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Enjoy Gaming Confirms Zombie Blaster Removed from 3DS eShop Due to ESRB Error

Posted by Martin Watts

Will rise from the dead again soon

Yesterday we reported that Enjoy Gaming's DSiWare title, Zombie Blaster, had been removed from the 3DS eShop service in North America. It has now come to light that the reason for the game's disappearance was actually down to an issue with the game's ESRB rating.

Enjoy Gaming told Nintendo News that:

It was removed due to an error in the ESRB rating embedded in the code. ESRB re rated the game as Teen with descriptors and Nintendo took the product out of eShop because the parental controls were then wrong. The code has now been altered and resubmitted to Nintendo for their normal checks before it will be re released on eShop in the not too distant future.

If you're worried that you're potentially missing out on a classic new zombie-themed title, it's worth noting that we only awarded Zombie Blaster a mere 3/10 in our recent review. Given that Enjoy Gaming has only altered the code relating to the ESRB rating, we would advise you don't get your hopes thinking the re-released version will offer any improvements in the gameplay department.


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EarthboundBenjy said:

Sometimes I wonder if game developers realise that their games are bad. Why would one intentionally ask for money for a bad product?



GuSolarFlare said:

@EarthboundBenjy simple, even when the game's bad the developers wasted resources on it, so(unless they have time and money to turn it into a better game) all the developers can do is publish and hope for the best.



Obito_Sigma said:

I had a heart attack yesterday. I even cried. Thanks for the heads up; I was planning on buying it on Halloween for a real scare.



Morpheel said:


I thought it WAS weird to see a bloody game like this getting an E rating anyway.



Eisenbolan said:

Has Enjoy ever put out a good game? Their average score seems to be about a 4. One as low as 1



Gioku said:

So, um... why do all the screenshots for this game have wide top screens? This is a DSi game right? Not a 3DS game?



Morpheel said:

@Eisenbolan Jewels Adventures is actually pretty good, I think it got a low score because the reviewer got some weird glitches, but that never happened to me.



Gioku said:

@Morpheel I see... but the screens don't look stretched, though... as though they were meant to be widescreen... that's the weird part... this game is so bad in so many ways... holy crap!



Morpheel said:

@Gioku they may not look stretched but they are. It's the same with many other DSiWares on the eshop.



TG1 said:

@Morpheel I agree, Jewel Adventures is a good game. I've never had any glitches with it either ... and based on every other review and comment I've read about the game, I'm not convinced anyone else has either.

Pyramids is another Enjoy Gaming title that got pretty good reviews. I think NL gave it a 7



DualWielding said:

Someone was complaining about the opposite in the forums but I kinda enjoy that Nintendo Life gives proper coverage to bad games



SKTTR said:

@TG1: Oh, Pyramids. The first and only 3DS game that crashed my 3DS, and not only that, it crashed instead of giving me an ending (it just freezed on a black screen after I completed the final stage). That one was from Enjoy Gaming? Well, I never bought any other games from them. A freezing console is not the reward I expect from completing a game.

Does Pyramids actually have an ending or is it always just crashing when you complete all stages with 3 stars?

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