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Giana Sisters' Halloween-Themed DLC Not Hitting Consoles

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Other treats promised in 2014, however

PC gamers who own Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (or the currently PC-exclusive stand-alone add-on, Rise of the Owlverlord), have the opportunity to scare up some additional fun with a free, Halloween-inspired level. Unfortunately, all console versions will be left in the dark.

Adrian Goersch, Managing Director of Black Forest Games, explained in a press release why consoles were being excluded and offered some promise for the future:

Knowing that the question will be raised: Since there is an extensive submission process required for consoles, we are currently not working on bringing the DLC to PSN, XBLA or WiiU. For all those playing Giana on console: there are several things planned for 2014.

It may be that the timing would have brought the level out onto consoles after the holiday, making it somewhat of a moot point, or it just would require too much time or resources than the studio is able or willing to spend at this point. Either way, it sounds like consoles, including the Wii U, are far from entirely forgotten.

Does missing out on a DLC level put a wormy apple in your bobbing bin, or are you content with the knowledge of more coming on the horizon? Let us know below.


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kevkeepsplaying said:

What? Nintendo worked extra hard to make updating games very accessible. What's the problem? Do they maybe not want to upset the PS3 and 360 owners?



Sir420 said:

Those updates do need to go through review, which can takes weeks at the least.



hcfwesker said:

I FRIGGIN LOVE this game, and would have enjoyed this addition. Not a big deal, plus it doesn't seem like such a low blow since it affects all console versions and not just WiiU.



Rafie said:

Well hopefully that means they have something planned for the consoles that's NOT for PC since the PC is the only one getting this DLC.

@CrabGats I seriously doubt that.



WiiLovePeace said:

Just another reason to not buy this game... Has the no sound on off-tv bug been fixed yet?



banacheck said:

I don't rate this game i downloaded off the PSN PS+, to me its just a rip-off of another excellent PSN game only with added diamonds to collect.



shingi_70 said:


Nope because the PS3 and 360 both don't charge for patches. Seems like the studio has a bigger DLC or another game in the works that warrents getting released sooner.



audiobrainiac said:

Sometimes, there are too many wormy apples in my bobbing bin. I'll take what i can get i guess.



SKTTR said:

All versions have the same gameplay issues and a GamePad music fix is at the far end of my update wishlist.

The bosses should be separate levels (especially the final one),
your diamond count record should be in the world map (at least it should unlock after beating a stage),
Time Trial and Score Attack need instant replay function (or much shorter loading times),
many stages have glitches where you can fall through/die (they would be the rage in hardcore mode)
there is a level with a diamond count lower than the actual amount of diamonds (not even the developers tried to collect them all?),
why does one world need Y and the other the X button for special attack? (so unnecessary)
and the whole confusion what to do to get 5 stars,
and my god even the loading screen has no original music but the Wii U bgm.
To me it felt extremely unpolished and unbalanced.

Once they sort this out that's when I want new content.

Apart from that, with such difficulty spikes and huge stages, this isn't much of a Giana Sisters game anymore (you know, the other two Giana games had very short stages and were rather easy). Also the new character design is lame imo. And while there are nice new ideas and some good graphics and music, there's not much left of Giana's original universe. 90% of the classic enemies are missing! Only owls, piranhas and the dragon boss, really? And what a missed opportunity not remixing ALL classic tunes. They've took it too far. Could be my disappointment of the year (I loved the other two Giana games).



unrandomsam said:

Don't like this game because of the tradeoff of graphics being more to them than framerate. (Too hard to play it at the speed I want to. Rather play it like rocket knight. Everything is there apart from the framerate.)

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