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The Harp Twins Strike Again With A Whimsical Mario Medley

Posted by Damien McFerran

The harp-playing duo are in another castle

Long-time fans of Nintendo Life will no doubt recall Camille and Kennerly — better known on YouTube as The Harp Twins — and their spine-tingling rendition of Ballad of the Goddess from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The girls were kind enough to speak to us some time ago, and even recorded a special message for our readers.

Now they're back with another Nintendo-themed composition — this time, it's a medley of Mario marvels played on the electric harp. The audio was done in a single take with no splices, edits, loops, overlays or backtracks. The setting — in case you were wondering — is Bettendorf Castle, Illinois.

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unrandomsam said:

Those pictures look all kinds of wrong.

(Looks like the start of a shock thing like 2 girls one cup.)



MAB said:

I love these awesome babes... According to one of their youtube posts a week ago, not married either



SetupDisk said:

I have had them in my youtube favorites since the first article the site did on them.



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

Amazing how uncivil some people are when they're hiding behind anonymous accounts. I'm not a fan of public profiles (for safety and privacy reasons) but I'm beginning to understand why some communities require them.

Back on topic...

Yup, I too subscribed to their YouTube channel back when NintendoLife first posted about them. They'll arrange just about any music for harp.



x-mas_mii said:

no edits or splices. hmm they can teleport and the camera is so far away that it takes a second for the sound to reach. genious.



Millenia said:

"Long time fans of Nintendo Life will no doubt recall..." That makes me feel pretty great! Also I love the new video by them. I prefer it over the Zelda one.

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