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Weirdness: Watch Nearly 1000 Mario Players All At Once

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Super Mario Boy

For those that have played Super Meat Boy, which unfortunately never made it to a Nintendo system, a highlight can be the replay that follows every completed level — all of your attempts are shown at once. If you can imagine that with a Super Mario Bros. level, but with 974 players on display, then you can imagine what's coming.

Put together during Gamescom in August and posted earlier this month, this technically involves an unofficial version of the iconic NES platformer, but it looks so terrific that we can't help but post it. Players tackled the 'Time Trial' level separately before the footage of all runs was eventually stitched together.

Perhaps not an 'official' Mario game, but we'll live with that to enjoy what is a good example of the fun that can be had at expos, especially as gamers celebrate one of the industry's most treasured retro titles.

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Jstar269 said:

I was crying of laughter seeing all the people just ''die''. (Ok, I wasn't ''crying'' of laughter.)



NintyMan said:

Out of place SMB2 music aside, this is pretty neat. Funny how Bowser acted like a fly trap toward the end. I imagine the virtual underground of that level was full of 8-bit Mario bodies.



Marakuto said:

Now imagine if this video had the sound effects, our ears would not handle the sheer awesomeness of this.



Gioku said:

I love things like this! It reminds me a lot of this video:
10,000 players driving on the same track!



odd69 said:

Thanks team meat for the promise of a wiiware release, but i see how far that went. We could have gotten a scaled down version. no one cared we just wanted it for wiiware that you guys promised. team meat has given me a rotten taste in my mouth,they could have did it dont care what anyone says and shows me how "great" these indie devs can be sometimes. I really wanted it for the wii i was so disapointed when i heard it got canceled



Jaz007 said:

@odd69 Sometimes games have to be cancelled for business reasons, money runs games. I don't think anyone is responsible to release a game on platform they said they would if they can't for monetary reasons.



StarDust4Ever said:

One of the areas had an option to do a 5 bricks high jump, or sidestep left onto an extra. In the beginning, nearly all of the marios took the faster 5-high leap, but towards the end, most of the marios were taking the left route. Then it seems there were a couple marios simply stopping to smell the flowers along the way. Too funny. I would compare it to ants, but ants travel with a certain flow to their movements. The individual Marios are much more chaotic.



odd69 said:


I think they gave up on it because of the size limitations because of wiiware at the time. They couldn't cram everything they wanted us fans to have like the extra worlds and the such ,so they just decided to stop work on it. It was very well in development at the time they decided to cancel it for Wiiware.But hey i was thinking, The WiiU Eshop would be perfect and large enough to put Super Meat Boy on it. I wish that would happen i would buy it up in a heart beat. But atleast there is the PC version(i dont own the 360)



Shambo said:

Hilarious! But I couldn't uelp but feel sorry for dear Bowser. An army of plumbers assaulting your home to stomp you and steal your 'wife'... Luckily for the wife, she was in another castle.



aaronsullivan said:

Fun. Reminds me of Mos Speedrun and others like it but it's fun to see it all at once in one big long stage.



McGruber said:

That was cool. You can see the difference between the experts, the casual, and the absolutely terrible lol

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