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Video: Watch Two People Unbox The Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle

Posted by Damien McFerran

Their faces are beaming!

The release of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is upon us, and to mark the occasion Nintendo has launched a limited edition bundle which includes a digital copy of the game, a digital version of Dark Horse's Hyrule Historia book and a fancy GamePad with Zelda-style detailing.

To be honest, only the GamePad is of any interest here — slips of paper with download codes on don't really make for exciting unboxing videos — but at least the box is nice. Have you invested in this bundle yet?

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Bones00 said:

Why yes I have invested in this bundle and couldn't agree more. It's disappointing to have so much digital content included but I did already own Hyrule Hystoria. If I had acted faster, I would have tried to get the limited edition of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Limited Edition but apparently it's completely sold out from Gamestop.



RedYoshi999 said:

Thanks for rubbing it in my face Nintendo. Next time try releasing your bundles in Australia.



deusy said:

Is it "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD" or just "The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD"? Because the title is different to what's in the article.



ungibbed said:

Is there any other way to get the book that you can read on the Game Pad? I couldn't justify buying a second Wii U console especially when I have so much download content tied to my existing system.

The limited edition Game Pad is neat but seems a bit not-so-limited when the console itself is a plain 32GB black unit. Would have been nice to have the theme continue gold details on the system itself.

The extra mile on limited editions was my limited edition Legend Of Zelda 3DS which carried the black & gold details all around the handheld down to the metal piece surrounding the card slot and even the details underneath the system. Coming with a physical copy of LoZ: OOT 3D was a great bonus as well.

I'd love a Metroid themed Wii U with 64GB of storage down the road. Do you hear me Nintendo? I'd love to see a understated creative look to it like the LoZ Wii U, just not overboard as many of the game themed Xbox 360 units. Looking for that "Metroid" look and feel to it all without going overboard.



Shambo said:

If it came with the boxed limited edition of the game, buying a second Wii U would've been a no-brainer. I have the book, but having it for the gamepad would be nice. The gamepad could just be synchronized with my current Wii U, or put on display on my LoZ shelf.

But instead, I preordered the limited edition of the game. Twice, due to some awkward situation.



Flash-Jordan said:

Got it for 227 pounds! I dont mind about the digital tging too much as i already have the limited edition gc version



MAB said:

I'm saving all my Club Nintendo points (6000 atm) for the inevitable release of the Golden Game Pad or as I will refer to it, the GGP



DinsFire said:

Hi everyone! Long time NL reader, first time contributor.

Anyways, already owning a Wii U I still picked this up as it's beautiful (and far better in person - the video doesn't do it justice) and all the downloadable content is a bonus considering the price. Not to mention you get the game a couple weeks early if you're in NA (Sorry EU, not sure if you shared this timing or not). I actually just synced up the new pad to my existing system and then sold my old pad with the new hardware on a discount to a friend.

Oh and if you are on the fence and not quite sure if you want to pick up this re-release then read the NL review and just know that this is THE version to play (coming from a borderline LoZ fanatic with every game haha).



Platypus101 said:

@DinsFire thank you, for what simply is the best answer to my dilemma (I want a Digital copy of Hyrule Historia) and the fancy game pad, AND upgradig a friend from Wii to Wii U!



PinkSpider said:

What annoys me about these Special Edition consoles is that early adopters always lose out, unless your rich there's no way you have the money to buy another console. Because you can't trade your old console in for it because you have to transfer all your sh*t to the new console.
Stoopid Nintendo



SphericalCrusher said:

I would absolutely love to have this, although #1, I was a day one WiiU buyer and #2, I want the hard copy of Wind Waker HD (with Ganondorf figure)... I also have physical copy of hyrule historia, but the digital copy would be cool. Maybe in the future, if it's not too high, I'll grab a second WiiU.



Xlll said:

Why yes I did grab this bundle, was just saving up for a regular wiiu then this popped up on ma radar, just as i finally got funds:D Never played the original windwaker, so I'm psyched!



efaulk84 said:

Can you put the Hyrule Historia on an e-reader or is it tied to the Wii U? My bundle should be coming next week. I think it would be cool to have that book on my iPhone.



OptometristLime said:

Why do you have to download the game; seriously it couldn't come preinstalled?

There may be some Club Nintendo angle I'm missing here, idk.



aaronsullivan said:

Game wasn't probably due and finished until close to September 20th while the console has to have been in production for a long time to have enough to sell all at once.

That's also why the retail copy of the game will take a bit longer. You can't burn all those discs until you have the game data and then it takes time to manufacture.

A simple upload and registration is all it takes for the digital copy, that just takes a couple hours max and then it can distribute to the world.



aaronsullivan said:

Love hearing about people who have never played. That's the best thing about an HD remake like this. Sure it may not be worth it to some of us who have played the game through a few times, but it's like a brand new Zelda game to many people.

Heck, even a lot of old-enough Zelda fans skipped this one when it was released because of the visual letdown.

Anyway, I'm happy to buy it again. ^_^



rjejr said:

Not picking it up, my Wii U is only 6 weeks old, but I was sitll very excited to see all the Wii U ads today. Best Buy even had the picture twice, back page and inside, and Target even used a photo of the Wii U this time. TRU had the top half of the back page and a B1G1 sale - lame game selection though; and Target had B2G1 on ALL Wii U games - too bad I only still need 2 - W101 and Rayman. Oh, and Target had a big cardboard standut i the store for WW HD bundle.

Maybe, just maybe, the Wii U isn't doomed after all. (said in How the Grinch Stole Crhristmas narrator voice)



JaxonH said:

You don't have to worry about your content on your current Wii U. You could just sync the Zelda-themed gamepad to your existing Wii U and, voila!



JaxonH said:

Yeah I never played Windwaker before. I remember when it came out, and my younger brother was always upstairs binging on Gamecube and PS2 at the time. He told me "this is the greatest game ever!" and I ended up watching him play for like 6 hours that day. Which led to me watching him play the entirety of Metroid Prime, which led to me buying a Gamecube bundle with Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 Echoes (still one of my favorite games of all time), which led to gaming as a hobby for the first time since I was a kid.

So when I get my physical copy Oct 4, it's going to be a tip of the hat to the good ol' days on the Cube... man I loved the Gamecube. If they announce a Metroid Prime 4 this gen I might just keel over lol



ungibbed said:


The only problem is having to buy another Wii U for the Game Pad. That would make for one expensive Game Pad. I will survive and get the physical copy of the game. I purchased Lego City Undercover and that pretty much ate most the storage I have. 18GB of it.



JaxonH said:

@ungibbed True, but that's why you take your old gamepad and put it with the new console, and sell it for $200 with the game download, or maybe $175 without, just to dump it fast. Then you only spent $100 for new gamepad, or, $125 for new gamepad and digital copy of the game.



ungibbed said:


True, in my area, it's hard to unload a Wii U since most people looking for one would rather trade stuff for it than give me cash. A majority being in their early teens which if they don't get what they want, they pretend they're "coming for me to kick my (you know what)".

Had one spam text a bunch of things that are not forum friendly since I refused to sell him my N64 copy of Bad Fur Day for a whole $20! I decided I was done with Craigslist after dealing with these over privileged brats.

The area I live in is a very well to do town in California. The most things the police do is hand out speeding tickets and haul away shoplifters. So video games are big here in my area even without a GameStop located here. Most of the action is buyIng/selling (or trading) tons of Call Of Duty games and clones of every kind. The other big market here is retro gaming (both systems and games)

I wish Nintendo had a bundle with just the Gamepad, soundtrack CD, and the game that I could just grab directly online from them along with a re-release of Metroid Prime Trilogy and other limited print games. I was lucky to have scored Xenoblade Chronicles but missed the window of opportunity on MPT.

Anyway, back on topic, I may order one of these online and then repackage it with my original Wii U deluxe box and go the eBay route. Sold as "played once, didn't like it" or something like that for a reason I'm selling it.

It would be a true keeper had the console itself have the design on it like the Gamepad, but my other option is possibly finding someone who got the WW bundle and wants to trade or sell their Gamepad for a solid black one. Stranger things have happened.



JaxonH said:

@ungibbed Sometimes I forget we all come from different places and are different ages. Thanks for that glimpse into your life. Speeding and shoplifting huh lol...



element187 said:

There faces are beaming because they work for Nintendo.. Krysta is a great pickup by Nintendo.



Unit_DTH said:

If you really want this stuff on your gamepad or Wii U console, it's pretty easy to get it for it. I worked for the last 7 years doing graphic design for signs and we had a large Roland Printer/Plotter and I made countless people decals and emblems to go on their DSs and Wiis as well as a few for 360 and PS3. It's not hard all you have to do is get the measurements of the console and then find the artwork, then find a sign shop and have them "cut" the design out for you then put it on your console via transfer tape. I have all of my designs for making my Wii U into this same model ready to send to the guy that I trained at my old job. I will post pics of my console and gamepad with all the decals on them when I get them made.



ungibbed said:


You must live a pretty sheltered life. Speeders (sometimes) and shoplifters typically end up in the back of my patrol car. It's called a Job, can you guess what that might be?

Getting bad mouthed and sometimes shot at makes work a bit "interesting" but I'm glad your powers of deduction are as sharp as a plastic butter knife.



Senario said:

@rjejr psst if that buy 2 ger 1 thing is going on still you should give Monster hunter 3 Ultimate on wii u a try. Assuming you dont have it yet. A really great game and was well worth my purchase of the console several times over



rjejr said:

@Senario - Not a big fan of Tri on the Wii. I finally got past the 2nd big boss - the bird maybe? - but too much gardening and leveling up for my liking.

Thinking abut Disney Infinity ($75 on sale for $60), W101 and Rayman Legends but $120 is still $120. I would pick up W101 and Rayman for $60 without hesitation but alas that's not to be.



Senario said:

@rjejr Hmm as you get later in the game you get to the point where making supplies for hunting becomes a non-issue. I actually started getting to the point of not running out of resources pretty early in the game. I would suggest trying different weapons and such. Looking up things on the internet concerning where to find things/how to make things helps a lot as the game isn't meant to hold your hand much. MH4 does this but veteran players are a tiny bit annoyed at the amount of text and tutorials XD.

Personally, I would give it another chance over disney infinity which is a big money sink because of the figures. I didn't play tri all that much myself but 3U was the game I started getting really into the game since it smoothed out the gameplay very well.



Jc333 said:

After several weeks of battling myself i gave in and purchased this bundle, I haven't purchased a nintendo console since the n64 , I can't wait to go pick it up later today!!!!



JaxonH said:

You have some serious issues guy. What are you all flustered up about? I basically said "Thanks for your response" and you start throwing around condescending insults? Either you're a kid, or you're wacked out in the head. No one throws insults for compliments. No rational minded person anyways.



JaxonH said:

Dude, go see a doctor... We had a pleasant discussion, which I ended by saying "thank you for sharing" and you respond with insults? Now you say "put meet kettle"? Are you high or something? Your not even making sense. Let me explain this to you. You made comment. I replied and thanked you for your insight. You respond back all pissed off? For what? For saying thank you? Is thank you an offensive word where you come from? Now you say "pot meet kettle"? Wtf are you talking about man. I'm done with this, you're not right in the head man. Go cuss out your waitress next time she offers you coffee. That's pretty much what you're doing to me. Friekin psycho



Gamersteven said:

one problem with that you have download the game, i rather have the in separate game case with wiiu wind waker console and gamepad, because what i cant set up the wii u online lol i cant play the game, normal deluxe/premiere edition without wind waker has nintendo land in its own game case why cant do the same with wiiu wind waker bundle, and lot of my find its hard to get the wii online i sure they find wii u hard to get online to do download it.

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