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Rune Factory 4 European Localisation Confirmed

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Zen United is doing the honours

The Rune Factory franchise certainly has its fans, the RPG series having been gradually brought to the West by various publishers in recent years. The arrival of Rune Factory 4 in Japan last year naturally had enthusiasts wondering about when it would be localised; while XSEED is doing the honours for North America this Fall, Zen United has now confirmed that it will bring the title to Europe.

Zen United's studio director Geraint Evans said the following to to confirm the future European release.

You are actually the first people I’m telling. Rune Factory 4 will be brought over to Europe by us. We will be announcing it officially in the very near future.

While this new entry will include elements familiar in the series, you will also be able to choose the gender of your hero, while you can fall in love and start a family. There'll be bosses to slay in the main quest, too, but the quieter life of farming and crafting will also be part of the experience.

We'll keep an eye out for firm release dates for both Europe and North America. In the meantime below is XSEED's latest trailer for the title, so let us know what you think.

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SphericalCrusher said:

Good news for Europe! Can't wait until this game hits NA! Been playing a lot of Harvest Moon to tide me over until it hits!



Slayer said:

Awesome! Enjoy, Europeans!
(I'm from North America, but I still congratulate Europe!)



Windy said:

Can't decide on Rune Factory 4, New Etrian Odyssey or Pokemon **head Explodes** LOL I'm leaning on Pokemon but knowing myself I will probably get all 3 and back up my backlog even further.



Rezalack said:

Glad to hear you guys are getting this game, too. Rune Factory is one of the coolest game series out there.. I've been waiting for this one for a while and it was one of the main forces behind me actually getting the 3DS.



Einherjar said:

Since Rune Factory Oceans (tides of destiny in the US) was such a giant disappointment in all regards, i hope that this will come close to frontier, one of my all time favorite games I still need to get my hands on a copy of RF3. Thank god the DS part of the 3DS isnt region locked, since it never came to europe (Like Etrian Odyssey 2 and 3, thats why its odd that the recent 3DS game was still called IV around here)



Blast said:

Prince Cest... looks like a girl.... WHY?!?!?!? Whoever was the artist for that character needs to fix Prince Cest look! I thought that was a girl! Lol he even has the anime girl eyes thingie going on... I'm excited for this game but c'mon XSeed... let's create better looking male characters, all right? XD



Zombie_Barioth said:

Its supposed to be coming October 8th. Just a few days before Pokemon X&Y come out.

Its not XSEED that created the characters, they're just the publishers for this one. As for looking like a girl...I'm not seeing it. His eyes are fine, if anything its just his hair being a tad long.



Pinkkitty said:

I have to pick between this,pokemon x, AC:NL, and bravely default.

I just don't know anymore



Gemstone83 said:

Woohoo!! I literally jumped out of my chair at this news! I played Rune Factory 3 and it is a masterpiece, no kidding, I have been checking periodically since 2012 when I saw this came out in Japan. This is a game to be excited about.. I'm SO serious and deserves the recognition that Fire Emblem got in the UK too.



Rune_Meister88 said:

awesome!! i cant wait for this gamd!! although im sad that Neverland closed down, there is still hope for future RF games to i hope the publishers get the Rune Factory 5 going :3 i love this game series, ive got all of them except for this, which is why im saving up for a 3DS

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