Later this week we'll let you know what we think of Sonic Lost World, the new arrival coming to both Wii U and 3DS in different forms. While we can't share our opinion yet, we will let you know that there seems to be a small day one update for the Wii U version, so make sure you're not one of the minority that doesn't have your system hooked up to the internet.

It doesn't seem to be mandatory, and was just 46MB on our European copy of the game, which nevertheless took around five minutes to download and install on a reasonable — but not super-fast — connection. As with small Wii U day one updates in the past, we'd bet that this is enabling some of the online and Miiverse connectivity for the title, though that is simply logical speculation.

The latest adventure starring the blue blur arrives in Europe this week on 18th October (29th October in North America), and we'll have some features content around the iconic SEGA character to keep you entertained until then.