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Video: Winged Pikmin Gatecrashes Red Bull Flugtag 2013

Posted by Damien McFerran

No blue Pikmin were harmed in this publicity stunt

Did you know that Nintendo of Canada constructed a Winged Pink Pikmin for Red Bull's Flugtag event in Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada this year? No? Well now you do — and what's more, you can view the flight trajectory of said Pikmin in the video below.

Needless to say, the real-world version didn't fly quite as well as the Pikmin 3 character which inspired it, but at least Nintendo of Canada had the foresight to have Blue Pikmin doing the pushing — they're invulnerable to water. Phew!

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Gregor said:

Too bad it wasn't a blue pikmin, or else the rider would have at least survived.



sinalefa said:

What a dumb video, hahaha.

And that is something that I hate about Winged Pikmin. You throw them at water and they just dive to their deaths, instead of being smart enough to avoid it.



gefflt said:

I was there! And it was pretty funny how from the 25 or so teams, only 4-6 didn't fail miserably...

The last ones to go rode a blue Yoshi (referencing the flying Blue Yoshi from Super Mario World)!

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