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Video: Stan Lee is the Ultimate Super Hero in Upcoming LEGO Marvel Madness

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Best. Character. Ever.

It was announced earlier in the summer that Stan Lee will be playable in the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game. The title is coming to Wii U, 3DS and DS in October, and is sure to be on the wishlists of Marvel and LEGO fans; as a mashup it's full of potential.

Stan Lee's character was confirmed to have various abilities, but a new trailer shows him in action — it turns out he can do anything that the other heroes can do. A character like this is not only extremely useful, but is also pretty darn humourous when embodied by the veteran Marvel man.

Check out the trailer below and let us know which of Lee's abilities is your favourite.

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unrandomsam said:

All the Lego games I have seen on the 3DS have been not high enough quality other than Pirates of the Caribbean. (Stopped bothering looking)



rjejr said:

As a kid growing up in the 70's spending all my time reading Marvel comic books, playing with my Legos (back when they were blocks, not models that come w/ instructions) and watching Sat. morning cartoons, I think it's safe to say this is the game I've been waiting my whole life for. I'm glad it's come out when I have two sons to play it with, who wear Marvel shirts but don't know who all the people are on their shirts (my mom keeps buying them anyway). And it's even better that I don't have to spend $100 or more on toys, just buy the game and play. It's supposed to be on the kids Christmas list but I don't think I can wait that long. Gotta do something over the 4 day Hana-giving weekend, and this seems like the perfect game for it. (Unless Tt makes a giant monsters Lego game starring King Kong, Godzilla, son of Kong, mecha Kong and mecha Godzilla. The Friday after Thanksgiving was always a good day to.)

Excelsior indeed.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I'm gaining more interest in this game - even though the last LEGO game I got was Indiana Jones. I bet Stan Lee is probably the most expensive character in this game.



allav866 said:

Stan @#%*ing Lee starring in a video game... This news alone has made my day!



aaronsullivan said:

Great idea! I'm Lego'd out for awhile with the excellent Lego City: Undercover, but this will be on the radar in the future.

@rjejr You won't HAVE to buy them toys, but those MARVEL LEGO sets are going to look mighty enticing after playing for awhile. You can spend many $100's of dollars collecting those... or not.



ACK said:

There should be an Armin Zola with Jack Kirby in the monitor. He'd be the perfect villain to vanquish this tool. Also an excellent videogame incarnation of The King, himself. (A mad inventor who can mentally project his intelligence into his creations.)

Come on, it's a totally fab idea.



ACK said:

@SonicOfChaos From my perspective, the genesis of Stan Lee's legend was having the foresight to hire Jack Kirby as his illustrator. The cover alone of the 1st Fantastic Four is evidence enough.

I'm pretty sure he was mostly in the right place at the right time. His ideas were sound, but he really needed a dynamo like Kirby to visualize his ideas into a comic. Other people could have been Stan Lee given the oppurtunity, without a doubt. Of Jack Kirby, there will only ever be one.

Kirby was destined from birth to be a comic book legend, but really he longed for the Editor role that Stan Lee occupied before he penned his first comic. Kirby toiled his whole life under the man, scribbling pages at a furious pace yet coveting the relief of editing. Stan Lee always was the man, from day one of Marvel's comic book ascension. Kirby's skills were too great for executives to allow him similar treatment.

I'm not saying Stan Lee isn't deserving of adulation. After all, even though he was fortunate to be in the right place, he did have a plan. But keep in mind that a lot of his legend comes from staying with the same company because they took care of him and boosted his image to outrageous levels. The true craftsmen, like Kirby, were never afforded such security, opportunity, or appreciation.

Even though he was right there at Stan Lee's side as co-creator, it wasn't until after his death that some of Kirby's best work got it's just dues. That includes the work he did for Marvel. Just keep that in mind when buying into Marvel's PR account of history.



GamerZack87 said:

One of my favourite quotes from The Big Bang Theory:
Leonard: Hey. Guess who’s going to be at the comic bookstore on Thursday?
Penny: Um, can you give me a hint?
Leonard: Stan Lee.
Penny: Um, Stanley, Stanley, Stanley Tucci?
Leonard: No, no, Stan Lee.
Penny: Oh, oh, Stan Lee! Cool!
Leonard: You have no idea who he is, do you?
Penny: Of course I do. You’re an important part of my life and I pay attention to the things you are interested in.
Leonard: Good, good, so, who’s Stan Lee?
Penny: Um, he was on Star Trek.
Leonard: Nope.
Penny: Star Wars?
Leonard: No.
Penny: Um, uh, Stan Lee, oh, he was in those goofy kung fu movies you love so much?
Leonard: That’s Bruce Lee.
Penny: Oh. So, is this Bruce Lee’s nerdy brother, Stan?



Spideron said:

@ACK: Have to agree with you, Stan Lee's getting far too much credit for what was almost solely Kirby's work! Won't be getting this BECAUSE of Stan Lee in it!



OGGamer said:

@HawkeyeWii Jack Kirby is who I thought of when I saw thanos in the avengers credits . Without kirby there would be no Darkseid or Thanos arguably two of the greatest villians ever . Long live the king , Jack Kirby .



BulbasaurusRex said:

@bezerker99 Hey, only Musial can be called "Stan the Man!"

Still, I agree that Stan Lee is a legend in his own right, and he still knows how to have fun with the fanbase. The guy's 90 years old, and he still does stuff like cameo in just about every new Marvel production out there, cameo in an episode of "The Big Bang Theory," and go on tour with "Weird Al" Yankovic just to hold the harmonica when Weird Al performs "Ode to a Superhero."



rjejr said:

@aaronsullivan - My kids have a lot of Ninjago sets but didn't like Chima so I think we'll be safe. I am buying the first Lego Smaug my eyes come across. It has to be soon, I feel like I've been waiting forever. And I want to get it before the new movie ruins Smaug, the original cartoon version is my all time favorite dragon.



OGGamer said:

@HawkeyeWii No doubt , I was just using 2 examples that are now becoming a staple in popular culture as a result of the marvel movies and DC' animated features .

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