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River City Ransom: Underground Dev Wants To Bring The Game To 3DS And Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Conatus Creative looking to bring River City Random "home" to Nintendo

We reported last week on a Kickstarter campaign for an officially licensed sequel to the NES classic River City Ransom (known as Street Gangs in Europe). When the campaign went live there was no word on which consoles it would be released on, should it find the required funding — in fact, the developers stated that a Windows-based edition of the game was their primary focus.

However, Conatus Creative founder Daniel Crenna has spoken to Nintendo Everything and revealed that the team wants to bring the series "home" to Nintendo formats:

Our original game plan was: focus on funding on Windows, forget about stretch goals until we’re there, then talk about more platforms. But, all good plans…

We decided PS4 based on information we had at the time and what’s possible for us technically, but we want people to know that we want this on every platform, especially consoles like WiiU and handhelds like 3DS. So, whether we do it in a stretch goal (and we may not reach our first based on our current trajectory) or we do it funded by sales of our Windows release, the platform story doesn’t end with this Kickstarter.

As long as we ship a great game, and have strong numbers and a good relationship with our licensor, then we will have all the incentive we need to keep working on this game on as many platforms as possible, including River City Ransom’s original home on Nintendo.

Conatus Creative is seeking [url.external=
]160,000 Canadian dollars to produce the sequel[/url], and has secured 73,000 dollars of that total at the time of writing. The campaign has another 22 days remaining. The PS4 / Vita stretch goal — which was added shortly after the campaign went live — is 280,000 dollars, so a Wii U or 3DS stretch goal would presumably be beyond that figure.

Will you be pledging your support now you know that the 3DS and Wii U are possible platforms?


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Nintenjoe64 said:

Is the lack of comments here attributable to the lack of interest in this sequel?

I might see if I can do a Kickstarter to get a remake of 'Chuck Rock', 'Pushover' (the Quavers sponsored game) and finish it off with a remake of 'Through the Trapdoor'



Shiryu said:

I hope they make it. I also have a kickstarter up this month for "Blood Alloy" ( I'm the music man on that!) but sadly it's unlikely we will bring it to Nintendo platforms. But back on topic, Kunio is my all time favourite video game character, I really like how he looks on this one. I can but dream this makes it to Wii U and 3DS, because that's where Id love to be able to play it!



manpretty said:

I loved River City Ransom. One of the all time great 8 bit games. I'd grab this in a heart beat. As it is, since I don't own a Vita and don't plan on getting a PS4 for a while, and I don't use my PC to game, a Wii U or 3DS version is the only way I'd play it. I wonder why no PS3 version... I guess they're not planning it on coming out for a while?



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, I'm interested too. I've been hearing good things about the previous games so this could be my first experience. If i don't pick up the VC one first.



Kirk said:

Really liking the look of this so far.

They've really captured the classic look of the original while making it look a bit better too and that's both in terms of the graphics and gameplay it seems.

It's just great pixel art.

Not sure about the character images they have outside the in-game sprites but at least the actual in-game sprites look cool and very charming.



Mommar said:

This is the first I've seen any footage and I love the style. It definitely pays homage but just pops, and looks way better.



PikminWorld said:

Kickstarter is how Nintendo should show their indie support to the public. I've seen a lot of video game kickstarters go for Sony's platforms when they make stretch goals for other platforms, (though I have seen an increase in Wii U stretch goals) but, Nintendo supporting projects through Kickstarter can prove they support indies to the public and get more indie support on board (and possibly future big developers if they were really successful) if they backed their projects to help reach their goals. It would confirm a Wii U version at least.



bezerker99 said:

You will-shall make this game and I shall-will play it!!!! Twenty years have passed???? Wow, I feel old.....wait, I am old!!! (get off my lawn!)



Magrane said:

I won't really feel this is a true River City Ransom sequel without Technos or any of the original programmers involved. This has that "homebrew" feel to it so I have a hard time accepting. However, after reading that the original creator of the series is on board as a consultant, I'm totally sold.

The video, as a River City Ransom fan, is semi-inspiring. It's cool to see a sequel that is a hyper 8-bit game but maybe it's the color palette - it just doesn't FEEL like a River City Ransom game. Maybe it's also because I own "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" and even though it was intended as an homage, it filled in my 20-year gap of missing Kunio-kun games.

But like I said, if it wasn't for the backing of the creator, I wouldn't pay much attention to this attempt. I'm going to take their word that they will make it feel like a respectable follow-up in the same way the GBA version enhanced the original!



Raylax said:


Conatus Creative looking to bring River City Random "home" to Nintendo

River City Random sounds fun!



Darel18 said:

There have been a lot of "remake" of Double Dragon and all, except for the one on GBA from Atlus, were pure extremely crap...
That's why I don't have many hopes with these "series revival". I think there was a remake of River City at the same time of Double Dragon on GBA... Don't know if was good though.

Oh... Battletoads, how much I miss you :''(



ogo79 said:

this will probably be nothing like RCR.
the videos i seen didnt belong the title dawned "official sequel"



Genesaur said:

Glad they view it as the series' home. And didn't we get a River City Ransom game on GBA that one time? Or was that just a port?

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