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Bewitching Adventure Knite & The Ghost Lights Is Confirmed For Wii U eShop Release

Posted by Damien McFerran

"We're really excited about this and have been waiting to announce it"

Knite & The Ghost Lights is one of the most unique looking titles we've seen on Kickstarter yet, and its creators are aiming to release a Wii U port "close to launch".

Developed by Mobot Studios — which is also behind Paper Monsters — the game offers a mixture of "adventure, storytelling, and action" along the same lines as classics such as Metroid and Castlevania, but its most striking asset is its visuals — everything in the game is handcrafted using real-life models which are then digitised to be used in the game.

Wii U support was revealed recently, with the developer stating:

We will support Wii U at Launch. Well... close to it anyways, it's not like there is a magic port button.

We're really excited about this and have been waiting to announce it. As a Nintendo developer, we just wanted to make sure we crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's before we announced anything officially.

We are super pumped about Wii U. We can really see some great potential in the touch screen for tracking and accessing songs and that sort of thing. Not to mention, two of us (Jon and I - James) have been playing nintendo since we were kids in elementary school together. Thats right, original NES Contra no-death-2-player-run. Beat that!

The visual style of the game looks very much like something Tim Burton would dream up, and the setting is equally unique:

The Ghost Lights - also called "ignis fatuus" or "will-o-the-wisp" - are often seen in Mistland and surrounding places at night, especially over bogs, swamps or marshes. These lights are the lost souls of sinners, self-killers, heretics, witches, abandoned babies, and other people who died in the woods. These souls in the form of green fireflies wander without a rest and suffer in despair. But when Knite plays his melodies some of them have a chance to awake from their despair and reborn again as innocent souls. This special ghost piper melody is a key for them to get released from pain and start over.

Of course, as with any crowd-funding project all of this depends on raising the required cash. The Knite & The Ghost Lights Kickstarter campaign has 5 days remaining with around $19,000 of the $35,000 funding goal raised. This is a title we'd personally love to see on Wii U, but what do you think? Will you be laying down some cash to show your support?


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PanurgeJr said:

The art style has me sold; I have no idea what the gameplay will be like. I suppose support the people who support Wii U is a good tiebreaker.



LittleIrves said:

Agree this looks fab. But the headline's a bit deceiving, no? Especially since the Kickstarter is over ten grand away from being successful with five days left. Not quite "confirmed," I'd say. (Readers may be less willing to chip in if they assume it's a done deal.) But I hope it is!



Damo said:

@LittleIrves From what the Kickstarter page suggests, the campaign is to help finish the game. Even if it fails to meet the goal I'm assuming the developer plans to continue production in some way or another.

I could be wrong, however! I hope not.



ACK said:

The old "quick, call in the desperate Wii U owners to boost this floundering Kickstarter" trick...



sinalefa said:

As I said last time, this one seems to ask for at least $35 to have the option to download the Wii U version. I only gave so much to Shantae and No 9



biglee said:

Come on guys, let's show our support! This game looks like one of a kind!



hcfwesker said:

I'm excited about this game, saw it the other day. But I just can't back $35 for a WiiU version when it might not reach the target goal for WiiU, then I'm stuck with a PC version. the stretch goal lists confuse me with the console list. Is there a WiiU stretch goal or is WiiU available from the initial fund goal? If so then I'll donate $35 to get all the goodies & extras.... I just want to be guaranteed a WiiU version if I pledge.



hcfwesker said:

@JustinH I'm just confused by what the 85,000 & 95,000 goals mean then lol. I've pledged my $35 ( I know it'll be cheaper but I am interested in those extras to learn more about this wrold).
Geez ... I'm getting quiet addicted to WiiU kickstarter backing, lately xD



JustinH said:

@hcfwesker Yeah, they decided to do the Wii U port for sure late in the game and haven't done a great job getting the word out or making things clear on the Kickstarter page, probably one of the reasons they aren't funded.

But then hey, do I want a game made by people who are good at running Kickstarters, or do I want a game made by people who are good at making games?



nik1470 said:

The art style is really cool and a nice idea but as others have mentioned the 35 dollar price point is to high for what is essentially a gamble on the gameplay living up to the art style.

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