Zone locations with StreetPass relay functionality, which allows 3DS owners to receive data from the previous visitor. Now it's planning to take the service up a notch by enabling 3DS owners to receive data from the last six visitors to an individual location. This upgraded feature will be rolled out later this month, which will no doubt prove useful to those of you who don't cross paths with other 3DS owners on a regular basis.

In addition to this rather helpful improvement, Nintendo will be offering free exclusive content for Nintendo 3DS owners to download at Nintendo Zone locations throughout the rest of the year. Fans will be pleased to hear that the first piece of content is already available: a Fedora Chair for Animal Crossing: New Leaf players, which can be downloaded up until 14th October. A sushi platter item will also become available from 15th October.

Nintendo plans to bring additional content to Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Super Mario 3D Land, as well as special Gold Pants Mii characters later this year. How very jazzy. Stay tuned to Nintendo Life to find out when the content for these titles will arrive.

What new content are you planning on getting? Let us know in the comments section below.