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Video: Street Fighter Fans, This 25th Anniversary Documentary Is For You

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Get some snacks and a drink

As we've seen with Nintendo in recent years, plenty of major publishers are celebrating major anniversaries that go back to the 8 and 16-bit eras. Capcom is included in this, and has celebrated Mega Man by releasing a load of merchandise and by being upstaged by Keiji Inafune — the latter clearly wasn't part of any plans. One franchise that the company is still supporting, however, is Street Fighter, with Ultra Street Fighter IV coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 next year.

Unfortunately there's no Wii U version of that title in the pipeline at the time of writing, though Virtual Console fans on the system have recently had the chance to pick up three Super NES Street Fighter II titles. This is a franchise that was ever-present in the '90s, dominating attention and sales charts with multiple iterations and editions; the franchises' power was such that it was a huge part of gaming culture at that time.

Its influence arguably waned for a number of years in the late '90 and early noughties, but Street Fighter IV has now spawned multiple releases and put the brand back on the gaming landscape. To celebrate Capcom has released a documentary about the history of the series; clocking in at over an hour, you'll need a comfy seat for this one.

Check it out below.

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Kirk said:

I wanna watch it but it's looong.

Edit: Right, I'm taking the plunge...

Edit 2: Great video!



Shiryu said:

Something to watch over lunch. Also: There is no reason why Capcom should not bring Ultra SFIV to Wii U. Don't they remember SFIV was a lunch title for the 3DS!?



Samwise7 said:

I would suggest having it on while you're doing other stuff tbh. The dude calling himself 'the Balrog of the music industry' with accompanying rap round the 18 min mark is a particularly hilarious highlight.



XxGame_LoverXx said:

Man a Wii U version of Ultra Street Fighter just go back to memories when SF was a huge success on me this look more like opportunity of a life time.....I mean look at the advantage Nintendo took with the 3DS what reason there is to not port it over to the WII U. what's funny about all this is I can see tournaments and everything being set up online and offline that would bring tons of new fans worldwide . IMO I always felt better playing Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct on a Nintendo console because that's where it originally started at....It wasn't no Playstation or X-box round the era when street fighter 1st begin. Nintendo need to do all they can to get this game on the Wii U cause it's tons of fans out there waiting to get there hands on something like this. If were ever so lucky to get Wii U version Ultra Street Fighter IV im definitely gonna get it on Wii U because I already Have Super Street Fighter IV on PS3 but I feel it have different and original feel on the Wii U.



Rafie said:

I have been saying this and I don't mind saying it again. Bring this to the Wii U. I already have the PS3 and 360 versions of it, but I'm sure my Nintendo pals will want to partake in it as well. It's time for folks at Capcom to stop b.s'ing and bring this powerful fighter to a great console. (You know what...what the heck am I doing?! leaves to go complain to Capcom Unity)



Kirk said:

It's a very sad thing that none of the new Street Fighter games are on Nintendo's consoles these days.

A very sad sign of the times.



unrandomsam said:

@Shiryu Maybe if they avoided the gamepad completely. (Don't know if that is possible though). The gamepad has a one frame delay. Some of the moves have a one frame window to be done in.



Zael said:

we have to continue asking for all the street fighetr on wii u, also on mii verse, on the sf channel, they have to bring all the sf to nintendo wii u, no excuse



Bass_X0 said:

Ultra is only a minor DLC update to Super SFIV. Four of the five new characters and the six new backgrounds are being ported from Street Fighter X Tekken. Ultra was only ever intended to be a quick cheap update, not a full sequel like Super was.

Capcom would have to work on porting the whole game to Wii U, which clearly they don't have the resources to do at present. Even if they did have the time, staff and funding spare to do so, I imagine they would rather do something else than a Wii U port.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I think they're idiots for not selling every Street Fighter to Nintendo fans but it would be a bit of a gamble to try it now. Most fans will already have one version of SFIV, I've got it on PS3 and have already played more SSF2 on my Wii U.



Quickman said:

I can actually remember playing a Street Fighter in an arcade during a holiday in spain when I was a kid. Seeing six buttons on an arcade cabinet was pretty crazy back then..



Shiryu said:

@unrandomsam They could use it like on 3DS to pull off moves with a single touch. Mind you, it ruined the online game completely on 3DS because of people abusing that.



Emblem said:

I use to love Street Fighter and the Marvel/SNK vs Capcom series, i use to play at Trocadero on the arcades with pros and still own almost every SF title across all my platforms. However SF4, Street Fighter X Tekken and MVC3 have made me completely lose faith in Capcom for beat em ups.

IMO the magic is gone and i'm not sure if they can get it back. Maybe i'm just getting old as many of my friends love MVC3 and SF4 but i found them very average fighters and would much prefer to play KOF,BlazBleu, DOA (basicly Virtua fighter reskinned) or Persona Vs. I'm hoping SF5 can bring me back into the fold.



Finntendo said:

Every time I sneeze, instead of tradiotional "achiii" I go "hadoken" Now I do it without thinking.. (which is fun at public places)

But yes..some kind of SF for Wii U



Bass_X0 said:

Emblem clearly ranks himself above the likes of world famous SFIV player Daigo and all those other competitive tournament gamers from SRK and Eventhubs.



tanookisuit said:

Capcom is no fan of Nintendo consoles going as far back as the N64. They'll throw one or two bones, then smoke, false promises and thin air. Be happy SF4 hit the 3DS.



p_rez4prez said:

What is it going to take to get some Saturn and Dreamcast Capcom fighters on the virtual consoles?! I'm talking the Alpha Series, SFIII, X-men: CotA, X-men vs. SF, Marvel Super Heroes vs. SF, Marvel vs. Capcom 1 & 2, Darkstalkers, etc. It would also be great if we could see a bunch of other Saturn and Dreamcast games on the VC, but who knows if that will ever happen? I think that for the most part Nintendo has their heads up their asses in terms of what they are releasing on the Virtual Consoles these days, but that's just my opinion.



Vermithrax said:

I already have SFIV for the 360 but would buy it again for Wii U in. Heart beat if the online was done well. The documentary was pretty interesting too. Glad they talked about Daigo's awesome parry comeback at EVO 04 too. What a moment in pro gaming.

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