Last week saw the release of the 2DS, the latest member of Nintendo's popular line of 3DS handhelds. Most of those who were lucky enough to pick up one of these systems will have been enjoying the new form factor and highly portable nature of the device, while others will have been doing things like microwaving their console or pulling it apart to see how it works.

Rose Colored Gaming's Matthew "Wiggy" Wiggins thankfully falls in the latter camp — you may have seen some of his photos appearing on other sites since the 2DS launched. However, we like to consider Wiggy — a man who breathes life into retro handhelds — as one of our close pals, and he has kindly taken some exclusive snaps for us of the pulled-apart system which show in better detail the various components — including that massive screen.

As you can see, the screen is a single LCD which is divided in two to create the dual-screen arrangement. You can also see the 1300mAh battery, which we discovered when we opened our unit up a while back.