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Video: Check Out the Full Keiji Inafune PAX Panel, Including Mighty No. 9 Reveal

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The crowd certainly enjoyed it

This past weekend Keiji Inafune confirmed Mighty No. 9, a crowdfunded project that will see the iconic designer — best known for the Mega Man series — team up with a number of former colleagues to deliver a new IP with undoubted conceptual similarities to the Blue Bomber. It was an announcement that likely had fans of the Capcom franchise rather excited, to put it mildly.

The project has already smashed its original target of $900,000, and with 25 days to go it's reached — at the time of writing — $1,712,694; it's steadily making its way to the revised $2.2 million goal that will deliver the game to Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360. The project has also brought in 2 Player Productions to produce video footage of the project and, ultimately, a documentary of how the game came to be. As a starter ahead of what's promised to be weekly content, it's now released footage of the full PAX panel at which Keiji Inafune announced the game — the event was chaired by Jeremy Parish from our colleagues at, while Ben Judd was also in attendance; despite plenty of experience in the business side of the industry (including at Capcom) he's perhaps best known as the voice of Phoenix Wright.

The whole talk is worth watching, but if short on time the Mighty No.9 reveal kicks off at the 26 minute mark.

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uximal said:

Wow,In less than 2 Minutes they had raised about $ 2,000.... I looking forward to this game on Wii U



odd69 said:

So is Mega Man retiring? It sounds to me like they want to put him to sleep, cause mighty #9 looks better than any Mega Man game to boot. So why cant the blue bomber get this treatment?I bet that would be awesome



GeminiSaint said:

The whole video was great, and the reveal was epic.
The live launching of their kickstarter -countdown included- was a nice touch too (even though Inafune seems to have missed the launch button at first, heh).



Gioku said:

@odd69 Well, you know, Inafune doesn't own Mega Man... Capcom does. And Capcom just hasn't done anything with Mega Man recently.

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