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100 WiiWare Copies of Retro City Rampage Are Up for Grabs To Celebrate Anniversary

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

And yes, they can be played on a Wii U

Retro City Rampage is one year old, a landmark for Vblank Entertainment's labour of love that parodies and references a boggling amount of '80s and '90s pop culture. It's a full-on, in your face experience, which may explain why it has such a loyal fanbase.

The title isn't done yet, of course, with a 3DS eShop release on the way, but it's Nintendo home console fans that have a chance for a treat in the latest celebration of the game's anniversary. The developer is giving away 100 WiiWare copies of the game — which are playable on the Wii U with the Wii mode — to those based in North America. If you want a chance to win just follow the instructions below.

Step 1.
Become a fan of Retro City Rampage on Facebook
-or- follow @RetroCR on Twitter (Be sure to retweet!)

Step 2.
Sign up for the Newsletter, HERE.

It's that easy! 100 Chances To Win!

You have until Sunday, October 13th, 2013 11:59pm PT to enter.
Winners will be notified by Monday, October 14th, 2013 9:00am PT.
Download codes available only for North America region.

Fear not, Europeans, we'll have a small batch of codes to giveaway over the weekend, so keep your eyes on the Nintendo Life Twitter account. If you want to know what we thought of this one, check out our Retro City Rampage review.


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User Comments (33)



FishieFish said:

Where did you get this many copies?!

Not entering since I don't have a Facebook or Twitter account.



StarDust4Ever said:

I don't use Facebook or Twitter. Nevermind; I downloaded Retro City Rampage on my Wii-U when it first released. Only Wiiware title I downloaded since I transferred my software. I wish it was more like DSi which can be purchased alongside 3DS in the eShop.



Morpheel said:

I haven't received the confirmation email for the newsletter, is that normal?



Ron22 said:

Just to be clear, "Become a Fan" means "Like", right? Because I don't see a "Become a Fan" button.



FJOJR said:

Awesome, hope I win (so the backlog can continue to never go down)



sketchturner said:

I already liked RCR on Facebook and have been signed up for the newsletter for a couple years. However, my concern is that even people who don't have a Wii can like the Facebook page and sign up for the newsletter. So a bunch of PS3/360/PC owners are going to be getting codes for the Wii that are of no use to them. Meanwhile, I really want to win this game!!



chiefeagle02 said:

I just signed up. I was waiting for this to hit the 3DS eShop, but this works too. Good luck everyone!



WiiLovePeace said:

Good luck to everyone, it's a great game I already bought at launch on WiiWare, hope you enjoy if you win!



BulbasaurusRex said:

You know, I have a Facebook account just to participate in contests like this.

I already have the WiiWare version of the game, though, so there's no point in me entering this one.



Obito_Sigma said:

Maybe I'll win. I have a better chance than Nintendo or Microsoft's hardware give-aways where millions of entries clutter the Twitter and Facebook pages.



mr570 said:

Signed up due to this post and guess what... I Actually Won! Thanks Nintendo Life. I wouldn't have known about this contest unless I read this site.

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