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Eiji Aonuma States Desire to Avoid the Limitations of Tradition in The Legend of Zelda Franchise

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"Why does it have to be traditional?"

While this week's Nintendo Direct was light on major revelations, Satoru Iwata did take the opportunity to explain that The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds would shake up item and dungeons conventions — some key items will be available to rent and buy, rather than be unlocked in the story, giving the player greater freedom in tackling dungeons in the order they prefer. It may not sound like a big deal, but could nevertheless lead to quite a shift in the narrative and experience.

It's perhaps one of the most notable changes in the "Zelda formula" in quite some time, and in an interview with 4Gamer (translated by Siliconera), series producer Eiji Aonuma quashed reports that he was growing weary of working on the franchise and explained that he seeks to evolve the series in order to keep it fresh.

When I say I’m tired, I’m not talking about making Zelda, but rather, the same constituent that has been used to make Zelda up until now. While on the subject, in regard to how we’ve always done things the traditional way until now: ‘Why does it have to be traditional?’ That’s the question I’ve been asking myself.

If we don’t change that, we can’t make something new. We’re slightly approaching The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds with that mindset, and also the next Zelda title, which we intend to continue changing. However, this brings us to the topic, ‘Exactly what is The Legend of Zelda about?

Something that is ‘traditional’ is in a sense often something that copies previous works, so if you continue doing that, it gradually takes away from its uniqueness. So we’re currently working on making those parts more and more unique.

So, by no means, am I tired of it. Rather, the more we change it, the more I get fired up. Having someone think ‘Huh? Is this Zelda?!’ at first, then ‘Oh, it is Zelda,’ is what we’re going for. Something that wouldn’t make it matter whether Link or Princess Zelda appear in it or not. Something where it wouldn’t even matter if Zelda is actually a princess, or not.

On the subject of the Wii U title, of which nothing has been seen to date, Aonuma-san stated that development was going well while explaining that GamePad implementation is very much part of the development plans.

It’s going well! We’re incorporating HD features we tried in the Wind Waker, and vice-versa, by applying HD features from it to the Wind Waker. Since it’s a remake, we’ve been limited regarding what we can do with the Wii U Gamepad; however, for the new title we’ll have various ways of using [the device].

What do you think of the new approach that's seemingly being taken in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds? Do you want to see further evolution of the franchise, or would you prefer a safer approach using the proven formula?


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User Comments (76)



nfzeta007 said:

I'm beginning to think only Nintendo thinks like this, in most cases devs don't change a working formula, and unlike other games Zelda has been enduring for much longer changing slightly each time along the way yet they still want to makes things new and fresh, WHY?! WHY?! don't other developers get this feeling.



WinterWarm said:

I agree. I'm happy he thinks this way. I want Wind Waker Gamecube to be my first Zelda. So this'll have to wait a bit.



Doobie said:

Who prefers motion controls or regular button input controls for Zelda? But now it could be Gamepad + Wii mote action = great Zelda game?



ueI said:

What is an "HD feature?" I thought HD was nothing more than a level of quality.



Rezalack said:

Really looking forward to the 3DS title. It'll be a nice change of pace, hopefully. Going into a Zelda world without really having a set path right off the bat might be a good thing. It'll definitely remind me of the first time I played the original Zelda for NES.

As far as changing the Zelda series up a bit, I've had a few ideas.. a futuristic zelda world would be something way different for the IP.. or even a game where you might play as Zelda at some point. I really liked Spirit Tracks because having her as somewhat of a team-mate was really cool, even though you weren't playing as her.. just a golem. There's a lot they could do with the series and obviously they know what to do to insure that the franchise doesn't become stagnant.



sinalefa said:


I agree with you. I would love a Pikmin 3 controller approach, where the swordplay uses a refined version of SS and you can use the Gamepad for inventory, menus, maps, and even some minigames like Zelda always has.

I am also happy that he is looking to think outside the box for new Zeldas.



cookiex said:

"Something where it wouldn’t even matter if Zelda is actually a princess, or not."

Didn't they do something like that in Skyward Sword? I don't remember Zelda ever being referred to as a princess in that game, nor would it have mattered much if she was.

Since Zelda is my favourite VG franchise of all time, I hope whatever new direction they take with it is for the best.



AdanVC said:

I'm soooo glad Mr. Aonuma is thinking this way, this just means the new Zelda U would be like starting over but in a good way. It could be the greatest creation of Nintendo if they do all of that properly. I remember I read almost since the reveal of Wii U that the new Zelda would be the biggest (and expensive) Nintendo game ever created... * drooling *



CanisWolfred said:

Hopefully this means big things for the next Major Zelda game. I liked that both Skyward Sword and the upcoming A Link Between Worlds had a lot of changes from the norm, and I hope they continue to branch out in new directions.



rjejr said:

It worries me every time they refer to the HD in WW as an example. This should be the flagship Wii U game and should have the best graphics possible, not an HD re-skin of a 10 yr old game. I want to be blown away.

They should use the japanese garden bird demo. The tech they used to impress everybody w/ the Wii U's power but theres been nothing like that built for the Wii U yet. X looks good but Nintendo can do better, SMG almost looked HD on the Wii. Zelda and Metroid are they're best candidates for great graphics but the Prime trilogy already looked great on Wii so its Links turn.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

The problem with Traditional Vs. Original games is that both can go horribly wrong.
By implementing new mechanics, ideas and visuals to each Zelda game, the traditional part didn't turn stale yet. But that's also where the series will stand or fall: if they can't do much new stuff, fans will become bored with it eventually (it's surprising it went this well until now), but fans are also somewhat cautious of new things as well, and can be jerks at times (like with Castlevania). So, Nintendo has to change Zelda games step by step, otherwise fans will just complain about it being too different, and they do have a point. A Game series is defined by similarities in both plot and gameplay, after all.
If they change the base for new Zelda games slowly, both they and the fans will be able to get used to it much better than instantly changing everything possible.
I'm sure Aonuma is aware of this, and I'm also certain that whatever he does, it'll be good. I'm always looking forward too good changes.



VoiceOfReason said:

I do wonder what the control scheme will be for this new one. People are so divided over "Motion controls or No Motion controls" that it would be hard to make everyone happy.
I propose a Zelda where you can basically have whatever you want in both hands, and use the control sticks, OR the Wiimote and nunchuck. For example, if you wanted two swords, you could equip a sword to both control sticks (or actually, the left one would have to go on the control pad. You still need a way to move). That may sound weird, but think: if swinging the control stick swiftly to the right swung to the right, left for left, up for an up-swinging move similar to Roy's super jump in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and down to swing down. Then you could make all kinds of combo's, like swinging a control stick swiftly up to do a jumpity in the air move and then swiftly down while still in the air to slam down on your enemy and do some major hurt. How awesome would that be?!?!? For arrows, you would go FP style like ocarina of time 3D where you aim with the gyroscope.



JebbyDeringer said:

@nfzeta007 If anything Nintendo has been milking Zelda for far longer than any other developer has been milking a franchise. Your question about Why don't other developers think like this should be "Why didn't Nintendo think of this sooner".

It's honestly about time they change things up. I'd love to see more variety and more ways to play the game. The earlier games could be played out of order provided you did a few key things. Zelda II though could be broken if you used a key from a different dungeon and then completed it with an unclaimed key still in it. I'd love to see more items. RPG's have many different armours and weapons, give us some choices, let us customize Link so not everyone has the same experience when playing. Make the Bow & the Sword interchangeable so you could play with either as your primary weapon, give us more variety in swords, give us more than one human town, I'd love experience points though some might not agree. Focus more on enemies and combat, puzzles are fine but don't make them the primary focus.

Nintendo has sort of lost track on why people love Zelda, they don't love Zelda because it's another Zelda game, they love exploring, finding secrets, defeating enemies, boss fights, and a solid story doesn't hurt. Making it too restrictive is not a good thing and leaving some room for player imagination rather than developer imagination is really important.



unrandomsam said:

If they want to avoid tradition they should just do less of them make sure for certain each new iteration is superior to the last.

When one isn't good enough reskin the thing and release it as something else.



Morpheel said:

Why does it need to be traditional?

Well, mostly because fanboys and girls hate change and get scared when it happens.



DerpSandwich said:

Whenever they try something new it ends up awesome. Look at Marjora's Mask and Skyward Sword. (The latter was disappointing in certain ways, but the changes themselves were awesome.)



Captain_Balko said:

I hope they make changes but nothing ridiculous. I'd be upset if they got rid of hearts for vitality or something stupid like that.



WiiLovePeace said:

When I first heard about having to rent main equipment instead of earning them in a dungeon I definitely thought: "Lame!!" As in, I thought that exploring a dungeon, finding the hidden equipment & feeling achievement from that would be lost. But now I thought about it more, I believe that having to rent/buy the equipment is actually a great idea. It provides a means to totally debunk any linearity in the game & make it truly 'choose your own adventure' Any dungeon in any order, sounds awesome to me I just hope that the game doesn't near-instantly tell you what equipment you need to proceed (like Skyward Sword's hand-holding) & instead leaves me to figure out what I need to rent or do myself. I'm getting more & more excited to pick up a LoZ:ALBW!



bizcuthammer said:

I dont care if they make changes or not, really... I love the formula they have, and its not broken. At the same time, i'm not opposed to them trying new things, i just want to be sure that whatever they do, it actually improves the experience rather than just being something new for the sake of bucking tradition. I may be a minority, but i actually dont like the renting item strategy in LBW, as it seems like its going to be an annoyance having to go back and forth to Ravio just to trade stuff in all the time. I'd rather it just all be available from the start, like it was in Majora's Mask. I hope i'm wrong about LBW, but it just doesnt look like the 'new' approach is better than the old one in this case.



CrimsonSkidmark said:

Just let me make notes on the map like in the DS titles... Haven't played WWHD yet, gotta wait till tomorrow, but if that isn't an option I'll be severely disappointed... Nothing is more redundant than checking areas to get items that you've already searched and seized.



Turbo857 said:


Yup, I'm hoping for this kind of a setup. Sword combat is superior with motion controls and if motion control naysayers have an issue with that, hopefully Nintendo will map sword movements/attacks to the right analog or something like that as an additional option.



Meaty-cheeky said:

If the Legend of Zelda could take some game play aspects from Elder Scrolls Skyrim, I would welcome the changes.

I think Mr. Eihi Aonuma is making the logical choice for the Zelda franchise; the series needs new ideas. I hope the Wii U Legend of Zelda goes all out with the best graphics, breath taking worlds full of life, and more lifelike and intelligent Ai in the game.



Fazermint said:

I never had any problem with linearity in Zelda games. Linearity is something that I expect from certain kinds of games, and I think it is a very useful and fundamental characteristic that guides the entire experience. Without it, there's bound to be a reduced sense of progression.

I am more interested in the introduction of multiplayer into the franchise. Now THAT would be fresh!



Silent said:

@JebbyDeringer No No...People dont love Zelda, they just like what is in LoZ. Like the dungeons, enemies, the story and the theories. Oh Wait! That's Zelda!



Senario said:

@JebbyDeringer Making good games is different from Milking. Milking would be your yearly releases of Assassins creed, call of duty, fifa, and so on. Zelda has consistently out out good quality games. Nobody could rightfully argue that any zelda game from Alttp to skyward sword is "bad" you can argue some are better than others but each one is different and a very good game.

Also no skyrim zelda. That would be the worst and definitely not the right direction. Tons of space with nothing to see in skyrim vs tons of things to see in wind waker. Skyrim is a decent game but not right for zelda.



Silent said:

@Fazermint I can tell you that I played the soul out of the multiplayer in Phantom Hourglass, It would be great if Link Between worlds had that kind of multiplayer.



Usagi-san said:

"Something that wouldn’t make it matter whether Link or Princess Zelda appear in it or not"

This part has me worried.



belmont said:

The story when someone that wants to destroy or take over the world for no reason and somehow kidnaps a princess in the proccess is a think of the past. This should change. Link's Awakening and Majora's Mask that do not follow this formula are two of my favourite games.

Zelda needs changes. Even if it is 2d or 3d the same plot elements and items have been recycled a lot of times to the point of becoming boring. Also the whole presentation feels dated with silent and uninteresting
characters, no voice acting and text that takes a lot of time to show on screen.

I would like to see a Zelda game with new items and gameplay elements and more cinematic presentation.



redsoul91 said:

i have the feeling that there is going to be much skepticism when the new Zelda is revealed only to have the doubters shut up once it is released



NintyMan said:

Thinking dangerously; I like it. Change, smart change that can work without totally flipping the foundations of the game series over, can work. There will always be risks, but it's best to give it a try rather than to never try. This new Wii U Zelda game gets more interesting with each mention.



aaronsullivan said:

I love the place this new Zelda is coming from.
Skyward Sword could be a great cap to the "traditional 3D Zelda" and now maybe he can take some bigger risks. The best part is that he is energized about it and better ideas are likely to come as a result.

Also, for those worried or maybe hoping for something totally different... this is Nintendo. He's not going off the deep end, even if the game might look like it at first blush (Wind Waker for instance).



Bass_X0 said:

For me, traditional Zelda is the best Zelda. You can't improve upon perfection and drastic changes made would decrease that quality somewhat. For me, the last good console Zelda was Wind Waker. But even that was criticised at the time for being too different. I wasn't really a fan of Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess. I want the games to focus more on the adventure part than the story part. Keep the story but have it in the background or mostly skippable if the player so chooses.

I want to be thrown straight into the adventure from the very start. Not have to play through a lengthy intro to the story and characters. And any serious gameplay changes like the ones in the article should be explained during the actual game why it is like that, not just added for the sake of adding them. Zelda's not a Princess? Why is she not a princess? Who is she instead? No Link? What happened to him? Where is he? Not all Mario series games star Mario after all. A few star other characters from the series instead such as Luigi, Wario, Peach and Donkey Kong.

That said, I do think some modern day features should be present such as voice acting even if it does go against traditon. Have Link be an actual character and not a silent hero. Lately, Zelda games have been like big Hollywood blockbuster movie but the main character is a mute and everyone else is subtitled. Zelda only had a silent hero originally because of the NES' limitations.



Neram said:

I can't help but strongly disagree with almost everything Aonuma is saying here. For the love of god, please, please stop messing around with the Zelda formula just because you're tired of making the same thing. MAKE A DIFFERENT GAME!

"Why does it have to be traditional?" Because that's what customers expect! That name, that brand "The Legend of Zelda" is a promise to your customer that they are getting what they expect. I want Zelda, so I go buy Zelda expecting that it's Zelda.

A true sequel, in my opinion, is that which carries over what was great about the previous project but amplifies and opens up the experience by adding, and only ADDING to but not changing, the formula. Never change the formula.

For the first time in... ever, i'm actually not excited, but afraid, of what the next Zelda will be like. A Link Between Worlds is looking like a disaster to me. I don't want a throwback game, nor one that twists and changes the traditions, and this new game looks set out to accomplish both those things.

Mr. Aonuma is undoubtedly talented, but Nintendo needs to let him craft his own creation instead of forcing him on Zelda.



Jeremyx7 said:

Every Zelda game has been successful for two main reasons.

1.) Nintendo has stuck to the series' roots by keeping it true to it's core.
2.) Nintendo has always added a number of new, unique, styles of wonderful game mechanics through both gamplay & controls with each and every Zelda game.

Basically they've been doing what Mr. Aonuma's mindset is saying all these years. But he just wants to take it even further which is fantastic in my book! Every creative artist should always change up aspects of their works while at the same time staying true to his/her inspirations(or roots). This is true for all forms of 'fresh compelling medium'.

I've been extremely happy so far with the Zelda series and I wonder in high hopes how they're going to make another fresh/new/epic experience this time around!

I also hope they have motion controls again used in conjunction with the Wii U gamepad somehow. That would be a amazing hybrid of gameplay possibilities.



audiobrainiac said:

I'm all for breaking traditions. I don't want the same old tricks played on my brain, i want all new ones. Its the same with anything creative: if u limit yourself you'll never have those breakthroughs and be stuck with the same old crap. It really is important for game creators to listen the what the people want but in the same token, game design is still a creative form of expression. We want to limit their creative ability, because we like the same old cookies? NOT ME. I want NEW experiences even if they use the same franchises. The old games will always be there if we want redundancy.



MeloMan said:

From the sound of things, it's coming out just like the original LoZ, where you just stumble upon a dungeon, check it out, and see if you can really take it on or not... THAT'S called exploration, and not guided hand-holding. If Zelda alone would get back to that, I think it will rekindle some of that "Adventure" magic many of us remember from so long ago.



Jeremyx7 said:

@MeloMan Not sure what you mean by 'If Zelda alone would get back to that'. Every single game of the series (except for the first 2) has some way of letting you know where to go next at a certain point throughout including ALTTP.

Also, just speaking from personal feelings, I've always truly felt that the 'adventure magic' has never left the series not ever. Not once. For me at least.



StricknitDex said:

I hope they don't change it too much like how activision did with Crash bandicoot.

Anyway, I can't wait for Wii U Zelda.



TheLilK98 said:

I don't know how I feel about the item rentals. It seems as though it may lead to a lot of annoying rupee grinding. Regardless, technically the ability to take on dungeons in the order you choose is MORE traditional than not, since in the original Legend of Zelda that liberty was present.



bezerker99 said:

It's dangerous to go alone. Here take this {sword, hookshot, boomerang, hammer, bombs, flute, raft,....whatever u need, magn, we got u covered}



Funny_Moblin said:

@Bass_X0 I know what you mean. Twilight Princess feels like they focused mostly on the somewhat realistic graphics, while taking a huge inspiration from Ocarina of Time. I liked Skyward Sword too but I'll disagree on one thing. I don't think the huge focus was around the story, but rather the controls (although I really liked them, and what made the game so good).

For the next Zelda on Wii U, they should add the button controls from the Gamepad and Wii U Pro, while at the same time allowing you to play like you do in Skyward Sword. This time though, I want them to focus more on dungeons and the overworld, with somehow implementing lots of replay value. Oh, and a good story of course.



Darb said:

"However, this brings us to the topic, ‘Exactly what is The Legend of Zelda about?"

This is the person in charge of the LoZ series? It seems like he doesn't quite get the original Zelda formula so he wants to change it, which you can pretty much tell from the games he's made.



Hit-Girl said:

Zelda is awesome and always will be. Doesn't matter if it changes or stays the same to me. I'll love it either way. I've done a lot of catching up and I'll buy anything with Link in it!
I want my first tattoo to be a Triforce! :3



MitchVogel said:

Well, I hope the overworld in this one is like Skyward Sword's. That was my favorite change to that game.



Samus06 said:

What I want is a huge connected world like Twilight Princess but twice the size or even bigger. But with that I want the world to be filled with bustling towns, tons of characters to talk to, and tons of secrets to discover. That was one of my two main issues I had with Skyward Sword. The world was broken up into chunks and there was almost nothing contained within the world to discover. It was a fairly empty and lifeless world.
Another issue I had with Skyward Sword was the excessive hand holding. One of the best aspects of Zelda games for me is trying to figure out where to go and what to do next on your own by talking to characters and exploring the land. I felt like that was missing in Skyward Sword.
I want Nintendo to really concentrate on creating a lively world to explore and not get caught up on wii motion plus controls. Exploration is why I love Zelda games so much.



Scarlet5683 said:

I like the traditional Zelda formula most, personally. But I'm willing to try something new as well!



RawkHawk013 said:

rooting for you guys to do an awesome job! I personally prefer having my equipment permanently for good, not renting/limited time usage, but we'll see how it works



Zombie_Barioth said:

Its a rhetorical question.
Hes questioning what makes the series popular. Is it the characters? The dungeons? What needs to stay to still be considered "Zelda"?

I'd like to see them refine the combat system. One of my favorite parts of Twilight Princess were the sword techniques. Learning which attacks work on which enemies in Skyward Sword was also a nice touch.



Darb said:

Oh I know, it just always felt to me that he never "got" the Zelda formula, instead just built gimmicks around it. I miss having a big world to explore instead of an empty hub to test new transportation ideas with. Don't get me wrong though, the dungeons in these games have never disappointed, as well as the combat.



KeatonTS said:

You know what would actually be cool? Like how in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. instead of renting Items and seeing them too early spoiling the game (kinda)
Zelda Wii U can; instead of sprinkling the items in linear dungeons/temples. waiting for you to get them. They can be sprawled across the land. as treasures hidden in seemingly 'important' (Special) caves, forests, mountains, and even towns. the reason i say "Seemingly important" is because these locations have NOTHING to do with the Actual dungeons/temples of the game (If any) except for the fact that you need the items that resides in it. But you will have to travel to these places to receive the items most needed for the dungeon you are trying to beat.

It's a similar concept in the Wind Waker when you receive the power bracelets and Iron boots.those Items were different from the others because they were secret treasures hidden on remote islands, rather than in a dungeon. and you needed other items to get to them. (Sometimes for the zelda Wii U but not all the time would it be a good idea to need other items to get another as it would make it a bit more linear)
It actually even makes more sense rather than fighting a mini boss, then a treasure box randomly appears. Instead, each of these locations for the items could still have a mini boss, or in other words, a guardian watching over the treasure. that you have to fight, or solve a puzzle to get, etc. all the while treasures are secretly hidden through out the entire land of hyrule.

The best part about this idea, You can obtain treasure maps. The same idea as WindWaker, but instead of typical treasures such as rupees and heart containers, there will be treasure maps telling you where an item you need to progress further in the game is. these treasure maps can be obtained from other people, shops. Dungeons/temples (So they give you a hint on the item you need), and as rewards.

So to better imagine this.. lets say you reach a dungeon/temple that requires Mostly bow arrows to complete. As you progress through the dungeon. you find that you can't progress anymore, stumbling through the dungeon/temple. you find a compass, map, and this time No Item. But an Item MAP. (ONLY in specific dungeons/temple though because it would make things less linear, harder, and you would have to actually THINK when playing a game. NPC's will give you hints when talking to NPC's native to the dungeon/temple area. hints will be given, but you have to put in effort.)
The map Doesn't tell you what item yet. but it gives you a hint of what it is (this item is good with long range attacks) and give you a location with an "X" and a small riddle of how to obtain the items when you get there, which includes either fight a mini boss./ guardian, solving a puzzle, Running an errand for exchange. resolving a conflict, and other dilemmas. You will then have to leave the dungeon and make your way across hyrule to the "X" which could be in a forest, on/in a mountain, in a town, or any other place of secrecy where treasure is hidden. after reaching the destination, you will have to commence getting the treasure by whatever the means are that I previously stated. after obtaining the treasure, you return to the temple you left, to further proceed.

Treasure items can be received before starting a dungeon if you wished.
Some dungeons/temples will not provide the treasure map, meaning the treasure map should be somewhere along the way before entering the dungeon, such as in a town, held by a strange character, or special enemy, or obtained in an important side quest.
Some dungeons/temples will not allow access until you receive specific treasure items first in order to get into the dungeon. however, Every dungeon can be completed in any order ( if you're a type of person who finds the treasures without the hints or maps or cheats by looking online for treasure locations) which would be cool if all treasure locations would randomize per new game started. but if you stumble across a hidden item accidentally. then good for you, that makes one dungeon/temple one step easier to complete.

If the new Hyrule will be as large as Aonuma says it would be. then it will make this idea much more awesome in my Opinion. I like games that actually make you work for things and takes time to complete.



jman0625 said:

I want an "open world" feel while not being to sandboxish (made a word DEAL WITH IT) have a little bit of guidance but give it the epic quest feel of OoT and WW



BlackStar9000 said:

@JebbyDeringer So basically, Nintendo should make the next Zelda a HD 3dimensional version inspired by Zelda 2, despite the haters I loved that game, and i think link needs to be more of a powerhouse, add some combos and additional abilities, the parkour system in SS was awesome, i wanna see that fleshed out more, and a level up system sounds fantasic, add some weight add heft to weapons and fights



bitemykite said:

any zelda game they make always turns out brilliant, even if it seems like they are making big, dangerous changes it will still likely be the best game you'll play all year. Please have some faith, it's these kind of comments that slow down innovation and can make a franchise go stale (not that it's even nearly there yet imo)



PinkSpider said:

Do u think the new Zelda for Wii U will look anything close to that Zelda tech demo they originally showed when Wii U was first announced. They made all that fuss it was capable of these amazing graphics and we haven't seen any where near that



Pod said:

He's right, why have a series' legacy constantly be a source on hinderings, rather than a source of inspiration?

Nomatter how much Zelda changes though, the detratactors will still claim that "It's just Zelda again."



andreoni79 said:

Every time I play Dragon's Dogma I think "I want Zelda this way!"
DD just feel realistic, epic and imaginary at the same time. I'd like to know what other DD players think about this.



JimLad said:

@PinkSpider That's what I'm thinking.
Zelda games for me are about exploration first and foremost. I want the world to be big and interesting (not like Skyward Sword). That said the one other thing I don't want them to change is the targeting system combat. I still think it's the best melee comat system there is, and I wish more games would use it. Motion controls I actually liked, not sure if I'd want them in every game though. Touch screen controls (touch to move) I didn't like.
This got me thinking though...
If they want to keep trying new things, why not make a brand new IP?
In a perfect world I'd like to see Zelda (and Star Fox and F-Zero and all the other forgotten franchises) handed over to people that don't mind sticking with tradition. Then Aonuma and Miyamoto and all the other innovators can focus on making they game they want, and maybe we'll get some worthwhile additions to the Smash Brothers roster.



Genesaur said:

I dig Zelda as much as the next Nintendo enthusiast, but I'd really be happy if they not only shook play mechanics of the series up a bit, but also dialed back the number of releases per year. We see a bunch of Zelda titles come out; it's a lot easier for the whole setup to go stale when they come out this much.

I know it's a horse that's been beaten to death, but I'd be much happier to see more franchises utilized, instead of structural changes to one that's already seen an arguably excessive number of near-simultaneous releases.



Araknie said:

I like change, if not it's only gonna be the same game over and over.

Really, that's with NSMBU wasn't great, because it wasn't anything now.
Look at the reaction to SM3DWorld after the last trailer, that's very different.

So do your work Aonuma and bring me my open world Zelda game on the Wii U that i've been waiting since the first on the NES.



DarkNinja9 said:

well the only thing i can complain is not having that feeling of "cool i got a new weapon wonder what it does and how i will use it" from what it seems there trying to do which is now you can buy the items so you will now probably see the item in the store or something

but yeah yeah im complaining i guess but doesnt mean change is bad i am curious how they plan to use the gamepad besides having it for a map



CanisWolfred said:

@Senario Err...I'm pretty sure there's way waaaay more to do in the vast open world of Skyrim than in the vast empty ocean in Wind Waker...seriously, I love both, but if there was one problem with Wind Waker, it's that there was this big ocean and not enough in it. Just saying...I think you could've come up with a better example.



Darb said:

Well when you've been playing the series since the very first game came out, you can see how all these changes have strayed way off from formula. While they're still amazing games, they're decent Zelda games. Of course that's just my opinion, but I would like to see a traditional Zelda again, with an overworld with tons to explore and discover.



Senario said:

@CanisWolfred Well no, I remember that if you were going somewhere new you really had only empty space and monsters to fight through in skyrim. It took so long to get from one place to another and really that was just boring. In wind waker there was always new islands and new things to find in all parts of the ocean from secret items to hidden areas and treasure. You didn't need to take a specific quest to have a reason to explore and more often than not that was a pfoblem with skyrim. I would only explore if prompted by a quest and finding those new areas was tedious. Skyrim in zelda would be terrible because everything in skyrim does not fit zelda. The first person view is not that ideal for the game and the same goes for the quest structure. Add in skyrim things and what reason would you have to play zelda when you could just play skyrim? Following western leads rather than thinking of your own ways to make a game better within your own style just doesn't work. Capcom has already shown this with DMC and RE6 in many peoples eyes.



Emaan said:

I'm happy to see change, but I don't want the Zelda series to completely lose what made up its identity in the process. There needs to be a balance of traditional structure that players love and trying something new.



nfzeta007 said:

@JebbyDeringer I don't think Nintendo milks zelda as much as u think, they milk Mario but i think they try to change their games enough so its not really fair to compare them to other devs. who just pump out stuff with enhancements that could basically be put there with DLC and a slightly diff. story and call it a new game (which even mario has been trying to change recently)

Their effort to change has been more evident recently than anything with their 3 big titles, in Other M they mixed the 2D and 3D, in Mario they started galaxy opening up more types of gameplay to players, in Zelda they tried to mix in the slightly Metroid style of revisiting in dungeons and not only open world, as well as enhancements to items (Skyward Sword), and though its not really 'new' to Zelda they are trying for more free open world (saying this because they haven't really done that in the 3D Zelda as yet)

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