Hey, 3DS gamers! Do you want to look particularly silly when playing your handheld device in public? Have you always looked at that pesky touchscreen and thought, darn, I wish I had an adhesive stick-on D-Pad for that non-button area? Then step right up, for the "Anywhere Buttons"! Order now, preferably without actually thinking the purchase through properly, to avoid disappointment!

Perhaps that's how an advert for these add-on buttons would go, except it'd be in Japanese. GameTech is the company from The Land of the Rising Sun that's producing these peripherals, if we can call them that, and as you can see they literally stick to a touch screen to apply additional physical controls. Except in the case of 3DS, they don't, as games on the system don't actually use a virtual d-Pad, aside from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Frankly, we'd rather haul the Circle Pad Pro XL around with us.

These buttons will apparently work on the 3DS, 3DS XL, Wii U GamePad and Sony's PS Vita — or anything with a touch screen, actually. The trouble is that these systems either have no use for them (3DS) or don't need them (GamePad and Vita); if you stick these things on a phone meanwhile, then you clearly need to pick up a gaming device with proper physical controls.

It's a crazy, crazy world.

[via kotaku.com]