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Video: Nintendo Reels Out Plenty of PAX Prime Videos

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We'll throw in the latest Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics trailer, too

PAX Prime was a busy event last week, bringing its share of big reveals while also letting gamers go hands on with some major upcoming releases. Nintendo certainly went all out, bringing a substantial range of Wii U and 3DS games to the show, as well as some suitably extravagant props and promotions.

Nintendo of America has celebrated its invasion of the event with a few videos, giving an overall summary and a couple of shorter videos focused on StreetPass fun and the reaction of attendees to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

It's not related to PAX prime, but we've also thrown in the latest trailer for Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games that's been published by Nintendo UK. It's largely the same footage as the E3 trailer — so not really worthy of a full article — but has a couple of extra snippets; Luigi looks particularly awesome while doing the Skeleton event.

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Keep said:

So much games.. makes life here in the middle of the jungle much much easier.. love nintendo!



cookiex said:

I can see why they keep making these olympic-centric games since they sell big time, but qualitywise they're pretty mediocre. If I had to pick one Mario Sports game it would be either Power Tennis for Gamecube or Strikers Charged for Wii, both were really fun.



Fingeldor said:

I can't afford all these games. Never cared much about Olympic Games but this one looks great!



MathRaph said:

I'm surprisingly interested by Olympic Winter Games after this trailer. I'll add that to my "pick it up when it's 20 bucks" list.



rjejr said:

Any info on balance board support in the Olympic game? Seems like a natural fit. I have a Wii snowboarding game and it was actually a lot of fun.



Silent said:

I Im missing something about the HD in Wind Waker. Its like the earlier screenshots loke better than the game footage. I may have to play the original again in order to appreciate new HD remake.



Keep said:

Middle of the jungle somewhere in Africa, where i work.
No malls, no stores, no movie houses, just work and back to camp.
Just as i said, Nintendo games makes life easier here

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