Late last week WayForward began a countdown to a Kickstarter project, prompting fans to speculate on what it could be. Perhaps unsurprisingly it's for a new title in one of its most adored original IPs — Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. If funded it'll be a multi-platform HD adventure for the character, with the Wii U listed.

Led by the company's Matt Bozon, its main goal of $400,000 will deliver an opening stage and boss, three chapters and a big conclusion; stretch goals beginning at $600,000 could potentially add additional chapters. The usual re-traversal will be included, as returning to previous chapters with new abilities will provide accessibility to fresh areas. In explaining the choice to use crowdfunding, the studio explains that it wants to "create a large-scale multi-console game that's well beyond our usual self-publishing budgets".

The cheapest pledge that will secure a copy of the game is $15, though there is an "early adopter" option limited to 1000 backers that offers the same deal for $12; these are disappearing fast. You can check it all out on the official Kickstarter page; the target release window given is October 2014.

So, are you excited for this? Check out the video below and let us know what you think.