If you’ve pre-ordered Hometown Story, Natsume’s new life sim coming to North America on 22nd October, you may be due for a cute Ember plushie depending on where you go: green at Gamestop, red at Amazon or yellow through Natsume itself. (There’s also a special blue color, but that’s only if you went to E3 or win it in a giveaway. Sorry.)

One might think such a selection of soft, huggable dragony things would be enough; that Natsume would just lay its Cute Card down in satisfaction and skip on home. But no: there is always more. More soft! More huggable! More cute!

According to Natsume’s Facebook page, they will be releasing a collector’s edition of Hometown Story through their website that includes a larger, fluffier, plushier plush of another creature from the game, Pochica. This edition is expected to ship sometime in November.

According to Siliconera, a European release of Hometown Story is currently slated for Q1 2014. It's unknown whether it includes access to these bonuses, however.

Yearning for an Ember or Pochica? Let us know below.

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