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Talking Point: With Calls for Nintendo to Follow the Crowd, It Faces a Dilemma

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Sony's Vita TV joins the noise of huge releases and lots of consoles

It's been a busy week of opinions on Nintendo, the Wii U and the 3DS. Whether you agree with some, disagree or are simply baffled by it all, it seems that games industry figures are only too happy to queue up and say what Nintendo should be doing to remain a key player in the industry. The viewpoints put forth are often those heard already; Nintendo should publish games on other formats including smartphones, it should cut and run from the Wii U, it should ensure third-party parity in the home console space by matching up, technologically, with the Xbox One and PS3, and so on.

Nintendo's faced calls to evolve or step out of the game on other occasions, of course, no doubt when the GameCube was a struggling third in its generation, before the DS sold all those units and it was considered by some to be gimmicky and underpowered, ditto with the Wii. With the DS and Wii generation Nintendo's concepts won through, but question marks arose again when the 3DS endured a poor start; a drastic price cut and a lot of games later its evolved from a 'doomed' handheld to the saving grace of the company, racking up sales and helping the company to record a profit for the last financial year. In its place on the rack now is the Wii U, which has also endured a disappointing opening period and is relying on a similar bounce-back; the same noises that declared the 3DS dead on arrival are now following the Wii U around, with the slightly extended struggles of the home console to date losing some retailer faith, into the bargain.

Of course, predicting the survival of the 3DS in mid-2011 was full of ifs, buts and maybes, and that's the case now with Wii U. To an extent that applies to those down on the system's prospects, of course, as the marketplace doesn't always pay attention to what writers and web communities think will happen; the priorities of the masses don't always tie in with what enthusiasts think is important. Nintendo as always is seeking to tap into its loyal fanbase while also delivering franchises and experiences clearly suitable for families and those that still love local multiplayer above all. The upcoming lineup has many of the staples and favourites that defined the Wii era, with much emphasis on games with Mario in the title and, we suspect, Wii Fit U.

What Nintendo isn't offering, beyond a few high-profile multi-platform games from Ubisoft and a SEGA exclusive or two, is the must-have platform for major FPS games, a home for the hugely lucrative marketing machine of Grand Theft Auto V — though that's just on PS3 and Xbox 360, to date — or anything from EA. What those exclusions mean is that Nintendo has to go off its own strengths almost exclusively, banking on its own approach, style of content and audience to carve itself a market among the waves of noise from other platforms.

And there's so much noise. It's that noise that has some arguing the case that for Nintendo to forge a long term future it should jump in on these markets and franchises from which its excluded, whatever the cost. The counter-argument is that doing that, joining in with the others to compete on those territories, could be disastrous — surely part of Nintendo's appeal, to its fans, families and its potential audience — is that its design and game philosophies are so different from others. Nintendo's exclusives aren't moody, narrative driven action adventures with first or third-person shooting; they're cornea-burning experiences packed with colour, or party games, or fitness programmes. Give up that identity, and would Nintendo simply lose its only edge?

And then we've had Sony's most recent reveals, to date only confirmed for Japan but likely to arrive worldwide. It's releasing a cheaper Vita model, which may boost the system, and it's showed off a lot of cross-platform and sharing functionality, a key part of the PS4 messaging. Perhaps the most surprising reveal was the PS Vita TV, bringing Sony into the micro-console arena; it'll be rather inexpensive (potentially under $100 without a DualShock controller or memory card) and will play Vita game cards as well as the PSN content available on that platform. In some ways it's a peculiar device, grinding the handheld down into a tiny box that lets you play its games on the TV, and it's tapping into the area of the market that arguably kicked off in earnest with the high-profile but — to our knowledge — not hugely successful Ouya. The Android device promised the chance to play Android games on a TV, and Sony is essentially offering the same with its Vita. How much of a difference Sony's brand can have on the micro-console concept is for anyone to guess.

We feel any declarations of Vita TV being the best idea since sliced bread should be tempered by the unproven nature of the micro console market, while it may cause brand confusion. There are fears that games reliant on touch controls won't be available on the Vita TV, with Eurogamer reporting the absence in the compatibility list of big-hitters such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush. We'd suggest that anyone accusing Nintendo of risky branding that can baffle consumers should consider the same terms for Sony, with store shelves potentially holding PS3, PS4, PS Vita and PS Vita TV side by side, and good odds on some buying the TV box and incompatible Vita games without understanding the difference. Nintendo's had branding issues currently and potentially in the future with Wii U, Wii, 3DS, 2DS, and DSi to name some, but it's clearly not alone. If the 2DS had actually allowed TV play, like the 1DS spoof, we're also unsure of whether it'd be hailed around the web as a bold move or a rather goofy idea.

Time will tell on the fortunes of Nintendo and its many competitors, but with so many products on the marketplace this Holiday season there will be some calls that Nintendo needs to evolve, step away from offering a conventional home console, produce something with greater media power (such as the One and PS4), or simply explore different models and ideas. Perhaps Nintendo needs less expensive, web-based home micro consoles, maybe its market in the pricier console market is largely lost, and it's possible that the 3DS is the last hurrah before the dedicated handheld space is sacrificed — or perhaps Nintendo will succeed carrying on in its own terms.

What we do have, arguably, is one of the most turbulent, unstable periods the games industry has faced in a long time. We're not only being bombarded with multiple platforms, but entirely new business models that are striving to prove themselves as the next big thing. Nintendo's doing its own thing, and it's exceptionally difficult to project whether that will be a policy rewarded in the years to come. There are too many unproven models, alternative markets and products out there to definitively say what's coming next.

Where do you stand in this? Do you think Nintendo needs to consider a fresh approach in the coming years, should it stick to its guns with the Wii U and 3DS in anticipation of proving that those models still work? Is it all too confusing to predict? Sound off in the polls and comments below.

Do you think Nintendo should shake up its console approach? (469 votes)

No, it's fine. Give it time and the existing approaches (Wii U & 3DS) will do well


It's hard to say, but I do think the Wii U will "survive"


Maybe, it's hard to tell with so many systems and ideas floating around


I think so, the Wii U may struggle to make an impact with so many competing products


Definitely, Nintendo needs to revamp its console business urgently


I have no idea


None of the above


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What do you consider to be "the future" in consoles, for Nintendo and others? (418 votes)

The current model, as per the Wii U, will remain the main approach


Always online systems with DRM, like the Xbox One before its u-turns


Inexpensive micro-consoles primarily focused on downloads


Consoles and portables are the same hardware, you just switch between TV and on-the-go


How would I know?


None of the above


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Linkstrikesback said:

I personally expect Nintendo to try and ride out this generation with the wii u (They can't get rid of it this early, that WOULD be a disaster), but there isn't much they can do to reinvigorate the console if this winter season doesn't work.

I then assume they'll do away with having two lines and have only the 3DS follow up but complete with the ability to stream to a tv.



mike_intv said:

By the time you add in a controller and memory — the PS Vita TV is more expensive than a 3DS ($100 plus $40 for controller and $40 for 16GB of memory.).

Everyone is looking at the tech but not looking at the cost.



thanos316 said:

if the wii u doesn't pick up by mid 2014 then ninty should rethink their strategy. maybe they should bring out a new console late 2015 if all looks bleak. the ps vita tv console is not much of a threat. everyone now is bringing out a console, trying different things to see what works best. ninty should never have announced the 2ds which won't get much response in a positive way. nintendo on its next console needs to do more action and less talking.. more games and less gaps in between.



MathRaph said:

@Mytoemytoe Yes it does. Vita only accept specific sony memory cards, and they cost A LOT.

Honestly, I don't think this vita tv thing will have any positive or negative effect for nintendo's business. It's just sony desperately trying to sell its handled and getting foot in the micro console market, just in case.



Emblem said:

First they announce a significant Vita price drop, then 2 weeks later they announce a new model of the Vita with better specs and new colours, then they announce a micro console version of the Vita. I'm not sure if this is good marketing or just shooting themselves in the foot like they did with all the PSP versions they had out years ago.

In any case the microconsole is a good idea if the deliver it well and i'm interested to see where it goes. As far as the next generations of consoles its safe to say Nintendo will be there with something or other, however both Sony and MS may not (In a pure gaming sense) as both are taking significant losses with there gaming divisions. I fully expect MS to create a hybrid pc & console next which i believe they could do very well considering their resources and tech. Sony, could very well skip a generation of home consoles to focus on handhelds then bounce back later.

Alas i cannot see the future so all i can do now is play great games and let someone else worry about the fate of the big three.



SanderEvers said:

I really don't see the point of releasing a Vita TV. Simply because the Vita has a touch screen and a touch pad which are both useless with this Vita TV. Also I really don't want Vita's low resolution games on a TV.

Same is why a 3DS TV connection would be an extremly super bad move to make.



Fingeldor said:

Why would Nintendo dramatically change course when they have a proven track record that spans almost 30 years of gaming? Every generation I hear how horrible Nintendo is, how they're on the edge of becoming extinct and yet, they're still here creating great games. To me, the issue remains marketing. The consumer will gravitate towards great games and new experiences if they know about it. Nintendo has to double their efforts to stand out and not be afraid to say, "We're not another Xbox or Playstation clone, we offer something different." They have nothing to fear and they'd do well to explain what makes their products unique and attractive. They did that with Wii and they couldn't keep it on the shelves. I think they might have put too much stock into putting a new Wii-labeled box on the shelf thinking consumers were just going to buy it.



Mytoemytoe said:

The hybrid portable/home console is the future.

But Nintendo won't go anywhere if they don't find someone to partner with that can improve their OS/Network infrastructure. They are slowly starting to catch up and even innovate (MiiVerse is something worth copying and improving.) but the interface chugs still.



WinterWarm said:

It irritates me how people will say "C'mon, change!" and then be all like "Nintendo's special!".

Nintendo is where it needs to be, they just need to let people know that



SigourneyBeaver said:

Nintendo should keep doing its own thing because a lot of the really big multiplatform games still come to them (COD, AC, Batman, Splinter Cell, NFS etc,) and they have their own amazing titles.



kereke12 said:

I say this all the time Nintendo is very unique in its own way, I do believe that Nintendo needs to step up there game. But Nintendo is Nintendo they always have something up there sleeves.



Caryslan said:

While the Vita TV is the strangest idea I have ever seen, it's about time Sony finally got their act together and tried to put some effort into saving the Vita. I love the 3DS, but I want to see the Vita do well. There is a place in the market for two strong handhelds, and it would further shut up the naysayers who think tablet gaming is the future.

Now Sony, let's get some games on the Vita that people want to play. You'vetaken the first steps with a price drop and a new model. Let's hope both they and Nintendo keep up and prove handheld systems are not dead yet.

By the way, why is everyone bashing Sony for putting out a new model of the Vita? The 3DS is not much older, and it already has three models to its name. So it's fine for Nintendo to put out three separate models of the 3DS, but when Sony puts out a new model that cuts down on costs and shows that they are taking it somewhat seriously, its Sony being stupid and an act of desperation?

Both Nintendo and Sony have a history of putting out new models and hardware revisions. It comes with the Territory with handhelds. It's been that way since the first game boy.



Peach64 said:

I don't really have any problem with what Nintendo is doing with it's consoles. I know what my favourite consoles are, and none of them are because of the hardware, but the games library. My frustration with Nintendo at the moment is the games. There was hardly anything from Nintendo from 2010 onwards, so when they announced the Wii U I assumed they'd have games for launch that they'd been working on for 2 or 3 years, but it's only now, a year after launch that we're seeing the games, and even then, most of them seem rush jobs to boost sales figures. Their two biggest holiday games for Wii U are a port of a 10 year old game, and a follow up to a handheld game (admittedly a brilliant handheld game).

I hope the games help them turn it around, but I have a very real worry that Nintendo doesn't care about the people that have loved their games for nearly 30 years. Their focus today is still the casual market that made the Wii a success, but I honestly believe those people have moved on. Sure, there's a hardcore of Nintendo fans that will lap up whatever they put out, and I just know I'll get replies to this comment from people saying they've been Nintendo fans since the NES and love the Wii U so I must be wrong, but you people are the exception. If all Nintendo fans, heck, even if MOST Nintendo fans were impressed by the Wii U, it wouldn't be struggling to sell 200k units in 3 months.

With every generation, from the NES, the SNES, N64 and Gamecube, less and less people were buying them. Then Wii came along and exploded. It's pretty dangerous to think the Wii took off like that because people love Nintendo. Everyone bought a Wii to play Wii Sports or Wii Fit, but by 2010 most of those non-gamers had put it back in the cupboard or sold it off. You can get 2nd hand Wii consoles for £20 now, that's less than HALF the price of a new Wii U game. Why is it so cheap? Because it's the most traded in console of all time. Nintendo achieved something amazing selling the console to all those non-gamers, but they didn't turn them into gamers. Wii Fit U won't make all those people 'upgrade' from Wii because they don't consider themselves Wii owners anymore. To them, the Wii is a fad from 3 or 4 years ago. Nintendo don't seem to grasp this, and are putting all their efforts into chasing that customer instead of people that bought and loved the Gamecube and N64, and that makes me pretty sad.



Frank90 said:

Nintendo changed and saved the industry with the NES, after atari crushed it.
Needless to say what will happne, Nintendo will change and save the industry again, this time from Apple.



jayclayx said:

@Peach64 Im totally agree with you on everything you have said, nongamers are not interesting on upgrade their old console simply because they are not part of the core gamers who wants to play the sequel of castlevania or mario, "mom wont buy a wii U in order to get a wii fit U"



Retrowire said:

@Peach64 I agree that Nintendo is devoting a bit too much to chasing the customers of the Wii market. But with the Wii U they're trying to catch both fish you know? Problem is, that's really hard, perhaps impossible.

I believe the future is portable/home console hybrids. I also believe that this micro console stuff is going to be something ALL the big names are going to try in this coming year. Microsoft is going to allow you to use your Windows 8 to play ANY game on the Xbox One for an additional fee. (Hey, they're kind of already doing it.) Sony is doing this Vita TV thing, and Nintendo is doing something somewhat similar with the 2DS, by offering a lower cost alternative to an already existing system.

I think the micro console thing will fade though, as people realize that purchasing a cheaper package that doesn't give you the complete experience is kind of lame. That is, unless... Casuals.

Still though, I think the Wii U will be fine, it will be another Gamecube. All this noise surrounding it doesn't matter. When the games come, people will play it, people will buy it. That's it.



rjejr said:

Another niece piece TW.

"In some ways it's a peculiar device"

I don't get the Vita TV. Why not just make Chromecast for the Vita? Yeah, it's cheaper than Vita, but not by much. And it's confusing b/c a lot of people are going to think it's a tv dongle for the Vita like Chromecast anyway. And the consensus seems to be that the Vita doesn't have enough games, just ports, so why make another Vita to play on tv? Oh well, can't be much worse of a failure than PSPgo.

The "new" Vita needs a new name other than "New". Apple already did that with iPad 3. If Sony dumps the old Vita entirely for this one than that's ok, the new 1GB storage is nice for game saves, and it will probably be cheaper to produce. But then why announce a Vita price drop on the old model if it was just going to be discontinued?

The new Vita is a lot nicer looking than 2Dees though. And yes, if 2DS had a tv out via HDMI mini port, and it could b/c the thing is too big and ugly to leave the house, then Nintendo would be ahead of them.

As for the future, all Nintendo handheld systems should have tv out, and the Wii U does not need a follow-up home system. The Wii U is barely a home system as most of the 1st party games would be fine on the 2/3DS family. Home consoles are about cinematic experiences and 5.1 surround sound. Nintendo doesn't make those games. And if they aren't getting games like GTAV or Madden, well just go handheld. I have a Wii U, but if the 3DS had tv out, I probably wouldn't.

I think the biggest news not to hit NL today is the PS4 Feb release date in Japan. And who knows if or when X1 sells there. Wii U got a break this holiday. I don't know if the Japanese are insane about Christmas shopping like the US but the Wii U stands alone for a few more months, w/ good games on the horizon.



mike_intv said:


You are correct on the first point. Honestly, I would not be surprised if Nintendo released some sort of DS/2DS/3DS TV converter.

But you are both right and wrong on the second point. 16GB of data does not cost $40 — unless you are having to buy proprietary Sony Vita memory cards. $37 at Amazon on a price drop.



jayclayx said:

@mike_intv I think the idea of the ds-3ds tv converter is not bad but the problem I can see is that ds and 3ds has really low resolution on screen to be enjoyable on a hd TV, if im not mistaken the vita is already HD



DarkCoolEdge said:

@Emblem Better specs? The downgrade from OLED to LCD doesn't seem to be an improvement (beyond the price drop it allows).

@rjejr I'm sorry but what you say about consoles being for cinematic experiences is "hardcore" bulls***. That "mature" obsesion and the casual market are what is killing the industry as we came to love it. Do you really think that Skyward Sword, both Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, Xenoblade Chronicles and Sin & Punishment, just to name a few, fit better in a handheld than ona TV? It's ridiculous.



shinokami said:

@mike_intv You are not putting into account that most real gamers own a PS3 by default, and at least half of those a vita. For those people, this is super cheap. I personally would get it just to play Persona 4 Golden on my TV



Darknyht said:

@Peach64 In looking into my list of games that I am looking for on Virtual Console and cheaply from Wii, I noticed the following:

Nintendo with the exception of the initial years of NES only typically releases 6 games a year for their console. There were even years where only a single game was published by Nintendo for their own system. By my count, they put out 4 games in the console's first year (which is average for the release year), and they have already released 5 this year with 6 more in the pipe for 2013 (which puts this year on the high end).

Nintendo making games for their system is not the issue, there is only so many games one company can reasonably produce. This is why we are getting remakes. The assets are already there and only need to be updated.

Third parties deciding to make games is the issue. There is very little short of bribery that Nintendo can do to fix the third party issue outside what they already are attempting. The more consoles they get into people's hands, the more games that will be developed for it.



Emblem said:

@DarkCoolEdge Agreed, the screen change was a puzzling choice but the other specs such as battery life etc are all better if only marginally.



JebbyDeringer said:

Why do we even need multiple consoles. I mean the Xboxone/ps4 are so similarly specced and all the money is made on the games anyway. Why not partner and not segment the market (won't happen I know). I honestly have no loyalty to any of them. It's like Microsoft Windows. I don't care about the OS and all it's bloat features, I just want to run my applications. Similarly I don't care about the console, it's about the games. They seem to all have forgotten that.



ChrisHoi said:

I think Nintendo is an entertainment company in the first place. They just focused on videogaming for the last decennia. I think Nintendo should eventually steer away from the high-tech culture and remain at their roots of entertainment; great IP's and creative ways to bring great quality products to its consumers. The form that it takes will be very different from what their 'competitors' ar doing right now. Inventiveness has been Nintendo's strategy troughout history, so they're good at that.
I have full faith in the future of Nintendo whatever it will be, I'm just curious to see where it will lead up to.



IxnayontheCK said:

Ps4 will have better looking games but play virtually the same as last gen. That's boring! Nintendo needs to push creativity AND technology. They struggle to do both at the same time. Wii U and gamepad truly is amazing and inventive but its tarnished by stupid name, bad marketing, and tech that should be stronger. Nintendo are always trying new things which is how gaming should be. That said, give it 5 years, scrap wiiu and come back with a beasty version of it. My opinion tho.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Nintendo just needs to keep being Nintendo but some things have improved with how they're now communicating with the customers directly. That was a big deal for them but I think they're now seeing the benefits of that instead of keeping everything so secretive. At this point, the Wii U probably will become just another Gamecube in terms of sales & I'm ok with that cause there's gonna be killer software for it and what doesn't come to the Wii U I will just play on my PS4.



Discostew said:

My main concern about this PS4 streaming to Vita and this Vita TV is that we have no idea how the latency/lag will interfere with it. I could see games that don't require timing to work fairly well on it, but those that require timing will likely lead to frustration.



element187 said:

@Caryslan The Nintendo 3DS is also succesful.... Meaning they are exploring different demographics to pick up more sales... Sony on the other hand, nobody wants the Vita. Instead of coming up with new packaging for the same system, perhaps they should try to actually sell the first VIta... Sony has been straight up ignoring the device. Hardware options don't see a system, anywhere near as well as FIRST PARTY GAMES do.

If Sony wanted to save the Vita, they are going to have to do an all hands on deck like Nintendo did for the 3DS and force all their studios to make games for it all it once until enough is in the pipeline to last for a few years of monthly releases..... Sony doesn't look like it wants to do that right now, so their handheld will continue to anguish.



wober2 said:

I wonder if nintendo focused more on an online eco system that had more mmo kind of experiences and used servers to alleviate the wiiu's hardware spec short comings, like the xboxone plans todo in the long run with azur.



BossBattles said:

Todays gaming media is horrendous. It is almost always negative and ignorant towards nintendo. Why do they get picked on constantly?
It is a directed effort. It took years, but it has now broken through and changed gaming culture and now young gamers are cynical and clueless about what a console really is and what the hobby is all about.

There is no major issue. Nintendo made mistakes with its marketing of thr wii u, but it doesn't have to be the cause for debate everyday.

All console makers make massive mistakes. Who cares. Games keep being created, and my wii u collection is huge and its been less than a year.



Macarony64 said:

What Sony realy thinks: the 3ds is too strong lets abandon the mobile market and try to fight against the ouya.



element187 said:

@shinokami Your numbers are off. If most gamers own a PS3 (70 million), how is half owning Vita's if the Vita is stuck at 5 million sales?



NinGamer85 said:

I think Vita TV is kind of silly. Sony releasing two products competing for your tv space at the same time, idk. Up-scaled resolution and handheld sized games on a television sounds way less appealing than large HD games on a powerful system. Wii U has some great games coming and even if its sales are lower this generation I'm having fun playing it and so are millions of others.
It seems that in the US at least the "second screen" experience is starting to take off...Even with smart glass or vita Nintendo has the best second screen option with a lower price tag. Wii U is a great piece of hardware with lots of potential and the software is coming. Even ports of older games are great fun to play with the gamepad. It's like having a controller with unlimited buttons that some games let you alter to your liking. I haven't tried the Nvidia shield yet but I think it's going to be hard to match what Nintendo has done with the gamepad being as quick and responsive as it is.



Zael said:

I think nintendo has to revamp its console business to survive in the future but I think also that it will survive this gen because has good cash.
It is also hard to predict a quick changement because if they would release a new console in 2015 (for example) in the mean time sony and microsft would already have a base of millions console sold for this gen (ps4 x1)
So it would be too late the same
they have to think a solution like the gameboy player for gamecube, to allow 3ds games and ds games run on wii u. In this way they can reduce the third parties support problem and revamp the wii u with a wider game library
It can be the response to ps vita tv
For the future it's difficult to say because the next next gen will start in 2020 and for that time the market will be different
I can only suggest to nintendo to support the third parties because story tells us that only one company can't produce a sufficient number of games to satisfy all



NMH-TRI said:


I'm right there with you about the future iterations. I'm sure Nintendo is already at work designing their next console. They've restructured to put their portable/console divisions closer. This could just be for ease of game porting, sharing of ideas/techniques, etc, but I doubt it. I'm eager to see what comes next because I think it'll be something great (though many will still throw words like "gimmick" around) and because Xbox1 and PS4 are in for long lifecycles, I believe Nintendo will turn heads.

The portable will be the controller. Console games will stream within an area to portable. Portable can be played on tv and on the go. The only thing Nintendo needs to iron out is online so it can do wifi streaming. I don't think the tablet/gamepad was a one off.

Console/portable in box. Portable can't play console games without owning a console, but any portable can act as a controller. Ah well, I can dream...



WiiUExposed said:

Nintendo has to have their hard-hitter games ready before the console release. They can't release consoles, have droughts, say "Please understand," and so on this many times. Iwata never learns from his launch mistakes (even though he sure as hell knows how to say "Please understand" due to them).

People say all that matters is the end result, but right now, this IS the end result. Their management needs to get with the times. Not the game devs (for the most part), they're fine. They just need to learn that they should have local AND online multiplayer for certain games (Mario 3D World). The "local is better" isn't an excuse, since if you don't have friends close by, you can't play local at all.

Their upper management lives in this bubble where they say "we don't care about the competition." To an extent, this is noble because they won't do shady business tactics that others will do. It also has big problems because they refuse to do what has been standard since 2005 (unified accounts, unified voice chat system, all in all, the standard online system). Miiverse is definitely a nice thing to have, but it's no replacement for the standard online system.



Doma said:

@BossBattles It's because Nintendo's management are utterly incapable of learning from their mistakes. Marketing is one thing from a long donkey list.



Zael said:

consider that it will cost about 76 dollars and allows remote play.
Also, if you want to play games like YS celceta on tv (when it is a ps vita exclusive)
you can
it isn't a bad idea



DarkKirby said:

The 3DS is not comparable to the Wii U.

The 3DS struggled at the beginning because of a lack of games and poor marketing decisions about 3D "blinding" children, which was capitalized on by the media.

The 3DS currently succeeds because it has many good games, games many would argue, that are better than what the Vita offers. I personally love the 3D effect, although I know there are some who don't get (agree?, understand?) why visual depth would improve a game.

The Wii U struggles because of a lack of games, and a lack of 3rd party support as developers and consumers alike prepare for the release of the PS4 and Xbone, which are likely very superior to the Wii U hardware wise, and intentionally so, neither Sony or Microsoft has a reason to release a new system until Nintendo did, so of course they would make sure to trump it and restore the status quo of Nintendo's home console system being the cheaper and weaker of the choices.



MaverickHunterX said:

The Vita TV really?!
Wasn't the main selling point of the PSVita was to have a "portable PS3 on the go"?

Which begs the question: So why should the average consumer buy this over an actual PS3? Because it sure as hell ain't for the games.



Ferret said:

It's fashionable to rip on Nintendo at the moment. Financially, there isn't a cause for concern with Nintendo, there is cause for concern with Sony and Microsoft's gaming divisions but they don't get ripped on. Go figure.



TruenoGT said:

I think it would help if Nintendo had just one system to focus on, so I hope they combine their console and portable next time around. The 3DS will be due for a successor before Wii U, so perhaps this will cover both home and portable play (via a wireless dock or Vita TV like solution) leaving the Wii U to gradually fade out in a few years if the situation doesn't change.
Since Nintendo restructured their company recently to merge the home/portable teams, it wouldn't surprise me if they're going in that direction long term. If you took the combined libraries across both Nintendo systems, you'd have one hell of a lineup.



starwolfX said:

Sony and MIcrosoft have been working on PS4 and Xboxone for 5-6 years, if not more. Nintendo released Wii U early to get a head start on PS4 and Xbox one (which is the same tactic that they did with the wii). 3rd party aren't working on wii u game because they're preoccupied, the Wii U has a totally different system/CPU/ etc. No one, unless bribed ,would go out of their way to learn a system to make a game that can't sell that well because the console hasn't sold that well. THINK.

The weaker specs just give people a reason not to get it. Somehow nintendo thinks a console with similar specs and online capabilities is selling out but it could just be that if everyone else is doing it, it may just be the best course of action, not just joining the bandwagon. A nintendo console that could play mario and bioshock (or insert 3rd party game) would easily dominate the market (going after the nostalgic and current gamer bases).

Wii U needs new games, not a remastered version of a decade old zelda game with better graphics, different controls, and a hard mode. I think the last full new IP they fathered was pikmin (excluding wii sports and the many other story-less collection of minigames) and that was in the early 2000's.. The moment they release a new metroid, or an actually new zelda, or even a new starfox, that is when the Wii U will turn around.



muchB1663R said:

I can't wait for the next gen console from Nintendo. they recently (a few months ago) merged the portable gaming division with the home console division.

interesting to see what hybrid they develop that the rest will have to catch up to.



jrob23 said:

Don't laugh, but although I like the gamepad, I feel that all the Wii U needed to do was to add HD and improve on the wii motion controls. Make the sensor bar better, tighten up the motions, and introduce more mature themed games with great graphics to entice the 'hardcore' gamers while at the same time updating the look of their first party staples. The motion controllers are great with FPS so why not make a new IP that caters to that segment? Sports games using the Wiimotes can all stand to be improved. The balance board could have been vastly improved to achieve more realism. The problem the Wii had was graphics and lack of games besides all the shovelware. Going to HD and focusing on their strengths could have gone a long way to getting people to update. Kinda how KInect 2.0 is supposed to be such an upgrade, the wii motion plus could be too. I like the gamepad but aside from very niche uses it isn't the same wow factor as the wii motion was playing wii sports.



R_Champ said:


It's politics. Game makers and the more "devoted" fans of these makers coughNeogafcough will push anything and everything to try sling mud at competitors. It's not a new fad, but it's gotten far worse this gen. Heck, E3 in general was Sony fooling everyone on purpose then slinging as much mud as they could at MS.

Really, it comes down to games though. 3DS isn't anywhere near the the powerful as Vita, but it's smoking it. People whined and complained but the games shut them up. IMO Nintendo needs to take all that cash they have in the bank and start buying studios, and now is a perfect time. This gen studios left and right will be going bankrupt as devs costs skyrocket so they should have plenty to choose from. Buy studios, launch a ton of Wii U games, third parties will come slinking back, the internet will go back to whining about other things.



tchaten said:

Nintendo has fantastic products, games and experiences. Their marketing department is where they need to double up on. The products themselves are GREAT. Not enough people know they are still the best in the business.



VeeFlamesNL said:

Hmm.. I like Ninty's approach to their consoles, but can do better. If* Wii U bounces back, and their next console has a hard 1st year, I'd certainly overlook it. Situation is, Ninty can't/shouldn't be stuck doing something like that.
All I'll say now is; I'm aware of Wii U's probs, but I'm optimistic about how things will turn out. Ninty have always been a fine company that brings out quality gaming.
Oh, and one more thing. Iwata shouldn't get out of management at all, despite his 'decisions'. Who knows where the new prez will lead us?

*Or rather, WHEN. I'm totally optimistic!



rjejr said:

@Macarony64 - Because the Wii U currently has slow sales, and with the PS4 coming out it will probably only get slower sales, but with the PS4 not coming out until Feb 2014 in Japan, and the X1 not coming out in Japan for the foreseeable future, it gives the Wii U a chance to become a dominant force in the Japanese home console market. And if it doesn't sell in Japan this winter, all by it's lonesome, then it might really be doomed.



Bass_X0 said:

Wii U needs new games, not a remastered version of a decade old zelda game with better graphics, different controls, and a hard mode.

Wii U is getting new games. But they take time. Remastered versions of old games take far shorter to produce and are good for giving us some product to enjoy while we wait for the actual new games. If they didn't make Wind Waker HD, that doesn't mean we would get a completely new Zelda game in its place.



DarkKirby said:


I highly doubt Sony and Microsoft were working on a new system until Nintendo announced they were, their sales were fine without doing so. I would argue, if Nintendo was not going to release a new system, releasing a new console represented a lot of risk neither company (Sony and Microsoft) was interested in. Nintendo HAD to release their console 1st because the Wii was failing, the PS3 and 360 were not.

I agree if there was a new Zelda game on the Wii U, Wii U sales would skyrocket, but it will be temporary and the Wii U will never see the success it did with the Wii just for being different, as the casual market has long moved on to Smartphone games for cheap, casual games, and they are not coming back.

Even if the Wii U is more successful then it is now due to a exclusive game release long down the line (which personally, I do not think any of the announced games have the potential for, other then maybe Smash), to really be successful would be to be able to play the same big name 3rd party games that are available on the PS4 and XBone at a similar level of graphical and system performance, so people could legitimately choose to only have a Wii U and not be restricted from playing most of the popular big name 3rd party games at their best, which was what happened with the Wii, and is what is happening to the Wii U even before the PS4 and Xbone are released.



ricklongo said:

"surely part of Nintendo's appeal, to its fans, families and its potential audience — is that its design and game philosophies are so different from others"

Does anything else really need to be said on that front? Thank goodness for the charm and personality that keeps me coming back for more Nintendo goodies.

Let Sony and Microsoft duel with their plethora of games-that-look-the-same. That arena doesn't need a third player anyway. Nintendo should know its strenghts, and play accordingly.

It's all about games, people - and first-party games at that. The 3DS is still sorely lacking in 3rd-party support, and look at it now. As long as the games come, this really shouldn't be a discussion.

By the way, here's a very interesting article (mainly about the third-party first-party debacle) I read last night:



TheLilK98 said:

Don't get me wrong, I love my Wii U, but I really don't understand why they made it so weak. The same goes for the Wii. The 3DS is strong enough, and I doubt it's going anywhere. All I know is, if Nintendo bails on the WiiU I'm never buying another system from them again, no matter how much I like them.



NinGamer85 said:

@Zael Idk $76 dollars could buy me a game or two. Maybe more if used, or indie titles. Remote play is only good if you have the regular Vita though, right so add that cost. Handheld systems today are really neat and software is designed to take advantage of it.
@Bass_XO Very true. And remastering an older game really gives them a chance to test the hardware and see what works. Since the story and overall design are already done this team has the opportunity to really push the system and see what it can do and how it can be done better, easier. I could be wrong but I see it like this: New Zelda U team is actually creating, building and guiding the direction of the new title. WWHD team now joins them with a better grasp on the tech to help bring the ideas to the screen. ALBW team has been working on new puzzles and level/dungeon designs. Link's abilities in that game may carry over to the new Zelda game in one way or another. A recent interview with Aonuma makes me think that we're going to see the best elements from the last few games return refined in a new form.



Discostew said:

I haven't read all the comments here, but I don't see Vita TV being all that important. For one, it can't even play all Vita games because of the lack of a touch-screen, touch panel, gyros, etc. Second, unless I'm mistaken, it only supports the DS3 controller, which means PS4 streaming is going to be problematic without a touch panel in the front. It also only outputs at 1080i, so quality will not only be affected by compression of the video stream, but also the resolution itself is going to hit a snag.

It's like they are just throwing things together and calling it a day without really going over whether it could work out.



Macarony64 said:

@rjejr what you wanted is a article that analyses the ps4 date not a news post. Give them time I'm sure they will come up with something also for wiiu to be doom it need at least 2 or 3 years of bad sales.



Macarony64 said:

@rjejr what you wanted is a article that analyses the ps4 date not a news post. Give them time I'm sure they will come up with something also for wiiu to be doom it need at least 2 or 3 years of bad sales.



NinGamer85 said:

@TheLilK98 The Wii U is quite a different beast and specs cannot be directly compared with the other consoles. I agree they should have increased the RAM and VRAM. I think we did see a CPU clock increase with the last major update and may see a little more in the next one. Coding for the system is much different and that's why they have been working on tools to help developers. Seeing games run in 1080p at 60fps makes me believe Iwata when he said it's not underpowered.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I'm pretty sure that Nintendo's going to do fine - I can see them at least going to outsell Microsoft and their stupid decisions.



VeeFlamesNL said:

Sigh... I have to say I'm fed up with all these hate, negativism, trolling and criticism of Ninty. I love gaming in general but it doesn't make sense. Ugh. :‘(



FritzFrapp said:

Nintendo, out of the Big Three, are the ones best positioned to survive precisely because they carve their own path and are careful with their pennies.
They may not 'win the next console race' but they'll surely make money and continue to find new ideas. It's always about the games and if enough people still want to play NIntendo games, they'll continue to make them.
The games I most want to play are invariably on Nintendo systems and I'm smitten with what's arrived on Wii U and 3DS so far. A magic duo rapidly becoming my favourite machines ever.



Will-75 said:

I think the vita tv will be gone before it starts I mean what games are they gonna play this seems stupid to me . I have to say is it just me or does anyone else get tired of hearing what Nintendo should do I'm just saying it is past getting old to read this kinda article .



starwolfX said:


For them ( sony and micro) to start working on next gen right when Wii U was announced is sounds weird. Wii u was announced in 2011 and released in 2012. Sony and Microsoft, in about 2 years, developed brand new systems and software architecture, just out of fear of the Wii U?(which, when it was announced, still could do some of the things ps3/360could do) If they saw better hardware a threat, the GameCube would've outsold the xbox and ps2. That generation proved to them that Nintendo was not an equal rival.

AAA games alone take at 3 years or more of development, so if what your saying is true, some developers were working on games for systems that weren't even on the drawing board yet or what those specs would be. PS4 was started in 2008 and they sought developers opinion in the creation process. It would only help Nintendo if they did the same for after the Wii U, so 3rd parties could hold people over until 1st party games came out, instead of telling people to "Please Understand". It feels like Nintendo just created the console then went to developers after the fact, but unfortunately it hurt them this time around.

If this Fall's Strategy was when the Wii U was 1st released, no one would be bad mouthing Nintendo or questioning its future. The 3ds struggle should have taught them what not to do, but I get a strong feeling that when the successor to the Wii U comes out, we'll be hearing more "Please Understand" when the drought happens again.



belmont said:

The Vita was marketed as a portable PS3 and this will somehow continue since PS4 and Vita will have some more cross buy titles. Also I can play Vita/PSP/PSOne games on the go on my Vita and continue on Vita TV in the house. Also if I play on PS4 or Vita TV and I want to use the TV to watch sports or something I can switch to remote off tv play to continue gaming on Vita. I don't think I will buy a Vita TV soon though since PS4 is my first target. Games that use the touch screen or the touchpad may be patched to work with Vita TV. I have no idea what Microsoft does since I have never touched an X-Box (although I like some of their products like windows 8).

As for Nintendo with the Wii U and 2DS it seems to me that they want to create a console that can function like the PS Vita anytime but if you have a TV you can somehow play its games on the big screen. So I see the industry going to one device for both portable and home entertainment. Tablets and Netbooks already do this with the HDMI ports since newer devices have the power for this.

The problem I personally have with Nintendo is that somehow their games don't appeal to me any more. I almost completely buy second or third party games on their consoles. The last games I got for 3DS were Mirror of Fate, Revelations (regretted buying them since the definite version came only 3-4 months later on PS3) and Layton 5. And I don't think I will buy something more than Layton 6 or jrpg games. My last Wii games were the last big three jrpg games. I have a Wii U but I haven't bought a game yet. Nintendo must see the digital era better. I got Zelda on the Wii VC for example. Why should I buy it AGAIN on the 3DS and Wii U (for off TV play) while I buy Final Fantasy 7 on PS3 and I can play it immediately on PSP and Vita (in which Sony created a brand new emulator)?



Rafie said:

@starwolfX AGREED! Sony and Microsoft definitely didn't start their consoles because the they saw the Wii U as a threat. That's just absurd! It takes years to get that much business and tech to fall in place like that. I don't know why some people on this site thinks everything is a conspiracy against Nintendo. Sheesh!

Don't the other consoles have a right to be innovative as well? This is a step in the right direction for Sony. No one said anything about the many iterations of the DS that has been sold over the years. No? I saw it as another way for gamers to get their gaming on. Same thing here with this Vita TV.

@Caryslan Agreed. I don't know if I will be purchasing the Vita TV right away, but I will give Sony credit for doing something more with the Vita. I love my 3DS and it has proven that it holds its own with the rest of the consoles...not just handhelds. The Vita needs something extra. The games is the main issue. Just like how the Wii U is struggling. It needs games. Nothing wrong with either console.



Senate_Guard said:

Nintendo's not going anywhere. They've proved time and time again with their approach to making consoles, handhelds, and games that they always look for innovation rather than technical specs.

Wii's amazing popularity spawned the Kinect and PS Move, of course those aren't even close to selling as well as Wii did.

Nintendo is always ten steps ahead when it comes to having their games and hardware planned out. If anything, Sony's attempt to sell the New Vita will be their last attempt in the handheld market. I don't see that thing doing well at all, when in the meantime 3DS is still doing great and the 2DS is on the way; providing an alternative for people who've either held out or don't like 3D.

What's the New Vita even aiming for customer-wise?



IceClimbers said:

Wii U will be fine and will be another Gamecube in terms of sales.
I honestly believe that Nintendo's next system will be a handheld/home console hybrid. Looking at the systems from Nintendo over the past fews years seems to point towards this. They released the DS with the new idea of a second screen that is a touch screen, and it was massively successful. 3DS showed that the two screen concept would be the standard. Wii U comes out, and has a controller that takes the two screen experience from DS and 3DS and applies it to a console. Combine that with the fact that Nintendo recently merged their handheld and console divisions, which points towards a handheld/console hybrid.

Nintendo has said that they want to make "next generation hardware that will turn heads." A hybrid that can work right will do exactly that. Having a unified Nintendo Network, unified eShop, and Miiverse will add to that. The question is though, will it be a digital-only platform (except for backwards compatibility with 3DS and Wii U games)?



IceClimbers said:

One thing that scares me right now is the number of platforms that will be on the market. There will be PS3, PS4, Vita, VitaTV, 360, XB1, Wii, Wii U, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, Ouya, Steambox, Nvidia Shield, and several other microconsoles. There's also suggestions that Apple will join the fray. That's a lot of different choices, and consumers are going to be confused about the differences between them all. The last time there was this many choices was right before the 1983 industry crash.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

It's too early to say, I need to see whether Mario Kart and SSb are going to be the saving graces everyone thinks they'll be.



1wiierdguy said:

I hope Nintendo's next handheld and console are one price of hardware. Play on the unit on the go or if at home stream the image to your HD TV. A reverse Wii U if you will.



taffy said:

The only thing Nintendo need to do is release a system with all the features ready at launch.
The Wii didn't have online multiplayer until Battalion Wars 2 and Mario Super Strikers Charged released on it.
The 3DS didn't have the internet browser available for a while and I've gotten fed up of bringing up TVii not being released in Europe (and not fully ready in NTSC either).
Their games are great, but release a complete console Nintendo!



ajcismo said:

I'm seeing Mr.Iwata stepping down as boss man sometime during Wii U's run. Wouldn't be surprised if Reggie gets the axe too because of it. Nintendo then enters the phone market with a partner (like say, Apple) and we get the N-phone. Complete with a tiny Mario hat resting on an apple engraved on the back.
Sounds crazy, I know, and skewer me if you must. I just don't know how long the shareholders are going to hold off the wolves before someone gets tossed to them.



Krzysztof said:

How about, we just wait for MK8, Smash bros and new Zelda and then we'll talk about Nintendo's future. Thanks





People, tech bloggers, treat Apple like the second coming. They're all on board for convergence because it's the "cool" to have one device to everything...even though these all-in-one devices can't possibly do things better than some proprietary devices can. For some reason they believe that because Apple shook up the "archaic" music industry, the "archaic" video game industry is next. And since Nintendo is one of the oldest names in gaming, and have a history of hesitance to adapt to new trends, they are the video game company that Apple fanboys what to see bend their knee.



ruben602 said:




Hong said:

It is not as black and white as analysts make it out to be. The main-stay Nintendo products can remain where they are. That said, I think they could try developing something like Panel de Pon for eShop and other portable devices. Just having the Nintendo name on it would generate a lot of interest.



Rafie said:

@ruben602 Dude tht caps lock on your keyboard must be broken. lol Anyway, the PS4 will have backwards capability through the Gaikai (cloud service). There it will be able to stream PS3/PS2/PX1/PSP games. I'm not sure about the Xbox One. but I'm fairly certain that they are going to or have implemented backwards compatible software through their Azure (cloud service). Both consoles have a completely overhauled specs that prevents them from having backwards compatibility from the jump. At least that's what sources from both camps were chanting a few months ago.

Point its, I know for sure the PS4 will have backwards compatibility through the cloud. I don't care either way. If I want to play PS3 or 360 games, I will play them on their respective systems.



Ginkgo said:

Saying that Nintendo are "fine" is just denial. They are not yet in real trouble, but the current trend is worrying. The Wii-U is just not selling and the 3DS looks set to sell way less than the DS (though it is selling well). The 2DS has certainly not been well received initially, but it is too early to tell. They is an argument that Nintendo are more at risk from iOS and Android than MS or Sony as they cater more to the causal gamer who uses those devices.

Nintendo definitely need to turn this cycle around, or they will find themselves in trouble down the track. How? is the question. What they don't want to do it try and be a 3rd MS or Sony, losing what makes Nintendo unique, that would be suicide. But they do need to find a way to get the Wii-U selling more and more/better games it likely the first step.



Norik said:

The Wii U is just fine as it is. They just need to do a better job at the marketing; the majority of consumers either don't know what it is or STILL think it's an add on for the Wii. A YEAR AFTER RELEASE.



triforcepower73 said:

@IceClimbers But 7 of those consoles are Nintendo's and they get profit no matter which one consumers choose. I don't really consider the DSi, DSi XL, and 3DS XL different consoles anyway. Just different models. And if one console doesn't do well, they can stop shipping it and let the ones that are doing well keep on doing well.



ChimeraKnight said:

I think short-term Nintendo needs to do a few things.

First, kill off the Wii and get the hardware and games, except for the really popular ones that still sell well, off store shelves. This will help prevent some of the current confusion of what exactly the Wii U is and hopefully drive the point that it is an entirely new console.

Second, get the Wii U to one standardized SKU. If they want to offer different colors or have bundles when new games come out, like what they are doing with the WWHD bundle, that's fine. But they need to make all the innards of the consoles the same, to again, avoid consumer confusion.

Third, with the 2DS coming out they should do the same as I suggested with the Wii and kill off the original DS line. I know it's cheaper, but it takes up retailer shelf space and again creates more confusion for consumers who don't keep up on this stuff. Along the same lines they should drop the original 3DS and just have the 2DS and XL. I don't see why anyone would go with the standard 3DS anymore, if you want cheap get a 2DS if you want the clamshell design spring for the XL with the bigger screens.

I just think they need to reduce the different versions of their hardware on offer. Flooding the market with different versions of the same thing isn't a good idea as all of your products are competing for the same dollars. That and get some commercials on TV and advertise to people who aren't avid fans and who don't keep up with things like the Nintendo Directs.



Hetsumani said:

Vita TV is a good product, but it's not a real threat to NIntendo, as long as it's not 1080p.



AtlanteanMan said:

PLEASE NOTE: This is a copy/paste from a post I made on this same topic at

DISCLAIMER: I'm a console gamer who's bought pretty much every console and hundreds of games since the Atari 2600, so this isn't a pro-Nintendo fanboy rant; just a comment meant to add some perspective.

The single biggest mistake Nintendo made with the Wii U was launching it a year ahead of just about all of the first wave of great first-party software. Six months from now after Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and Mario Kart 8 have all been on store shelves, the sense of Wii U's "demise" will already be waning considerably...just in time for next year's E3 announcements and the next big round of games.

Another thing I hear a lot about Nintendo is how their consoles don't offer much beyond their excellent first-party titles. While this is true, what's also telling is how many industry execs and gamers have expressed their desire for Nintendo to go third-party and spread those franchises around (which historically speaking would be a HUGE mistake; just look at Sega since they stopped making consoles. How many once-great franchises from them have we not seen since then?). This would indicate that Nintendo games would be held in the highest value by other console makers and platforms if they could get their hands on them. The truth is, most gamers who can only buy one or two consoles make the choice based upon first-party offerings and not the other way around; major third-party games usually appear everywhere anyway. This is why Nintendo repeatedly defies predictions of their demise generation after generation.

And let's face it, Nintendo's first party franchises differ hugely from Microsoft's or Sony's in that they're generally family friendly and appeal to a much wider (especially age range-approved) audience than the Halos, Killzones, and other FPS and violent gametype flagship franchises out there. That diversity is exactly what other platforms lack, and only Sega ever managed to really duplicate the formula because well, they too are a GAME COMPANY at the core as opposed to an electronics/computer giant who happens to also make videogames.

"But Mario's a kiddie game; I'd never be caught dead playing that," you hear from smug (typically younger) gamers. "All Nintendo makes are kiddie, cartoony games". But while Nintendo titles may have a brighter, less (ahem) brown/gray aesthetic, beneath that cheerful exterior often hide some of the most teeth-gnashingly challenging games on the market. Ever gotten all the possible stars in Super Mario 64? Super Mario Galaxy? Finish Zelda's Water Temples on your own with no help? Try to complete a Fire Emblem game with nobody in your army dying (which is perma-death)? Play these and I guarantee you WILL be caught dead...a LOT. The truth is, most small and even some older children simply don't have the experience or gaming skills to complete many of these titles.

Perception and reality are often two different things. I believe Nintendo's biggest challenge with modern gamers is that these gamers didn't grow up with the NES, SNES, N64 and the Sega consoles that competed against them; their first gaming experience was stepping out of the escape pod onto Halo or racing through real world streets in Gran Turismo. One generation of gamers appreciates genre variety and gameplay first and foremost while the other often equates anything less than HD, borderline lifelike visuals as "not being worth their time"...and sadly recent E3s bear this out based on which franchises see annual sequels and hype every year ad nauseam. Yet no matter where or when you started out in this awesome hobby, you owe it to yourself to at least try every type of game you can; give it an honest chance and see whether you enjoy it. Fanboys blindly back a favorite console, but the serious hobbyist simply loves great GAMES...and those experiences can fortunately be found on every platform. If you really consider yourself a videogame enthusiast and care genuinely about the hobby, you'll root for Nintendo to stick around in the marketplace. Without them, the industry would lose what's left of its way.



Senario said:

@Hetsumani I wouldn't say it is all that good, I personally don't see much point in it. Why do you need a PS vita you can't carry around but play on your big screen. Kinda misses the point of a handheld system. Not only that the other features to me just don't seem all that interesting or useful to warrant an extra 100$ on top of a PS4 cost.



JaxonH said:

Remember the NES? Why did it win out in the console crash of 83? It was a superior device, with superior qualities, that simplified the confusion going around with consumers not knowing which games were compatible on which systems, etc. I love the Wii U- hands down Nintendo's best console ever made. But the time is fast approaching where Nintendo will be faced with a similar challenge, and it will be on them to rise to the occasion. They need to do something to outwit Sony and MS at their own game. Perhaps, a console that solves a problem plagueing current gaming devices, or a console with a solution to a problem we didn't even know was there. Think gamechanging.



Slapshot said:

I'm not even going to vote on those polls with the options that are available.

Nintendo needs to stop trying to compete with Sony and Microsoft and just do its own thing - inexpensive family friendly gaming.

Also, the only place that I continue to see the whole "Nintendo is doomed" rants, outside of comments sections on published articles on other websites, is here at Nintendo Life - that became tiresome six months ago.

With the Vita being a current console and being in the digital age, all it will take a simple patch to the Vita games' controls to become compatible with the Vita TV, if needed. Sony found a way to put dual analogue controls in all of its PSP games on the Vita, so I don't think doing the same for the Vita TV will be too terribly difficult - not to mention that the PS4 controller has a touchpad on it too!



Minny said:


I enjoyed most of that post, but one thing I will counter is that part of the issue in regarding NIntendo really stems from their internal decisions regarding the Gamecube. While the Gamecube was the strongest console, internal decisions made at the time is what hurt the company, and they are feeling that today. Here is a very thorough article that is quite long that describes it in more detail:

The last paragraph you write is spot-on and well said. The issue that most forget is that at the end of the day, all of these companies are in the entertainment industry wanting to make money. I feel that as someone who grew up with the NES as well as movie rental stores, the landscaped has changed drastically. When I was a kid, you could rent a game and have the opportunity to play the heck out of it. This allowed people to play many different genres. Today that is much more difficult without a Gamefly membership. I do feel sorry for younger gamers (under 18) because they don't have financial means to play many games from different genres like I had the opportunity to play. I guess I will always view digital games and digital content to going to an arcade and popping quarters into the machines.



Ferret said:


I agree. They should be buying up as many developers as they can big time. Nintendo will be fine, if the Wii U is not as big of a success then big deal. Nintendo can cope with it financially and the 3DS will keep them profitable in the short term anyway.

If the PS4 doesn't go as well as anticipated then Sony is pretty much out of the console business. The company is in debt up to their eyeballs and they can't afford unprofitable divisions.

Please, can people stop bringing up the new IP crap. Nintendo just launched a fantastic new IP in Wonderful 101. Unless it's a new style of game (ala sandbox minecraft etc.) a new IP doesn't make any difference. You could call it Mario Sandbox and it wouldn't make any difference.

Advertising is half the trouble with Nintendo. They should've licensed the production of a Wonderful 101 cartoon/movie to be made. That would've been some killer advertising. Maybe they'll step up advertising in the lead up to christmas.

All Nintendo really has to do to make the Wii U a success would be to produce a Pokemon rpg for it anyway.



Ferret said:


Hmm, it would be fascinating if Nintendo implemented game rentals in their e-shop. $20 to rent a game for a week.... I'd jump at that.



meltendo said:

I wish Nintendo would listen to us. We would love a new Zelda. We would love a new Metroid. We would love a right analog stick on our 3DS. We would love an account system for downloads not tied down to gadgets. We would love more virtual console ports. Listen to us, Nintendo!



SKYW4LK3R said:

They should at least develop a media player capable of playing Mp3, MP4 and pictures, and a party chat feature similar to Xbox Live. These features have become standard...Even the Wii had a picture app that played mp3s...



Senario said:

@meltendo Zelda U in production right now, Metroid can't help you there (though sadly I can't blame them since metroid is only really popular in the FPS heavy west).

Get a Circle pad Pro, it actually makes the system more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time. Account system in the works, this we already know. They are releasing virtual console ports slowly so they don't run out of virtual console releases right away, besides that they are available on the Wii shop if you don't see it on the Wii U.

@SKYW4LK3R No, they aren't standard. If those are "Standard" then backwards compatibility should be, and clearly it isn't with the PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo is a game company, not a media(general) company. I will say that voice chat is somewhat justified in some series that have online such as Monster Hunter, but beyond that it really isn't all that necessary for a lot of games. If I would go online with MH3U I will just use my computer and skype for voice chat(with irl friends obviously) rather than have a headset that gets a little sweaty after a while.



Jaz007 said:

If Nintendo abandons the Wii U than nobody will trust them with a home console again.They have to ride it out with Wii U for a while or else they will destroy themselves. I'm not sure there is a remedy for third-party support though, If Nintendo is really lucky they will get the odd exclusive. I don't see them getting much that's serious in any third party in the future though. I think third-party only gets worse when the PS4 and One release, I don't think it's ever going to come back either.



AtlanteanMan said:


Thanks for your thoughts. I still have my GameCube and have no plans to get rid of it; it's one of Nintendo's most underrated consoles in my opinion. But it was where Nintendo began experimenting with "Connectivity" and other forced concepts that offered no real practical value to the consumer (especially from a cost standpoint) but instead were centered around milking extra money from players buying a GameBoy Advance (or four) to play titles like Zelda: Four Swords Adventures with. That business model really went off the deep end with the Wii, though; Nintendo made an absurd amount of money from gamers on peripherals and attachments ($40 per Wiimote, $20 per Nunchuk, $20 per Classic Controller, $80 if you wanted a Wii Fit, etc.) because the Wii was deliberately designed that way. There's ALWAYS a business angle.

While I LOVE the Wii U Gamepad's potential for genres previously not really accessible on consoles (like turn-based Strategy hotseat style where other players can't see your moves, only the results on the TV), the fact that it's prohibitively expensive to multiply across two or four players is a definite concern. It forces an asymmetrical interface dynamic, and anyone with kids knows full well what happens when one thinks the other somehow has an "advantage". And speaking of kids, the Gamepad actually hurts the very demographic they're targeting (families with kids) because as a parent I know I'd be afraid of letting a small child handle that gamepad; it's just too expensive, not to mention HUGE for small hands to have to hold, and feels potentially fragile especially with that screen). I also hate how schizophrenic the Wii U's controller scheme is (and again, these guys aren't THAT stupid to overlook it; it's by design); You have to keep (or buy more if you, ahem, had already traded in your original Wii) Wiimotes, Nunchuks, and Classic Controllers to play original Wii titles, and yet the Wii U Classic Controller Pro can't even be used with Super Mario Bros. U (a patch has been released in Japan to remedy this but I haven't heard about a US update yet) and from reports I've read seems to be spotty in its compatibility with other major Wii U games. That's inexcusable and unnecessary, and all designed around consumers having to shell out for every possible extra peripheral (think of it as Nintendo's equivalent of the Online Pass/"Day One DLC" scandals from its competitors).



AtlanteanMan said:

To some other points already mentioned here, stepping back and seeing this from an industry-wide angle is beneficial. Microsoft couldn't sell sushi in Japan right now and Sony is launching the PS4 here in the West before Japan, which won't endear them to their native market I'm sure. This whole topic is really about a Japanese business model (and a videogame-centric one at that) and two global tech giants who also happen to make games, but primarily cater to Western tastes (FPSes, Sports Games, FPSes, third-person hack n' slashers, FPSes, etc.). It's East versus West, and Nintendo could use that schism to their HUGE advantage if only they'd see it.

Consider all the cooperative projects Nintendo has had in recent years with Sega, Namco/Bandai, and other Japanese videogame publishers. Most of these publishers have seen a waning interest in the West because they've tried so hard to "Westernize" their flagship franchises to disastrous results (Final Fantasy and Resident Evil are two examples), and the perception is that the Japanese section of the industry has fallen behind. Even from a game design/genre representation standpoint this conflict has been growing steadily; a visiting Japanese dev remarked at E3 2010 that "You Americans must really enjoy war" with regard to the glut of FPS titles there that year. And guess what; it's only gotten worse since then. Even small localization developers like XSeed can't get their games on Wal-Mart's shelves because giants like EA and Activision have taken steps to keep them out of the picture. More and more Japanese developers have stopped attending E3 altogether; if you read between the lines, there's more than a small amount of animosity brewing.

Meanwhile here in the States, many longtime hobbyists like myself have become frustrated with nothing but annually regurgitated eye candy sequels to the same franchises being hyped every year. Some have written off investing in another round of consoles completely and/or have migrated to Steam where at least they can still find decent genre representation. The perception here is that if the games you want are "niche" instead of "AAA", it's futile to ask for them because the companies aren't listening.

What Nintendo needs to do is take that very "Us versus Them" undercurrent and make use of it. Imagine how the entire balance of power within the industry would shift if Nintendo recruited Sega, Namco/Bandai, Square, Tecmo, SystemSoft Alpha, Capcom, and other Japanese developers not just exclusively but as full partners in a sort of merger. Not only would the Wii U immediately benefit from this combining of forces, but the collective whole would be stronger than any of those companies working alone. Imagine a Smash Bros. game with characters from all these companies, for starters, or a new Shining Force, Skies of Arcadia, or other great Sega franchise we haven't gotten to see since they went third-party. And imagine, hopefully years down the road, the possibilities such a merger would mean for the Wii U's successor. I know I'd buy that console and I'd bet a whole lot of other Western gamers would, too.

Most business decisions are made purely from a practical "Will we make money" standpoint, but others can and should be made by instinct and by having a pulse on the industry's more subtle currents. I don't know whether what I've suggested can or would ever happen, but my feeling is that if it did it would change the entire fortune of the industry and the hobby, and hopefully for the better, with Nintendo and its allies making games the way they did before they tried to compete directly with the Sonys, EAs, Activisions, and Microsofts out there.



mike_intv said:


I will overlook the comment that "real gamers" have to own Sony hardware being made on a Nintendo-based website.

That being said, owning it that may take care of the controller issue — but not the memory issue.

However, since the PS Vita TV is made to stream PS4 games, if I recall correctly, so the relevance of being a PS3 owner here is minimal.

I put the price info out there because it seems like everyone is fixating on the $100 cost — which is more like $180 for someone starting from scratch. Buying a game puts you over $200. The Wii U 32G will soon be $250 with a game.



Einherjar said:

PS Vita TV ? So, the touch based games arent playable (i assume that because you use a standart dual shock 3 controller), whichs leaves you with a game library that is also present on the PS3, which would also double as a BluRay player, comes with a controller, offers a bigger overall library (compared to the ridiculously small Vita one) and doesnt need a ridiculously overpriced memoy card with a max capacity of 32gig.
That whole deal sounds like a WiiMini to me.
Like many of you said already, the roughly 100$ for the unit itselfs isnt worth anything. For the price you need to pay to even get started, you could get a PS3 thats ready out of the box with a free PS Plus subscription that would leave you with plenty games to play for a month.
The only thing that this system accomplishes is to make the Vita even more insignificant than it already is.



Senario said:

@AtlanteanMan Well yes, I agree with most of your statement besides the "Us vs them" merger as I think having seperate companies hurts more than it helps as the quality for some groups like Nintendo are higher than others like Capcom's recent games barring monster Hunter. I do sense the disconnect between Japanese and Western Developers though and I think it has a lot to do with what is popular in each region in general. I don't like many same old dark and photorealistic shooters year after year and play games that generally appeal to my inner child or at the very least don't focus on pumping many many bullets into dozens of faceless enemies(Ni no Kuni was one, though I think I may have enjoyed the 3DS version more since more content is not always good). A few Japanese Dev's have chimed in saying that they don't really understand why western games are popular. Japanese companies selling out to the west not only decreases how good their games are, Xillia being a recent example since I feel that there could have been more extra content and story in place of long cutscenes. Or Dragon's dogma which wasn't a bad game but could've been presented better as it felt like it had an identity conflict between western and japanese RPG.

That said I really am a bit saddened to see where Playstation has gone with the PS3 onward with selling out for the western audience. I really enjoyed a lot of PS2 games with many titles having a distinct Japanese style to them. KH 1-2(since fallen off in quality), FFX, Devil May Cry 3, Persona 3-4, Katamari Damacy, Tales of the Abyss ect ect. But sadly I feel that nowadays they are leaning too far to the west and it is ruining the unique feel that I loved in Japanese games. The colorful environments, the new ideas, the emphasis that guns are good for gameplay only in tasteful settings and not all settings instead opting for the use of the good old Swords/shields/lances/whatever. Things like that made the games so fun to play and watch. And sadly those games no longer sell more than your typical Fifa or sports game. I try to support those fun games as much as I can as I did buy Ni No kuni, I did buy Pikmin 3, and I will buy Wonderful 101 but sadly I am just one person and cannot change how well these games sell.



NMH-TRI said:


1 million points to you. Very insightful. It's sad, but gaming is being westernized...ugh. FPS over saturation and the interest in war/military conflict gaming (whether it be space, realistic, past, future etc) is destroying "games" because it's slowly becoming the primary interest and buzzwords are gently convincing consumers to take it. More people talk smack, yell, and curse while playing these games than sit their enjoying the experience with a smile on there face. 4 player 3D World at the Best Buy event did that for me. I played with a kid, a teen, and another adult. Every single one of us was smiling and/or laughing while playing. It was about the enjoyment rather than the competition. I didn't tell anyone they would be ****** while their little ***** had to watch. We just had fun.

Most US gamers blamed NOA for not knowing what we wanted regarding Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora's Tower (props to NOE on fieldin Xenoblade), but they might've just thought there was a lack of interest in the JRPG over here. Since when is there a division in RPG type anyway? WRPG kills for Sony/MS w/ a few exceptions for JRPGs. I think there's still a massive western audience that wants eastern games. I like western and eastern games, but it seems that the majority toss cash to western published/western style games while Japanese ones suffer. There are some media outlets that may be in bed with giants trying to rid their creative competition. Call conspiracy theory if you want, but it's no different than a major news outlet being primarily "left" or "right" here in the states.

Should Nintendo ever die and gaming became only Sports, FPS's, and other annually updated games...with an occasional random genre, I'll divert my gaming money into golf and just live on the classics.

Why don't you have a blog? Checked your profile and thought some of this was familiar. I've seen it before. Great thoughts. Keep em coming.



Senario said:

@NMH-TRI I wanted to chime in on the whole Western vs JRPG thing. I Like both and I can see what each has to offer the other. Western can offer character customization/decision making as well as choices in romance options to JRPGs (although I'd like them to tone down the sex because you can have touching romance stories without getting naked on the mat, kisses do the job wonderfully in stories.). JRPGs can offer Western RPGs a way to make their games imaginative, dragon age origins was essentially your standard fantasy world that has been overdone in ages past. Compare that to Dragon's dogma(Jrpg imo made by capcom) which has a dragon literally rip out a human heart and consume it for some unknown reason allowing that human to become an Arisen. Needless to say it is very inventive and I wish it had some features that I previously said from Western RPGs. Or the Persona series which revolves around all mythology in an odd school setting.



NMH-TRI said:

I've said before elsewhere that I believe that the Wii U should try and recreate SNES magic. Start filling it with creative RPGs. Grid based, turn based, action or otherwise. SMTxFE and X are a great start...should I ever hear some more info on SMTxFE. Fire Emblem, Shin Megami separately are grand and I can only hope this crossover kills. Advance Wars on Wii U. Console Pokemon.

Should Sega, Platinum, Atlus, Nintendo and whoever else decide to Unite up, things would be swell.



NMH-TRI said:


Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed Mass Effect, Fallout, Elder Scrolls (which are the 3 big WRPGs that come to mind for me). I think you're absolutely right though. I think every division can learn from one another rather than sticking to a formula. If I recall, Aonuma was looking at WRPGs for inspiration in Zelda and Miyamota got a VIP peek at Titanfall (which makes me wonder if Miyamoto's IP is a crazy colorful FPS).



AtlanteanMan said:


Thanks for the kind words; I really appreciate them.

Actually I write and illustrate a webcomic (link: By the way, you'll need to click on the "Home" button to bring up the comic; for some reason the link alone isn't taking me directly to the Main Page. It's still in a fledgling state with a tiny readership and I'm actually going to re-launch the whole thing with a different host hopefully early next year. I have also recently begun to seek freelance employment as a writer/editor with any games journalism sites that may be interested. If anyone here has any recommendations, I'm all ears.



GreatPlayer said:

I remember having a PS2 and it was boring... every game is mature-rated and lots of blood splashing in the TV screen. That was why I purchased a Wii U this time.

When people say Wii U failed because of its kiddie game, the reasoning was not correct. 3DS publish similarly kiddie games but it beats Vita. Kiddie games would not be a reason should Wii U fail.

I do think that Nintendo has relied too much on Mario series - Mario U, Mario Galaxy, Luigi U... No matter how great they are, customers will get bored of too much of similar products. However, given new games are coming (Sonic, Donkey Kong), I do not see Nintendo going to be doomed in this battle.



Artwark said:

I just don't get it. Why are people so sure that Wii U will be a flop? Its just starting and if you ask me, it sold way better than the virtual boy in the first few months. We're now having lots of games on e'shop, Earthbound is finally out and more games are coming out this year. Plus you can play your game without the use of TV! isn't that something?

I'm very sure that PS4 and Xbox One will suffer the same way like the Wii U did if they were released earlier than the Wii U. Infact because of the Wii U's launch, Sony and Microsoft took precaution in this and decided to get more games for the launch of their consoles.



Caryslan said:

@GreatPlayer The PS2 only had M rated games? Then all the E and T rated games that were on the system don't exist, right? While I will agree that Sony and Microsoft do put more of an emphasis on M rated games, there are tons of E and T rated games on those platforms.

It's just a matter of looking for them.



Senario said:

@Caryslan He might have meant PS3 Which would make sense since I felt mostly the same way barring a few titles.

@Rei7 I can say, I don't care. Right? The only good consoles on there are PS1 and 2.



Williaint said:

I know several people who bought a PS2 for a cheap DVD player. Blu ray is/was a gimmick (If you don't agree, look up "gimmick").
They put emphasis on M games because: They make adult players feel "like they aren't doing something for kids". They make teenagers believe that "Since I probably shouldn't be playing this, but am, I am more mature than others." Gives kids that feeling of maturity, even if they don't understand it all (Which is what someone letting them play an M game understands about ratings).

@Senario I feel that way about '360 and PS3



VeeFlamesNL said:

@Slapshot That's what they're trying to do.
Have you ever gone to My Nintendo News? Rants there are.... and one time haters crashed an article, no one seemed to stop them...



Rei7 said:

@Senario Up to you. I can see a lot of butt hurt fans out there. I'm a multi-platformer so I embrace every single console.



AtlanteanMan said:

Thanks for the heads up, NMH-TRI; I've bookmarked that page and will be giving those sites a look!



SethNintendo said:

Should just allow you to have the top screen of the 3DS displayed on the TV through the Wii U - 3DS connection.



Senario said:

@Rei7 I dunno about that, I see no point in being multi-plat in terms of consoles. Get a Gaming PC and a Wii U, you have your fix for games set for the next 7 years. Nintendo's console is the only one that compliments the PC rather than fights against it and I think that is one of their biggest strengths.

And a decent gaming PC will overall cost less than a PS4 or Xbox One thanks to Online subscriptions and steam sales. That isn't even the top spec ones that completely blow those consoles out of the water.



Rei7 said:

@Senario This is not a reason for being a multi-platformer. If money isn't really a problem you should pretty much own every single thing you want. I'm in it for the exclusive games. I have a high-end pc with everything able to go ultra and I have to say that if your budget is as low as a PS4 console you won't be getting a good graphic that is as good as PS4. PC Gaming is an investment and it will cost more to get a graphic as same as the PS4. PC master race is the bomb and owns every console but when it comes to exclusives games, not so much as all the games on PC is also available on the PS and Xbox.

I have a high-end PC, Wii U, 3DS, PS3, PS Vita and OUYA(for emulation) for this gen. And of course PS4 for next gen with their PS Vita TV. I shall embrace all the goodness of each exclusive games. I am not at all at a lost for owning everything.

When you are in a budget your point is good. But instead of the Wii U which pretty much doesn't have that much game libraries at the moment i'd switch it with the PS3 and a PC. Opinions are opinion in the end, to each his own.



NMH-TRI said:


If budget's not an issue I hear ya on owning everything. Definitely not my case though I personally use a moderately priced laptop for PC gaming.and have had no issues with running this gen's games. I will upgrade next gen. I agree with @Senario in that I feel that there's too much gaming overlap with any other combo other than Nintendo/PC. Ultimately one decides on whose exclusives entice them more though. For me, I feel Nintendo gives me a greater quantity and quality of games that I simply cannot play on my PC. I did the same with the Wii.

I'm biding my time until the midlife of X1 and PS4 to see which is more to my tastes (whichever has a better RPG selection probably), but I'm having trouble swimming through my current collection of DS/3DS/Wii/WiiU/Steam titles as it is.



Senario said:

@Rei7 I simply cannot justify the PS or Xbox one regardless of price because of overlap. Most of the games can be found on PC and unless they come out with exclusives that I absolutely must play they have nothing for me. Honestly the 3DS and Wii U are the ones that do provide value to me. I could care less about sony and their condescending and insulting tone towards other platforms that they have passed onto their fans. And this isnt simply a PC gaming master race thing, they truly have lost me with their attitude from all points of view.



xevious said:

Nintendo has been a huge success story so far. It's one of the richest companies around and has more money, than Sony's and MS' game divisions combined. Now, after two years of not doing profit (in their entire history), they should change the whole concept? I mean come on...

We might be past the point where Wii U could still become a huge success, but I have no doubts that Nintendo can still make the platform profitable. In the worst case scenario they'll make it through this generation with strong first party line-up and few third party heavy hitters, just like they did with the Gamecube (hopefully better). I'm sure they will learn from the mistakes they did with the Wii U and build their next home console from that standpoint. Who knows, perhaps the next platform will be a success story like Wii?



SCAR said:

What I find interesting is that people say Nintendo is confusing and questionable, yet Sony pulls stuff like this.
If any company is confusing about what they do, it's Sony.

All the devices just look so similar from 7th gen, anyway. The UI and features are almost basically the same besides the specs, and no one really even knows what those mean, regardless of which console is being discussed.

I think everyone seriously just needs to give this stuff a break, because nothing anyone says is in favor of any company anymore.

That "Maybe, it's hard to tell with so many systems and ideas floating around" option in the polls pretty much sums up what alot of people are saying. Let's just see how it goes.



GreatPlayer said:

@Caryslan You are right. I guess what I meant was violence-related or sex-related games instead of M-rated games. My most favourite game was Shadow of the Colossus in PS2, but what I meant was that PS and Xbox games usually have unnecessary violent elements in it. There is almost no need to show blood gushing incessantly out of an enemy when you stab them. Therefore, I purchase Wii U as I found that it is more family friendly (which does not necessarily mean immature).

After playing PS2 I did not even bother with PS3 or Xbox - they are mostly upgrades from PS2 with more vivid animation of gratuitous violence and I do not want to see that.



Dambuster said:

I've had a wii u since july, and I think its great, and thanks to the staff in Game making a big mistake I got it for the same price as a wii mini!.

The games I enjoy the most on wii u are the ones that use the pad for more than off tv play. I like the pad to offer something different and add to my gaming experience. Zombi u is a cracking example.

Nintendo own quite a few game studios, these studios should be used to develop at least 2 new IP's a year, games aimed at the older gamer (not kids), games which use the pad to its full potential. The wii u would fly out of the shops.



LavaTwilight said:

Nintendo are doing just fine. This 'noise' is coming from critics and, granted, some third-party developers. Unfortunately that's a big noise but only from a relatively small number of people. The same people have praised the success of the PS4 and XBone BEFORE they've even been released - the public, money and thus the figures will be the only worthwhile noise to listen to. That's yet to be heard.



DreamOn said:

I'm not happy with how they handle digital content, that needs to evolve. I'm glad they have opened up to Indy games and are realizing the web services are where many want to get access both content consumers and producers. If they can keep a competitive edge with online services I don't think it will matter what the physical device looks like whether its a "goofy but fun" typical nintendo device or a more tablet/apple style thing.



withoutdk said:

i like having a console (i did not afford one until the WII U...) my girlfriend have a couple... but the feel of a console is the essence, being together playing a game, using the controllers (i still love the wired ones with gamecube, snes etc), playing together and that you feel that it is power inside the box (the wii u is not big).

it is okay with handheld stuff... but for me it is just like using a phone... then quit the lame handhelds and make better phones...

the end of consoles is not something that i think about... it is a special feeling.. just like playing CS on PC... you cant do the same on console.. but hey.. thats just me



Rafie said:

@Rei7 Yes I found another here on this website (impartial user). I too, (except for PC) have all of the consoles and will be picking up the other 2 when they drop in November. I'm a gamer that loves all games on ANY platform. The problem here I see a lot of on these sites is that Nintendo fans are frustrated. It shows. Every time an article is out about what the competition is doing, you see the majority of comments flooded with disdain for the other 2. The 3DS is the best selling console right now...and probably will continue for a few more months. So Nintendo isn't failing. The Wii U is STRUGGLING, not failing. There's a difference. Same thing with the Vita. It's STRUGGLING! Both consoles can turn their situations around. We'll see that for the Wii U with the software, and Sony is trying with this Vita TV.



MrGawain said:

Boxing matches happen between 2 people. Football matches happen between 2 teams. Elections are (supposed to be) contested by 2 major candidates. The truth is the media doesn't know how to talk about the third ingredient, especially when it isn't competing on the same terms as the other two.

For Nintendo, it needs to survive this generation. Microsoft have rumoured to have made a lifetime operating loss of $3 billion on their gaming division, and Sony $5 billion. At the moment this is chump change to them, and they can write it off as a tax loss. But I get the feeling if either the Xbox One or PS4 don't start to make money off their own backs, the parent companies may withdraw some of their support. Nintendo doesn't have a sugar daddy to pay it's loss leaders, but because of this they are a more solvent company in the long run. If they hunker down there may be light at the tunnel.

The Vita TV connection sounds like a great idea at first, but you wonder how fantastic these handheld games will play on a big TV. Both button wise and resolution, The Vita will lag behind its console brothers. Plus it still doesn't solve that the Vita has very few worthwhile games.

I personally don't think Nintendo can build a new console and axe the Wii U for the next 3 years because they don't have the deep pockets everyone thinks they do, and if they do they'll lose 90% of their core market who will buy a Wii U. And if Nintendo go 3rd party and stop making games machines, I doubt all of the people who bought a value strong Nintendo with no hidden costs will just move over to one of the other two with their paid online services. I know won't.

So for the moment, business as normal for Ninty.



Moshugan said:

I think Nintendo is feverishly researching another ways to approach the console market. And I think they should!
I love my Wii U and 3DS, but the truth is that it's hard for Ninty to keep doing what they're doing.
They will try to invigorate Wii U in every possible way, but I'm sure they'll try something different with their follow up to the Wii U and 3DS.
Who knows, maybe they will go the way of a single-platform portable-home concole hybrid?



DarkNinja9 said:

i like how the sony or MS fanboys always say stuff about nintendo and such but just look at sony right now trying to get soo much attention is funny either that or the rip off the tech the other companies come up with but no its everyone else that is a "fanboy" xD but w/e

to me the biggest issue with nintendo is advertising the lack of it and the lack of showing the gameplay as to what is new to this game or that game compared to the rest after all ppl do love new features in games even DLC



Moshugan said:

I don't know if anyone has considered the possibility, that instead of Nintendo going Third Party, they could go PC exclusive (maybe even Linux) and start a Steam-like service of their own!

This would allow them to control their own software and means of publishing, but forego the need to produce and market the hardware (and the need for consumers to buy costly niche devices, all they need is their PC!).
Nintendo could still sell their own controllers, and even continue the Wii brand and utilize the Wii U GamePad and the Wii Remotes on their digital PC platform!
And to keep the TV console tradition alove, have a Big Screen mode too.

I think my idea makes a whole lot of sense.

EDIT: I'm starting a thread on this subject in the forums.



Snkfiend said:

@Rei7 Thank you for your opinion bro people always on here try so hard to make people buy a PC or Wii U over anything but It should be the opinion of what person buys and NOT the person that fanboy one damn company console or PC telling them what should buy or not buy. That's the bottom line that shows how immature people can be and having they heads so far up they asses over the same loophole we in over "PS4/XBone being a low end PC's/dudebro's only buy those systems" or "Wii U is a kiddy system with current gen graphics" or "My PC can do everything consoles can't". This is sad worst gaming generation we going to move in regardless of people keep stating that they "hate" any 3 of the consoles but deny amazing exclusives over being a one company fanboy. People are butthurt because they cannot buy everything but don't wan't to deny it and the fact that all gaming platforms has their own strengths and weaknesses. It should be the gamer that decides what he/she wants to buy to enjoy that experience but for me I'm going to buy whatever I can and nobody going to tell me otherwise because It doesn't take a rocket scientist to not miss out on other gaming systems titles/exclusives because of having a immature fanboy opinion of having one gaming console and genre stating it's the best.



burninmylight said:


That's not even the funniest part. If at least half of the PS3 owners have a Vita (5-6 million worldwide sales), then that means there are only about 10-12 million PS3 owners/REAL gamers out there!



Rect_Pola said:

If history follows pattern, the Wii U is fine as a console, but winning over companies will be it's usual slog until it turns into a siren made of money.



TooManyToasters said:

Eh, Vita TV's like a glorified Game Boy Player. And sure, Wii U doesn't have anything like this for 3DS and DS games but I'm sure they'll announce something down the road.



FlashFan207 said:

"Nintendo's exclusives aren't moody, narrative driven action adventures with first or third-person shooting; they're cornea-burning experiences packed with colour, or party games, or fitness programmes. Give up that identity, and would Nintendo simply lose its only edge?" Could not have been said any better. Unfortunately, the mass public does tend to judge Nintendo consoles far too harshly. "They're underpowered, too cartoony, blah, blah, blah..." The Wii U is revolutionary gaming thinking. The gamepad is a must and why Sony and Microsoft have not emulated it yet, a they do everything Nintendo revolutionizes, is a saving grace for Nintendo. Even if some are blind to Nintendo's forward thinking, I personally believe that their outside-of-the-box gaming design is not only the best course of action for the company, but also for the gaming industry as a whole. I would love to see some Mario, DK or F-Zero on my iPhone, though...



Senario said:

@Rafie Well they have a right to. Almost every week there is some new article trashing something they like on every news site imaginable. Nintendo gets a lot of crap for thing like the 2DS and yet Sony can do no wrong with the Vita TV. You can see this in articles on certain ignorant websites. The vita constantly gets good news like "another game coming to vita!" Where Nintendo gets a middle finger. And honestly I am a fan of gaming too but I don't see the point in having PS or Xbox until more exclusives come out. And that is highly unlikely with it being so easy to port a game to PC now.



Snkfiend said:

@Senario So your point is that you blame the Vita TV for this this immature "trash article" you keep forgetting that this is NL and they are the ones are keep posting garbage like this to rile up the fanbase to hate on the other 2. The point is what i'm stating is why are you so in disdain about Sony/MS and what they are doing? And why you have to take all this garbage the media gives you and have all these tantrums? Just ignore them and move the hell on and play what you like. If you really like the PC as you say well play and be happy.



Senario said:

@Snkfiend I was referencing IGN, I have no disdain for what MS is doing but Sony's actions and fandom have put me off from their products. It isn't a tantrum and more of defending what I like since nobody seems to stand up for it. I think you completely misunderstand me. I never said the article here was trash although I do believe that the Vita TV should be put into question more than the 2DS was. You should really not make wild accusations without proof. I simply have disdain for a company because it has a name attatched to it, although I have very valid reasons not to bother with the two new consoles.



Rafie said:

@Senario You know that's bull, right?! You should see the amount of negative comments about this Vita TV along with the ever so popular "Vita sucks", "Hahaa...Vita who, won't work", "No innovation Sony is at it again"..blah, blah..hurr..hurr. Vita and the Wii U get the most hate out of all the consoles. That's proven to be factual in recent times. I don't know what you have against Sony, but everything with them isn't bad. You said that you don't see the point of having an Xbox or Playstation console til more exclusives come out. Did you buy a Wii U before Pikmin 3? If so, then the Wii U would have fallen under that category you placed the XB1 and PS4 in.

I still don't think they have a "right" per se to bash the others because Nintendo takes another approach at things. This site here always post news about what the others are doing and ask the opinions of Nintendo supporters. Nothing wrong with that, but I know they know that most of the fans for Nintendo don't really like the other platforms and will say negative things about them because of how bad the Wii U is doing right now. I have no qualms with having a console of preference. I have qualms with those who have a console of preference and downplay other consoles like their console is superior. There is no superior console. Not one.



Snkfiend said:

@Senario Who making wild accusations because I don't need a fairy to tell me what to buy or not in frankly speaking nor getting mad at garbage gaming sites like IGNorant or any media negative BS which I see irrelevant. The points I was speaking was my opinion. Fandom isn't my forte which "every company has that even Nintendo". A name of a company and Fandom shouldn't be the reason why you disdain Sony systems titles/exclusives but I agree with you, people should defend Nintendo but this isn't your problem nor mine it's Nintendo themselves they have to pull out of this BS and prove again that they are the known company and will not be moved.



Senario said:

@Rafie Except PC which is clearly superior...but besides that. I had a Wii U before Pikmin 3 because I wanted to play games like monster hunter 3 Ultimate, zombie U, and New super mario bros U. Those are all Exclusives. The PS4 and xbox one have precious few exclusives that will be available early on as most of them will be on other platforms and PC. The vita gets nowhere near as much hate that the Wii U does I see bunches of positive Vita news and not so much as a sliver of any of the good news for Wii U that you might find on nintendo centric sites.

I do think it is a valid idea that I do not want to support sony due to their jerkish actions towards their competitors and the community. A company image is important and they have been slowly ruining it since the end of the ps2 imo. Regardless of what you think about IGN, they still have a big following and really should be more impartial. Because they are big and have influence games that have people on the fence like the Wonderful 101 may suffer negatively despite it being a good game.



Rafie said:

@Senario Well friend I didn't say anything about IGN, although their reviews holds as much weight as a stick of pepperoni in my opinion. I still have to say that your are wrong about the Wii U getting more hate than the Vita. I think the hate is shared equally between them. There are more Wii U lovers than you think and they voice their opinions loudly.

Now with the exclusives argument...I won't get into that because it's difference of preference of what you think is worthy or not. Also I want to touch on the Sony community. You feel as though Sony is the worsrst. I can tell you right off bat that Microsoft is just as bad. I mean really just as bad. PC gamers are as well with their superiority complex over the consoles.



Snkfiend said:

@Senario Well Don Matrick was being a jerk stating to all gaming communities EVEN THE NAVY to "Get a 360" because of the DRM garbage and not having internet so that wasn't a "jerkish" move and guess what the same people who suppose to hate MS still forgave them and still preordered the XBone because of the 180 nothing wrong with that at all forgive and forget. And to top it off to state that PS/MS doesn't have exclusives which isn't true Sony has plenty of exclusives and variety and MS well.....some. It's people opinions what they play not what you stating to them what you dislike or hate man. I can tell you my opinion about Big N exclusives you stated I see them isn't that exciting great but not enough to make me flip out, but I want new IP from them out of Wonderful 101 which is an amazing title but I want older titles too that's underrated right now like Star Fox, F-Zero, or other older titles like Ice Climbers or something we never get to see in Wii's generation for the Wii U. We all know that PC is superior blah blah blah.... but the games is the opinion of what people buy for the variety and everybody isn't a FPS gamer on PC. Also you keep telling us about what the media sees in the Vita more positive over the negative of Wii U and how Sony ruining they name and stating IGN praise your whole comment just astounds me.



Sanquine said:

@MathRaph Dude, how would you know? If i just purchased on for 20$ just yesterday Don't be all knowing if you only buy Nintendo stuff



Sanquine said:

@ Nintendo fans:

The Playstation vita TV is a wonderfull idea. A new market for people
#1 Don't like handheld gaming but love to play games like killzone mercenary , soul sacrifice, god eater 2 , persona 4 golden.
#2 Not everyone has the ability to shell out 200$ and about 100$ in games. This is 99 dollars plus a game (40 dollars Soul sacrifice or 20 dollars persona 4 golden) ( i already got i GB memory in the device sony listened for one time)

3# Remote play. Not everyone want to do this on a tiny ps vita screen. Some people dont want to share there TV. Im living with my girlfriend. My consoles are in the living room however she wants to see her soups. I can go to any TV in our appartment and play my ps4 games with the remote play feature or a vita game ^^

4# I can take this device anywhere. So if i go to my nephews house he can play on my ps4 because i can remote play with my playstation vita at his house through his wifi connection

For 99 dollars



MathRaph said:

@Sanquine Ergh...You had one for 20 bucks, good for you! But just go to,,, amazon.whattheFyouwant, it's 40.

And for your information, "dude", I own a vita since launch (and a ps3 if that matters to you). "Don't be all knowing" if you don't know me. wink wink



MathRaph said:

@Sanquine You know, I think the vita is a great system, and compared to any piece of modern tech out there, I think it's very competitive price wise (shame people don't see it that way). So yes, sony has to find money somewhere. One way is to overprice the memory card. Fine. Honestly, I don't care. But you can't say a 16gb doesn't cost 40$. Because they do. What matters is the price on the established shelf, may it be virtual or physical. You can't take deals into account for their business strategy. You paid 20? Great! But 90% will pay 40, so it doesn't matter. At all.



Sanquine said:

@MathRaph I see where you coming from. The common unknown gamer does buy it for 40 dollars. Sorry for being irritated. But if i see all the comments above ..
Why do people hate sony so much?> I bought a Wii U and a 3DS . Im not hating on the wii U because Nintendo is slow in delivering sofware. ( sorry for my english). I know what is coming is great ( Monolith is delevering big time with X) . But that does not give them the right to bash every time sony comes with something. For some people this means they have a portable playstation 4 on the go ( Not a vita but a way to play your PS4 at a friends house) Its briljant. But no one on this site ( Few agree with me) that this is the best idea sony had in years. People need to expect to bring more games to the playstation vita we need a bigger userbase. Playstation vita tv will bring that. Playstation vita TV already sold out ! I tried to but ... i sold out



MathRaph said:

@Sanquine I agree, the (initial) pricetag really broadens the target. I also think the "PS4 on the go" thing for the classic vita is a good idea. It's very nice for people who move around a lot (or got a lot of free time in wifi areas). And as you said, maybe more dedicated games, so It would be good for me in the end , as I mostly play my handhelds on the subway.

This idea comes around a lot, but I honestly think a 500/530$ bundle PS4/VITA would kill all competition (3DS excepted maybe). They would lost a lot of money initially, but man, they would rule the world once again.
But do they even need that? PS4 has such momentum right now. Good for sony, they're doing things right, and the company seems to be in a lot of trouble financially.



Sanquine said:

@MathRaph They need every dollar indeed. Nintendo has a far bigger war chest. Microsoft hmm i hate microsoft so i dont talk about them. I was an owner of the xbox ( the old one) they dropped support like a brick after they announced 36o



unrandomsam said:

@Rafie PC Games are superior - They are cheaper and you can run them properly at 1080p/60fps.

The problem is people don't make console games like they used to (Totally unportable and perfectly optimised for the hardware).



unrandomsam said:

@Sanquine The two things I would want that only Sony has won't work with this.

(PSP Star Soldier - needs it turned vertically / The Jap Only Rebalanced version of Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins).

Sony treat their customers with such contempt I don't think I would buy it anyway however. (What they did with the Xperia Play has likely made it so that I will never buy another product from them.)



Rafie said:

@unrandomsam I'm not saying that PC games aren't superior, Sam. I'm saying that they (PC community) have a complex attitude towards those who game on the consoles.

I understand that this is what the gaming world today is about. Out doing one another and completely forget about what's important. The gamers.



Snkfiend said:

@Rafie I agree with you man why do people have to feel so superior for buying a PC and thinking the console gamers and games are inferior? My point of view is this we gamers suppose to play games to love them and experience something new not being competitive or talked down over which gaming platform is better. That's the one thing I hate about this generation, being so competitive on something I suppose to enjoy and have fun regardless of what platform I game on. But to read immature comments over consoles that's "Totally unsupportable and perfectly optimized for the hardware and PC is superior" sigh...... people sounds like a broken record that cannot fix but seriously though gamers like us are a rare breed we want to play whatever we get our hands on and we shout it out but our voices cannot be heard.



Rafie said:

@Snkfiend Thank you kind sir. Thank you. Sometimes I can come off as the villain here because I challenge people on what they say. It's mainly when an article isn't in favor of the Wii U, or if the article is somehow showcasing accessories of another platform that may be combatant to Nintendo is where you see the comments fly. That and if a dev isn't willing to work on the Wii U. I'm not a villain. I just get tired of seeing other platforms bashed because your preferential console isn't boding well. I do the same on other sites that has that particular site dedicated to that specific console. Do I go around solely just to argue on other! I only speak up when I feel it isn't fair to bash the others on what they are trying to do or whatever. It's okay not to like another console, but be objective about it. PC gamers are just as bad as console gamers with their hate and it's sickening. What happened to good fun competition?! I say this often, but I really miss the days of the SNES and Genesis. THAT was fun competition that didn't have fans go to the extreme to even see a console fail. This generation is sad.

Your last statement has so much truth in it.



unrandomsam said:

@rjejr I am not bothered about Cinematic experiences. I want games that play like games. (Not that you spend most of your time watching - rather just watch a film in that case). Sony wants the PS4 to last 10 years it is already less powerful than a mid range PC now. (And directly comparable.)

Only gaming monitors are acceptable performance (But TV size is astronomically expensive) but they will design for LCD TV's which are not good enough. (Worse than even the NES on a CRT in many ways).



unrandomsam said:

@Snkfiend Problem is at least for ported games that are lowest common denominator the console versions play like a PC game that doesn't have good enough hardware to run right and they cost more. (If I bought into that I would feel like a mug.)
TV's are part of the problem as well they are only superficially designed for low latency. (even with game mode's).



unrandomsam said:

Maybe it is different if you never played NES/SNES/Master System/Megadrive etc but they had 0 latency and the modern stuff is a downgrade in that respect.



Snkfiend said:

@unrandomsam Yawn.......broken record man WHO CARES bro why are you so incited to make a point about PC we know. I just want to play games THAT'S ALL I don't care if you think consoles is inferior, I don't care if you think LCD HDTV are inferior, I don't care if you think Sony is inferior. I'm a gamer and I play games on whatever I wan't whats so wrong with that? Is it a crime that i'm playing on consoles? Also i'm one of the lucky young gamers that grew up on the greatest era's of 80's to 90's gaming so you cannot tell me anything about what I know or don't know about gaming.



Snkfiend said:

@Rafie You don't have to voice alone man because I'm here and we have the same opinions and facts and regardless you aren't the villain I been reading your comments for months and were always spot on with your opinions. But I get what you are saying about you don't argue or comment on other biased sites I don't either because I see no point of this immature arguments over what I like or hate which sometimes I DO want to do the same is to challenge that certain immature person and find that contradiction he/she has and break them down but that's just my opinion. I wish I had a time machine to go back to my younger self in the times of Sega and Nintendo 80's and 90's and tell me about my future is going to be an awful one keep track of what you play and ignore ignorant people that doesn't see the word "FUN" in the category I mean just ignore. Because I had some since even then to love gaming first not state what console or PC is better or thinking the others is going to fail even though it was fun to see the competitive against those systems from only the companies in that era.



Rafie said:

@Snkfiend Thank you again. A great deal of faith has just been restored back into the gaming community. I was losing faith for a while now. Every time I wanted to just celebrate the games that come on whatever console, it turns into an ugly bash fest or pointless debate about whose better and who sucks. I'm 31 and I have played games in the 80's all the way up to today. I know it won't stop by the time I'm a senior citizen because it's a love that I grew up with. Man I'm glad you are on here on this site. I don't want to argue with folks all the time. I just want them to understand that Nintendo isn't the only console for games. Nintendo birthed the PlayStation, while the Xbox was born because of the PlayStation. Now we have multiple consoles that each offer something unique to gaming morale. Some people here don't see it that way, so I challenge their stance and inquire to why they think the way they do. I only had maybe 2 legitimate reasons because they were personal from 2 posters. Outside of that, it's basically because they just don't like any other consoles than Nintendo.

I love Nintendo and always will. I always get their consoles on launch day (except for GameCube....I waited for Melee before I got one ) Nintendo will prevail out of their Wii U situation. Even if they don't, it doesn't make them a bad gaming company. I will continue to support Nintendo til the wheels fall off. However, I'm not oblivious and I do see the competition offer something Nintendo doesn't. I'm happy with that too. We all gamers at the end of the day and we do what we do best....which is game. That's why we're all here, right?! I'll have to get your Nintendo ID, PSN ID, 360 gamertag, and/or 3DS friend code. Yeah, I have all of them.



unrandomsam said:

The gaming community is of no interest to me.

The developers and publishers however do affect me. (And I have little faith in most of them).



Snkfiend said:

@Rafie Every thing counts I agree every word man. This generation isn't going to make me give up on gaming nor lose faith and i'm 28 yrs old and faith is always in the gaming community just a small rare thing to find, I just game because I can regardless of the negative. And for my accounts are Nintendo ID:D3athBr1ng3r187,PSN:D3athBr1ng3r187,360 Gamertag:ATL SOL BADGUY/OnscreenFlame5 and future PS4 PSN:D3athBr1ng3r187 so we can stop flooding this page lol.

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