It's amazing how effective a well constructed trailer can be in either reversing opinion or, less drastically, just building additional hype for a major title. While the Super Mario 3D World E3 trailer was competent, fun and showed off the commercial sense driving Nintendo's Wii U development projects, we think its safe to say it didn't set too many hearts fluttering. Some certainly liked it, others may have thought it was a letdown, but we wouldn't say there was a prevalence of extreme excitement around the web — it was functional rather than fabulous.

After giving us very little to look at since, Nintendo issued the following new trailer last week, below.

The footage not only introduces new power-ups and abilities, but more importantly introduces a doze of anarchic creativity into the mix, with hints of platforming chaos that's become an important part of 3D Mario games, in particular. It's all relatively conventional platforming, still, but it's the little touches and hints of gorgeous level design that we're sure drastically increased the buzz around this title.

Nintendo has now served up a host of new screens, and as the vast majority show off these new ideas and more — as well as looking gorgeous — we thought we'd share them with you in a dedicated article. You'll be able to see them at any time on the game page, of course.