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Weirdness: There's a Game of Thrones 8-Bit Game

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Watch out, HBO

For those that aren't actually aware, Game of Thrones was around long before it arrived as a big-budget behemoth on TV; the original book was called A Game of Thrones and was book one in the series titled A Song of Ice and Fire, which is still going — hats off to you, George R. R. Martin.

There's no doubt that the TV series has taken the franchise to a whole new level, however, gaining a sizeable following of loyal fans. Some of those fans may show their appreciation by producing artwork based on the series, or a meme, or perhaps just visit dedicated forums. Other fans make 8-bit video games, just because they want to.

Spanish game designer Abel Alves has produced an 8-bit action platformer with characters and scenes from the TV show, which is available for free on PC. It's actually been available for nearly a month, so has clearly been left alone by lawyers, which is nice.

You can check out the trailer below, with this one reminding us of some sketchy — to be fair, this is a free effort from an enthusiast — NES games. Make sure you watch right to the end, as there's a peculiar little reference in the final seconds; a scene we never thought we'd see in 8-bit form.

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SwerdMurd said:

not too shabby! Still will never understand why these 8 bit tribute games employ such atrocious bizarre-floaty jump physics. Not a fan of squares-only, game gear-style 8bit audio either... Great effort for a tribute though



SwerdMurd said:

there's also the fact that it's not 8 bit in any sense of the definition, but we won't get into that again...



Einherjar said:

Im glad that im not the only person who gets slightly irritated by the fact that people call everything that uses spriteart in any shape or form "8bit" nowadays
All these new age hipster geek / nerd kids making "8bit" games that wouldnt even run on a 16bit mashine



DavidH said:

Only took five days for you to mention this "game". Suggest you get your news from Eurogamer rather than Destructoid in the future.



Captain_Gonru said:

Oh yeah. I love that episode where the unrecognizable blondish person is throwing fireballs. And the one where Jon Snow has to jump between ice platforms.
Seriously though, how do you do an "old school" game for this series and not go with Tactical/Strategy? "Romance of the Seven Kingdoms", anyone?



Trikeboy said:

@Captain_Gonru Do you not remember how tie in games used to work? For example, The Addams Family game had you running around the house dodging birds and monsters while trying to rescue your family. That wasn't in the movie, show or comic.



SwerdMurd said:

^ IDK man... The Men in Black gameboy color game had Will Smith awkwardly mis-aiming at flying satelites and dying repeatedly. That's kinda what Men in Black 2 did at the box office.



TheGZeus said:

To be pedantic (which is my natural state, really): It's not 8-bit. It's low-res pixel art.
Bit depth has nothing to do with resolution, other than memory limitations, which... let's not get too far into computer science, but suffice to say that when someone calls 32/64-bit software "8-bit" my stomach turns and I will never respect them as programmers.



Spooky said:

I was going to bring up the colour depth too, the NES had quite a resticted pallet. Personally I would say it looks closer to a master system game. I wonder how long before it gets pulled off by HBO?



Araknie said:

It wouldn't even run on the SNES, not an actual cartridge, and they call this 8-bit?

Why, because has a bitsy music?

They should play some NES games, like Zelda and Totall Recall, SMB3.

This is GBA material.



Magrane said:

When I saw the color palette, as one mentioned above, it looked like a Turbo-Grafx 16 game. You know: a 16-bit system that's not really a 16-bit system because it has dual 8-bit processors? The NEC/Hudson system was to me a more colorful and slightly stronger NES system.

Sure enough, the Keith Courage reference in the last few seconds of the video sealed the deal least I think it's Keith Courage!

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