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Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 1st October Broadcasts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Few shocks, some release dates and awesome footage, with a couple of delays

Gauging opinion on the 1st October Nintendo Direct broadcasts in North America and Europe is relatively tricky, as the Wii U system update preceding it lacked that much desired improvement of an account system that escapes the shackles of hardware, while the broadcasts themselves were low on revelations, focused on details for existing games; they also brought a couple of delays. With that said, some of the footage shown caused plenty of excitement, and one new 3DS title certainly pushed plenty of buttons in Nintendo Life HQ.

We didn't produce news articles for every snippet of information, especially when some details had been previously revealed. In Europe segments were dedicated to Wii Karaoke U by JOYSOUND and Sonic Lost World, while the Nintendo of America broadcast ran through a number of well-known third-party titles. Both videos are at the end of this article, and there's a t-shirt design QR code in the North American video at around the 20 minute mark, if you want to pick it up.

We did cover plenty of details, however, and as always this is your one-stop-shop to access all of the individual articles, some of which also have juicy new footage to enjoy. Let's get to it.

Wii U and 3DS

Sonic The Hedgehog Confirmed For Super Smash Bros. On Wii U And 3DS — While some recent character reveals for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS have been no surprise, this one perhaps counts as the first that wasn't always a guarantee. Sonic's return after his appearance on the Wii is certainly welcome, and with Mega Man is leading the upcoming release towards having some seriously fun third-party characters.

Scribblenauts Unlimited Finally Hitting Europe On December 6th — One of the great oddities in Europe this year, this was a title that was so close to release that it briefly appeared on the Wii U eShop before being pulled at the last moment. After some apologies, Satoru Shibata confirmed that both the Wii U and 3DS versions will arrive in Europe on 6th December.

Wii U

Super Mario 3D World Brings New Power-Ups to the Mushroom Kingdom — Perhaps the most eye-catching moment of this Nintendo Direct was reserved for the latest Super Mario 3D World trailer, which is below for you to enjoy. After a fairly 'safe' E3 trailer, this showed the kind of creativity and flair for which Nintendo is often revered; new items include a cherry to duplicate characters and a head cannon, while Bowser has an awesome car. If some were concerned about this title's free-wheeling spirit beforehand, this footage may boost confidence.

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Delayed Until Early 2014 — We're not going to sugar-coat it, this is disappointing news. With a fairly substantial range of varied titles coming to the Wii U this Holiday, targeting various audiences, this may be a title that Nintendo feels it can manage without and boost early 2014, but with this goes our 2D platforming fix for the Festive season, with Nintendo's and SEGA's mascots dishing up their own blends of 3D platforming with hints of 2D here and there. Don't stay away long, DK.

Wii Party U's House Party Mode Aims to Serve up a Unique Experience — A major family release for the Wii U this Holiday season, Wii Party U will include clever mini-games that make players interact with Wii Remotes, the GamePad and TV in new ways. The physical retail release will also include a horizontal GamePad stand to be used with the tabletop minigames.

Pikmin 3 Mission Mode DLC Available NowPikmin 3 has now received a software update that improves the online leaderboards, while Mission Mode DLC has been launched — one DLC mission is available for free.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games Online Multiplayer Outlined — Coming to the Wii U this Winter, the latest Olympics shenanigans with Mario and Sonic will naturally have an emphasis on local multiplayer, but Satoru Iwata revealed that four events would be playable against worldwide players online. You can win points for your country's tally, and we're rather intrigued by Winter Sports Champion Race, which is supposed to be outrageous.

Mario and Luigi Wii Remote Plus Controllers Jumping to Stores — They may just be new Wii Remote Plus designs, but we know that many Wii and Wii U owners will have multiple controller variations in their collections. These Mario and Luigi designs look rather tempting.


New Kirby Game Will Be Blowing Up The 3DS in 2014 — The only brand new game to be revealed this time around, it'd been long rumoured — mainly thanks to inevitability and common sense — that a Kirby platformer would come to the 3DS, so it's exciting news that this one will come in 2014. The footage showed plenty of zooming back and forth into the background and back, so we expect the 3D screen to be used nicely. Little is known, but as a first reveal it made some fans rather happy.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Shakes Up Item and Dungeon Conventions — The new 3DS entry in the iconic franchise arrives on 22nd November in Europe and North America, and Satoru Iwata used the broadcast to explain a shift in the dynamics of this experience. Some key items won't be obtained by working through dungeons in a pre-ordained order, but can be rented or bought from Ravio's shop — the character isn't related to Nabbit, either. While there may be moments where you follow a fixed path, this approach will give you greater freedom to tackle dungeons in the order that you choose.

Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies Demo Is Available Now On The 3DS eShop — While we can mourn the absence of a physical retail copy, we at least have the upcoming release of the latest Phoenix Wright title to look forward to on the 3DS eShop. A demo is now available to test your resolve.

Bravely Default Dated for 6th December in Europe — As the date makes clear, the Western release of the anticipated Square Enix RPG arrives on 6th December in Europe, with a window of Q1 2014 in North America.

Improved StreetPass and Nintendo Zones Coming to North America Later This Month — Despite some technical issues with some locations in recent times, Nintendo of America is expanding its StreetPass Relay service to give you the data of the last six visitors to any given spot, rather than just one. There'll also be new content distributed for some games.

Mario Party: Island Tour Delayed to Early 2014 in Europe — Somewhat buried within a press release, it's been confirmed that the 3DS entry in the popular party game franchise has been pushed back to 2014 in Europe to "deliver the optimum gaming experience for fans" — we're following up with Nintendo of America for an update on the region.

Nintendo Direct Videos

North America

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So there you have it. Let us know what you thought of these Nintendo Direct broadcasts in the comments and poll below.

What did you think of this week's Nintendo Direct? (268 votes)

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It was pretty good, but could have been a little better


I'm not sure what I think


It was a bit disappointing


It was well below par and didn't push my buttons at all


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User Comments (50)



Jese_1 said:

The SM3DW footage looks awesome, and I can't wait for the new Kirby game, so all of that was awesome.

The only thing I would've liked is news on the Wii U VC and having a few more systems supported.



Yosher said:

Kind of starting to worry about the Yoshi games now. Other than that though it was a good Direct!



Benjerocks said:

That was quite the disappointing Nintendo Direct. Of course, DKC being pushed back was a huge disappointment, everything else was pretty mediocre. I mean, Super Mario 3D World is looking amazing and super creative, and I like the new details for A Link Between Worlds, but it felt lacking in actual information like the past Directs. The real shocking news was Sonic in Smash Bros. and that was a simple character announcement. Bad Direct nonetheless, I can't wait for the games this winter!

EDIT: The new Kirby 3DS game was also surprising, but it looks very similar to the 20th aniversery game and the Kirby's Return to Dreamland game for Wii. I've always loved Kirby, but it feels as if the franchise is getting a bit stale. (Sorry for sounding so pessimistic about this whole topic, haha).



SirMime said:

I was excited for everything heading our way this Christmas beforehand, but the new information really raised the hype bar.... I'm looking at you A Link between Worlds..... Can't wait to get my hands on them all.



EverythingAmiibo said:

Good enough when compared to the previous recent 'Nintendo Directs' (talking adverts!) and that Mario 3D World trailer was AMAZING!



Shiryu said:

Since Wii U Party and Donkey Kong got pushed into 2014 in Europe, my wallet gives thanks. All in all, I am one pretty happy Nintendo 3DS and Wii U owner for sure.



WinterWarm said:

Well, what I saw of the Direct was great, however I kept getting an error message RIGHT as Sonic was announced, must've been too much traffic. So thanks for this @ThomasBW84!

I was holding out for more news on Batman, though.



AdanVC said:

Dat Super Mario 3D World trailer though... It's now my most anticipated game this holiday!



DarkCoolEdge said:

I missed 3DS miiverse but I guess it was all about the games this time.

The best thing was that it made me want Super Mario 3D World, which is awesome by itself.



uhhhhhhhh said:

i thought it was awesome, just going into it with no expectations.

Not every single direct is going to be mindblowing, people. grow up!!!!



NintyMan said:

Extremely disappointing DK delay notwithstanding, this was a great direct for me. Super Mario 3D World looks practically awesome now, and it's nice to see that wonderful trailer get in the faces of many people who panned it out of ignorance and ended up converting most of them.

That was the best part of the Direct, but a new Kirby game for 3DS was the next best thing. I had always believed it to be a 2D platformer with no gimmicks like Mass Attack and be traditional like Return to Dreamland, and that's exactly what this new Kirby game is. Tickle me pink.

Sonic being confirmed for the next Smash Bros. is also great. Although three new Sonic games exclusively for Nintendo consoles would imply the cozy relationship between Nintendo and Sega these days, it still didn't fully convince me that Sonic would be speeding into battle again, but thankfully he is. Now the dreamy battle of Mario vs. Sonic vs. Mega Man can actually happen.

Overall, I can't complain too much about this direct. Sure, that DK delay was a shocker for me, as I only heard a peep of the rumor about it being delayed and didn't put much thought into it, but I've gotten over it and I still have plenty of games to get this year anyway. I also didn't expect any new games to be announced, and got surprised by a new game that would really interest me, Kirby.



Sceptic said:

If you have questions, comments, or concerns you'd like to share with our editorial staff, please feel free to get in touch directly — TBD

Let me help you gauge opinion, at least from the WiiU camp: It's somewhere between "yawn" and "screw you Nintendo". Even Nintendo seems to have abandoned this platform. They must have been so busy upscaling Windwaker's textures that they didn't find time to finish their other generic sidescroller in time for Xmas. Do they realize that the WiiU section in retail stores is smaller than the bargain bin now?



ricklongo said:

The Donkey Kong news was a huge bummer. All the rest was amazing, though. And the Kirby reveal was a nice little surprise.

All in all, a pretty good direct, but one that left kind of a sour taste in my mouth due to my most anticipated game being delayed.



Doma said:

I never watch these but does this mean SMTIV is being ignored for Europe this year?



Dr_Corndog said:

Not only is the DKC delay disappointing in itself, but it also means we'll have to wait that much longer for the inevitable (I hope) Retro-developed Metroid sequel.



nik1470 said:

The Pikmin update was nice I always like it when we get something after the presentation. I was never going to have the time this year to give to DK so I was ok with the delay. I'd rather wait for the additional quailty anyway



Beta said:

Was a GREAT Direct for me! I'm actually one of the few that is thankful that DK got delayed, my wallet wouldn't have handled the blow DX



rjejr said:

I missed the first 10 minutes but still thought it was pretty good.

I don't have any real expectations for these things b/c they're pretty worthless over all, but it had a good rhythm and a good opening for Wii U info. I don't really care about DKC so that part didn't bother me, though I still think it's stupid to put that info in a ND, just twitter it like they did w/ the Pikmin 3 launch date that was 6-9 months late.

And compared to the last 1 covering Fit U and Club this one was much better - that 20 minutes of "a day in the life" was a snoozefest.

Mostly I'm glad 2 minutes of Mario was all about the single player. My most wanted game this holiday. Lego Marvel is a distant 2nd. (Can't wait for Bayonetta 2 and X so I can be excited for adult games again.)



Marshi said:

@Sceptic No where near as small as the ps3 and xbox 360 sections were for the first 12-18 month of their release. When are people guna realise this has always happened with new consoles. Granted the wiiu's sales are slow,but with a new bundle and price drop literally around the corner things will pick up.
Let's not make things personal please — TBD



TrueGamer1985 said:

Worst Direct ever it wasn't any games that was interesting and I was so bored I stop watching and thinking these EU Directs suppose to be better.



TruenoGT said:

A LOT more pumped about Mario 3D World than previously, but otherwise between this and the system update, kind of a downer overall. Was hoping for more infrastructure news and updates such as better account system, shared VC, etc.

Their big surprise of yet another traditional Kirby game does not push my excitement meter at all. How about a less used franchise or at least something novel gameplay wise ala Canvas Curse or Dream Course? Nintendo should at least use Wario or Metroid (or another neglected franchise) if they're going to continue to push 2D so hard.



Dogpigfish said:

We would like to see less Iwata and more Reggie. And please no more hands saying 'directly'. It's like a joke without a punch line. With those few exceptions, this was a decent direct.



Longaway said:

Is the US not getting Wii Karaoke U by JOYSOUND, or is it such a low priority here that it'll just pop up one day?



sleepinglion said:

The biggest surprise for me was SM3DL. It looks beautiful on the Wii U and tons of fun to boot.
I appreciated the changes Nintendo made to the OS... but I was pretty let down they implemented nothing fans have been asking about for a long time.
Having Wii titles on the Gamepad is awesome but the inability to use the buttons on it (like it were a Classic Controller) is VERY maddening. I was like, "Sweet! Off TV play for all of the VC titles we haven't seen on the Wii U yet! Only I have to set my pad on a desk or table and break out a Wiimote with a classic controller connected to play A Link to the Past... Ugh." It just seems like a hassle. A great option if you want to play a Wii game while someone else watches TV but this update seems chock full of squandered potential. Ideally, we'd see a small update to the Wii channel in the future that allows for the pad to be used like a classic controller during compatible games as well as the Wii U Controller Pro. That thing is just awesome for VC titles.
The unified account system has to be the biggest letdown. Like a lot of folks I find myself buying my favorite classics twice so that I can also have them on the go. It gets expensive. I'd be a lot more likely to buy more digital versions of new release titles if I wasn't spending 10 dollars to have Mega Man 3 on my Wii U and my 3DS.
On the topic of VC... that was my second big letdown. NES and SNES classics are great but the original VC ran SO MUCH MORE. I would have loved to have seen the VC service updated to carry N64 hits, arcade titles, etc., because I'd love to be able to hop on Miiverse and chat with folks about these games.
I write Nintendo every few weeks. Politely. And I ask about things like a wireless headset option (seriously, if you plug in a pair of phones during Wind Waker you ONLY get the sub-menu audio), unified accounts, VC releases and more. I use my Club Nintendo surveys as a chance to be heard as well. But that's about all I can do.
An appreciated update, but not the one I was hoping for.



Justaguest said:

bowser looks like hes made out of fabric. the game actually looks fun now as they showed more of what should have been shown before.



electrolite77 said:

A perfect microcosm of where Nintendo are, I.e. 3DS looks great, Wii U much less so. When the only announcement for a desperately struggling system is a delay to a big title, you have to fear for it.

Also, still no proper Account system, and why does the Wii U VC lag so far behind the Wii's at the same age? Where are GameCube games on VC? Where are GBA games on 3DS VC? Come on, Nintendo.



Spoony_Tech said:

Wouild like to know about Mario Golf. I wouldn't be surprised if it makes the jump to Wii U! Remember the tech demo 2 E3's ago with the golf ball on the pad?? Surprised we haven't seen more of that yet!



Emaan said:

Super Mario 3D Land and the new Kirby game were my favorites of this Nintendo Direct. Besides that, meh. Not happy about the delays.



RevolverLink said:

I tend to keep my expectations modest for Nintendo Directs, so I was satisfied with this one. Much more info on Super Mario 3D World and A Link Between Worlds, a new trailer for Bravely Default and the reveal of a brand new Kirby game were more than enough for me.

Also, the Ace Attorney 5 demo!




Senate_Guard said:

Overall pretty good Direct.

The trailer for SM3DW was definitely the highlight for me. The game looks visually amazing, the new power-ups revealed are very clever (especially the cherry), and I like that Bowser is capturing new characters this time around; while driving a pimpin' car no less.



Williaint said:

I agree with you!
SM3DW is looking great! I was especially excited about the piranha-block, the "sneaky" Goomba, and being able to kick/toss bomb-balls around!
'Superstar' is my all time favourite game. I loved how this Kirby looks!



JadedGamer said:

Awesome direct.Of course any Nintendo news is good news.Minus the link shirt WTH was that?Nothing mind blowing but 3D world looks innovative.Day one purchase for me.Kirby looks like great fun too.Kinda bummed about DK but it just gives me more time to save my pennies..



Araknie said:

This time was good, with a spruce of awesome here and there.
Finally i'm at peace with Nintendo's future.



JimLad said:

I gotta admit, 3D World looks about 100% more appealing now with that trailer.
I hope they give it the marketing push it deserves.



Genesaur said:

@Sceptic I dunno. I was just at Wal-Mart last night, and I was very satisfied with the Wii U selection - plenty of the current library's better games. Last time I was there, they just had Mario U, ZombiU, and a bunch of Wii games (they still had Carnival Games, for gods' sake). Also unlike last time, their display Wii U actually had demos, the most playable of which was Rayman Legends. If Wal-Mart is stepping up and making Wii U information more readily available, I should expect (and hope) that other retailers will follow suit.



Sir_Deadly said:

I DARE somebody say the New Mario 3D game looks the same this time. Although the Direct was ok, i really think they should mention some of those NEW franchise they said that were in development awhile back. NSM3DW and A Link Between Worlds were the only ones i am interested that was on that direct.



Relias said:

@Sceptic Actually the Wii U section is doing just fine here.. thank you very much.,.. I am sure Donkey Kong is getting plenty of polish and what not.. and wow.. that 3D world looks amazing.. now I know why I got excited for it.. Kirby is cool too.. (Oh and Sceptic... actually most fans and gamers.. are loving what they are seeing here.. so)



DonkeyDolck said:

Why cant they make some sort of account system to Link your games to? This is the only reason that I dont buy games that are avaiable on disk. I mean if my wii u breaks its bye bye games. Ive already spoken to my retailer who said they do not ship my wii u to an Nintendo repairer (to transfer my downloaded games).

Skit tänkande!

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