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Video: Here Are Some Reasons to Love Animal Crossing: New Leaf, If You Need Them

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

No mention of silly hats, strangely

Earlier this summer one game seemed to be absolutely everywhere, and it didn't have any controversy or gun fights in sight, unless you count shooting balloons with a slingshot — Animal Crossing: New Leaf. For a good number of us it's probably still quite a distraction, as daily chores and tree shaking can be oddly compulsive.

It's been a commercial success around the world, and Nintendo UK recently confirmed that the title would remain a major part of its promotions for the 3DS and 2DS in the coming months, alongside big-hitting new arrivals such as Pokémon X & Y. The regional team seems to be making good on that plan, having just released a new trailer that's riffing on its "reasons to own a 3DS" line from earlier in the Summer, but this time showing off the cute and charming New Leaf instead.

Check it out below and let us know what you think. Aside from a shortage of humourous hats and outfits it seems to share the message well, and it's reminded us to pop into our towns for a quick visit at Halloween.

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Will-75 said:

This was my first Animal Crossing game and I've become totally addicted to it , such a gaming masterpiece this game is just a great,great game anyone with a 3DS should get a copy of this title I highly recommend it I've played it daily since my first play.



LoZ4life98 said:

This game is magical. All those times we were screaming at Nintendo because they didn't give us a release date are forgiven. It was well worth the wait.



HappyHappyist said:

gahh, this is my first animal crossing, no have no idea how to play it. i've made 3 towns, they were all terrible. the game comes off as an upgrade to farmville, and i regret paying $40 for this, especially since i was forced to download it. not i cant return it.



Marakuto said:

@TheOneHacker How could this possibly be compared to Farmville? They're entirely different in so many levels and don't have that much in common.



PinkSpider said:

A day has not gone by that I have not played this I must have clocked up nearly 300 hours. I'm actually to scared to see how long I have played this. And bare in mind i'm 34



xevious said:

I LOOVE this game! Played it every day since launch and have over 200 hrs of playtime. MAGIC!



PinkSpider said:

@TheOneHacker This is nothing like farmville at all in the fact that its good. How you can have no idea what to do when you basically have your hand held all the way through the first hour of the game is beyond me.
If you find this hard I'm wondering what you find easy



Zach777 said:


The fact that this game is so simple and straightforwardly open ended, allthewhile throwing you completely off just serves to show you that you are a n00b. Also, now is spelled with a 'w', not a 't'. Please return to the land of shooters now... That is all.



Denkou said:

This was my first animal crossing game.... and I honestly don't really care for it.



unrandomsam said:

I think the best one is the first Gamecube one.

I got the Nintendo Selects Wii one as well.

No real interest in this. (Not willing to spend £40 to convince myself I am not interested in it. If a few years from now it is £19.99 I might).



SuperSah said:

I've kind of stopped playing after 270 hours.

I don't feel the motivation to play anymore.



PokeAl said:

AC is truly magical, No stress and always something to do. The leaves in my town are turning colour as we head towards autumn....fabulous.



Rei7 said:

I've played more than 250 hours of Animal Crossing and i'm still loving it. I play a little bit less due to GTA V and Fifa14 but still on a regular basis. I love the game and i'll be playing it until a new one comes out. The same thing happen with Cityfolk so yeah I'm not gonna stop playing New Leaf till a new one comes out



Paintfrog said:

I love Animal Crossing. I got addicted to it when it first came out for the Gamecube. I own all of the games, but the 3DS version is my favorite so far. There is more to do and the online features are great!



Thulfram said:

I played the DS version and now I'm heavily addicted to the new one for 3DS.

@TheOneHacker Not everyone likes every game (not even me). But this isn't exactly a game you try to "win" and the point is to just explore and see how it works. I find it a great way to get away from my hectic daily life.

If you follow a few simple guidelines, you can have a great town. Write letters to the other characters, talk to them, pull weeds, and (with this version), do public projects. I just funded a bridge.

There's a trick to making money. At night, go to the island and catch bugs. They sell very well. I'm averaging 100,000 bells a day without much trouble.

I also like arranging my furniture, just like I did in Ultima Online.

So enjoy it for what it is.



Plucky said:

I played the original gamecube and Wild World, they were good but eventually wore me down to such an extreme that i considered the series to be a lower-tiered one, but NL was refreshingly different, i like the customization and the fact that you're the mayor...even stuff like issuing rules to villagers makes chores like picking weeds or watering flowers nearly non-existent.

I guess my only flaw i have with the game is that everyone is duping stuff, and placing heavy emphasis on trust, where the odds of being scammed is quite high, it's probably easy to break the game open if you're using Turnips or the Holiday Island for beetles to sell off for bells. Though regional holidays is a nice touch.

Plus the game sorta gets thin, once you collect most of the fossils, fish, insects and whatever, the game really doesn't have much to issue for sidecontent besides sidequests like getting the Mannequins, or building the final store.



edhe said:

Definitely an advert for girls.

I'm a bit dissapointed though. When I opened this page, I wasn't expecting to see an advert trailer from Nintendo UK. By it's nature, it's safe and boring.



HappyHappyist said:

@Marakuto @PinkSpider @Zack777
wow! i forgot i wasn't allowed to have an opinion! God forbid i have an opinion that differs from yours! foolish me! seriously guys, i say it's an upgraded version of farmville and everyone acts like i insulted your family or something.

okay, maybe i was a bit vague, so let me elaborate. i said it was like farmville because neither games really have a goal to reach, you're just kind of there, doing it. the "fun" of the game comes from doing things that aren't really "fun", like planting trees, and paying debt, and fishing, and so on. i mean, i'd rather play this than actually do that stuff in real life, but it still shouldn't be called "fun" because it isn't real.

and i never said farmville and animal crossing were the same. farmville is terrible, and i will say that out loud any day, but what makes animal crossing an upgrade is that animal crossing has SOUL. you're generally still doing the same stuff (or at least, similar stuff) in this game as you would in farmville, so it isn't that fun to me still.

and the reason why i find this game so difficult FOR ME, is that i don't know what exactly to do. it takes too long to make any progress in the game (you always need to wait until the next day until you can do something or when something happens), thus i have too much downtime. any activity gets either boring quickly for me (fishing, bug catching, etc.), or i need to wait a day in order to do (stores don't add anything new until the next day). it takes too long to accomplish anything in the game,and the build-up to accomplishing said goal is terribly weak.

any time i try making something pretty, i try to give it a theme (i dont want just random stuff in my house, it needs to look good), but whenever i go shopping in the game, they never have anything that will look good in my house. and actually, the shopping district hardly ever has what i'm looking for to make my town or house look pretty. the reason i have 3 failed towns is because they always end up looking so ugly or being so terrible i cant put up with it. in two towns for example, i planted too many trees, so i can hardly walk anywhere without bumping into a tree, and the trees always hide something behind them. so i cut them down with an axe, and i cant get rid of the trees, and they're still hideous! i can see what they hide, but i still bump into them, so my problems isnt fixed yet!

oh, and @Zach777 , i could go without the name-calling, thank you. and are you really resorting to pointing out a spelling error to make me look like a n00b? that's really sad. and as a matter of fact, i hate shooters. that is all.

and @Thulfram , thank you for being the only person who hasn't attacked me because i dont understand how to play animal crossing. reading your comment made me feel so much better after being attacked by everyone else



HADAA said:

Not sure who "forced" you to download it nor why you would willingly allow to be forced, but here's my suggestion: get an AC buddy to play with, and visit the numerous AC trading boards out there. Think of this as a social game, the interaction part enhances your experience by a hundred fold. Need furniture that suits your theme? Ask someone to order for you. Don't like your exterior? Visit someone's Nook's Homes and copy that. Have junk you don't want? Sell it on a trading board. See how these solve your problem? Try it



Captain_Gonru said:

@TheOneHacker I can see where your issues stem from. So here's a few things to know about the game.
1. It takes time. Animal Crossing isn't a game to be powered through. Rather, you have to let it build. It works better as the game you play when you want a break from another game. Yes, things will be ugly for awhile. Yes, the stores won't have much to sell. But, over time, the shops expand, giving you more products, and thus more options. Give it time.
2. There's no "right" way to play. The game gives you options for what to do at any given time. Some will fish. Others will scavenge the beaches. Some will pick fruit. Mix it up, and see what works best for you.
3. Lastly, stick with it. Nintendo has been great thus far with adding new items. Never a flood, but a few at a time. It really is a fun game once you give it a chance. I've gotten quite a few of my friends playing it, and they all play it a bit differently.
Good luck.



Beechbone said:

I really felt sad when I realized that I missed the last bug-off, and the next is coming June next year. I can easily see myself playing it that long.

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