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Wii U TVii App Now Allows You to Doodle on "Your Fave Live TV Moments"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


The Wii U is increasingly becoming home to some excellent games, with more on the way, but it does have other tricks up its sleeve. Miiverse is the most commonly used, perhaps, while thoroughly decent web browser and video chat functionality shouldn't be overlooked. If you're in North America there's also TVii, the app that provides an alternative software platform through which to easily view and access the TV services that you have available.

Nintendo has now introduced a new 'Doodle' TV Tag feature — with origins perhaps in similar functionality from Wii U Chat — which will let you choose these tagged moments, scribble on the screen using the GamePad and then post with a message. It's already possible for people using TVii to post messages to Miiverse, Facebook and Twitter, and we fear some iffy illustrated screens may now join text comments.

Wii U owners in Europe are still waiting for TVii, with Nintendo not issuing a meaningful update — namely a release date — since the system launched. If you're in North America let us know whether you use TVii, and whether you plan to experiment with this feature.

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ricklongo said:

I'll go ahead and say the internet browser isn't really what I'd call decent.

Anyway, this seems like a fun feature to have if TVii ever comes to South America. Let the silliness begin.



bezerker99 said:

Alls I know is the Wii U Internet Browser can navigate Photobucket with zero problems. PS3...well, the last I checked it locked up on me everytime when I tried to access that site. Not sure if they've updated since I last tried though.



LittleIrves said:

I stumbled upon this while watching a sports game with TVii this past weekend. But I don't think you can "pause live TV" as the article says... only add doodles to the captured screenshots already in the TV Tag section. If that makes sense.

Kinda neat... but would be better if you could truly draw on the screen, as in Wii U Chat. This only goes on the GamePad and then onto Miiverse.



ricklongo said:

@VoiceOfReason I can't compare it to other consoles, since I don't own them. It doesn't hold a candle to Mozilla Firefox on my PC, though. It lacks very basic stuff like an auto-URL feature, for example. Also, in my experience it's been pretty slow.



Kaabiitorori said:

While it's not one of the biggest things I am hyping for on the Wii U, I still am wondering when are we gonna get Nintendo TVii in Europe. Still marked for a 2013 release?



ricklongo said:

@VoiceOfReason Well, thing is... on PC browsers, the auto-URL isn't anywhere. It just happens seamlessly as you type the URL, as it should be, in my opinion.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@ricklongo I suppose YMMV. For me, it's actually the fastest browser in the house generally. It's a very close second to my PC and far ahead of PS3 and 360.

... As far as the article, doodling is nice and all, but I want that TiVo/DVR integration they have been promising... Any news on that?



Marshi said:

I think nintendo is just hoping us europeans will forget the existance of tvii...



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Marshi I'd wager most Americans had forgotten about TVii for the most part. Granted we have it, (which is better than nothing) but they still haven't delivered everything they promised, namely DVR functions.



sinalefa said:


Agreed. The PS3 browser is a nightmare to use, when I had to look up a guide for a Wii game, I'd rather go to another room and get the 3DS instead of using the PS3 sitting next to my Wii.

Although I admit I have seldom used the one on the Wii U.



b23cdq said:

TVii? What's that?
Oh, you mean that app I don't have because I live the wrong place.



Neram said:

The TVii app needs a lot of work. It's so clunky and unresponsive. It feels like beta software or something.



tsm7 said:

I discovered this while watching Breaking Bad on Sunday. Fair warning: it's uploaded instantly when you're done.



rjejr said:

Ill have to try this out b/c I dont understand what anybody is talking about.

I dont use the TVii app to much to watch tv, I only get about 10 channels, but I do use it as a remote for power, volume and input switching. Its such a simple thing - I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" in part due to the IR port but it doesnt really work at all - and its a nice addition.

The Wii U web browser is ok, better than PS3 by quite a bit, especially when it comes to integration, but I prefer Tab 2, waaay better for that. FYI I use Dolphin.



DarkEdi said:

It isn´t NorthAmerica, It is only USA. In Mexico we want that service too.



Cyberbotv2 said:

The TVii doesn't work for me. For some reason the Wii U does not recognize my RCN cable box. I thought Nintendo would have updated this by now. Oh well.



CrissCross87 said:

I don't have a Wii U, but does does TVii have Miiverse? sounds like a good funny opportunity for doodle captions



moomoo said:

TVii is pretty bad, in my opinion. It's just sooooo slow. It feels like it's in Beta.



mercurio2054 said:

tvii for me is great, it need soome work.
and for me the web browser its better, light, fast and can be used without close your game.
like any software can be improved.



DarkNinja9 said:

even though it seems like a small new thing i think its pretty interesting idea to have it brings more attention or fun to what your already watching



SCAR said:

It probably is in beta. This feature showing up out of nowhere kind of makes it seem that way, as well as not working as well as it could...
Perhaps the upcoming TiVo integration will allow you to record the live TV, then doodle on whatever picure you want from your account or whatever.
I'm sure it will get better as time goes.



Tuturoopa said:

My friend and I had way more fun than I expected drawing on the screenshots from the shows, It was freaking hilarious to draw on some shows



theperson said:

i don't see why we have the icon without the actual feature, thats what gets me. i probably wouldnt use it



GiftedGimp said:

@taffy @Cohort @Marshi @Luffymcduck @madness The official line when asked about EU Nintendo TV 'We are working to bring a similar Nintendo TVii service to Europe however we have nothing to announce at the current time.'
M$ had lengthy delays bringing thier media services to EU, With so many countries, licensing laws etc its a much longer and harder process to do in EU than North America.
Its still down as 2013 on Nintendo's website though so we'll see.



SetupDisk said:

YES! I almost never use my PC anymore. I browse all the time on my Wii U. I can browse when I first get up without getting out of bed like I am now or watch videos on my big screen tv. The browser is excellent and just as fast as my PC. Plus it doesn't open up to a bunch of ads and a giant slow error filled mess like on my PS3.



Mytoemytoe said:

TVii tag confuses me so much.

Who is capturing these screen-shots? Does Nintendo pay a few employees to watch TV? Can I be that employee?

That said, I could see it being fun.. if there were a lot more users. There aren't a lot of users. And there aren't a lot of sports fans with Wii U, which would be the way to really make it fun.



Mytoemytoe said:

And yeah, TVii is slow just like all the other Nintendo apps. And if you haven't noticed, Nintendo has been lagging behind, both literally and figuratively, in terms of their internet capabilities for years. Unfortunately, you buy Nintendo consoles for the great Nintendo first party games and not much else these days. It's questionable if it's worth it but I'm a loyalist.



Dogpigfish said:

I use the sports stats on the pad and watch ball games. It is actually quite good and gives you stats and pitch boxes, pretty comparative to the iPad version. Problem is that I'm watching MLB on an app on my ps3 because spending wads of cash for cable tv is dumb. The two systems love each other.



element187 said:

@JQuest I'll be honest, i rarely use it. I only open it up when watching sports so I can trash talk fans of the opposing team.. other than I don't think theres much meat there. But the guide is super easy and interactive enough that it works faster than the guide on my cable box,, so there is that.



tripunktoj said:

@DarkEdi Im sure the article meant to include Canada with that term, but yes, Im also living in Mexico with no TVii on my WiiU and Id love to have that service available.



jmularczyk said:

I love the web browser. it makes a tv web browser finally usable in the same way that the iphone and android did for phones. sure there were web browsers for phones before iphone and android but they were so bad they were unusable. same with all tv web browsers before wii u. I tried a bunch of them and they all fell short in speed and capabilities. I wouldn't say that the browser is as good as a pc but it's finally usable. I love playing web videos (short clips from YouTube or mlb) for an audience at the house and I love that I can search for the next clip on the gamepad while a video is playing with no lag on the big screen. someone earlier mentioned that there weren't enough bookmarks. there has to be at least 50. that's plenty for me. great job on the wii u Nintendo, you finally turned me into a fanboy!



Laxeybobby said:

TVii is unlikely to ever see the shores of Europe due to the way the Wii U is decaying in our regions. Why would Nintendo throw more money down the drain by spending licensing money on an app for a system that have all but given up with. Lets face it we don't even see any advertising for the Wii U any more on TV, and the high street stores have reduced or removed the Wii U shelf space in favor of advertising consoles yet to be released!



GamerJunkie said:

I might try this while watching football.

I have not turned my Wii U on in over a month.... I need to try something on it already, its just sitting there and makes me mad each time I look at it.

Theres not 1 game on it that can pull me away from things like Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, CS: GO, Hearthstone, Elder Scrolls Online, DOTA 2, and the other games that have me busy.

Now my PS4 is almost ready to go, so I'm wondering what will Wii u ever have to make me want to play it again........ can't wait for Mario kart, zelda, new mario and things that will actually excite me and make the console useful.

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