The Taiko: Drum Master series of games — and there are many — is hugely popular in Japan. The range of releases on multiple systems accounts for that, with five variations released on the Wii alone, three on DS and one on 3DS — releases in the West have been exceptionally rare in comparison. They're such big business in Japan that the most recent Wii iteration, the fifth that was released in 2012, has still comfortably passed half a million sales.

It's certainly good news for the Wii U's fortunes in Japan, therefore, that Taiko: Drum Master Wii U Version will be released on 21st November. It'll support up to four players and various control options — off-TV play will use button controls, GamePad with the TV will use touch controls, while Wii Remotes and the drum peripherals from the Wii games can also be used. In other words, in should do a good job of tapping into the sizable existing market that's invested in the Wii games and extras.

New features will include a "Baton Pass Performance Mode", along with masks of Mario, Luigi, and Golden Bomber Darubisshu Kenji. A small number of tracks have also been announced.

  • Momoiro Taiko Dodonga Setsu (Momoiro Clover Z)
  • Ninjari Banban (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)
  • Sayonara Crawl (AKB48)
  • 123 Koi ga Hajimaru (Ikimono Gakari)
  • Flower Song (Exile)
  • Hands Up! (One Piece)
  • Diamond Happy (Aikatsu!!)
  • Goushoku My Way (Toriko)
  • Vamola!! Kyoryuger (Jyuden Sentai Kyoruger)
  • Yasei Pokemon Ikusa Medley (Pokemon X and Y)
  • Oshiete Kuma Tomo (Kuma Tomo)
  • Amachan Opening Theme (Amachan)

Arriving during such an important sales period, Nintendo will certainly be hoping that Namco's series will bring a boost in Wii U hardware sales.