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Rayman Legends Sells More Copies In The UK On Wii U Than Any Other Format

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo's console leads the charge

As we all know, Rayman Legends was intended to be a Wii U exclusive, and a launch title to boot. However, Ubisoft decided against taking the single platform route and delayed the game in order to port it to other systems — a sound business move, but one that angered many Wii U buyers who had been looking forward to enjoying the title many months ago.

Despite the delay and removal of exclusivity, the Nintendo edition of the game has actually sold better than the PS3 and 360 versions. Rayman Legends is now available in the UK, where it entered the multi-format chart at number 6. However, looking at sales on individual formats — rather than combined totals for the game across all three — the Wii U version comes in at position 14. By way of comparison, the Xbox 360 version is 18th in the chart and the PS3 20th. Unsurprisingly, it topped the Wii U sales chart.

This isn't really all that surprising — after all, the game was promoted as a Wii U exclusive and arguably has the most visibility on that particular format. It also has exclusive gameplay which is built around the use of the GamePad. Even so, given the relatively low number of Wii U consoles in the UK compared to the PS3 and 360, you might have assumed that the Nintendo version would have been a distant second in the sales charts. It just goes to show that when you release quality software, the Wii U user base is receptive — we just need to see more third party support of a similar quality.

Did you pick the Wii U version over the 360 and PS3 editions? Let us know by posting a comment.


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WiiUExposed said:

This is good news. Shows that the Wii U is a viable platform.

Third parties, when you give the Wii U the best version at the same time as the other versions, it will show in the sales.



lbs said:

PS3 and 360 versions are already available at £25 online!



Locke_Highwind said:

I hope ubisoft understand this lesson and give to.the nintendo market more chances to get great games and maybe more exclusives



deusy said:

On OzGameShop, the Wii U version is the only version with the "Top Seller" tag. It must be doing well down under as well.



SanderEvers said:

See here what would've happened in February:

Wii U + Rayman legends as a console seller



LavaTwilight said:

Got my WiiU version - I just couldn't resist and I'm glad we're showing them how much support we'll give developers if they make a decent game for us!



miron_khuzd said:

Having both PS3 and Wii U, I'm going to pick up the retail Wii U version when it hits our local store later in September. Cause the multiplayer with the Wii U GamePad is the coolest way to enjoy Legends obviously.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Like most of the disgruntled Wii U owners said earlier in the year, lots of Wii U owners would have bought Rayman Legends to fill the huge game drought and because it is a quality title. People might have even, dare I say it, bought a Wii U to own a Wii U exclusive game that got near-perfect scores.

The decision to not even allow the Wii U to have timed exclusivity was still a bad one (although Ubi might argue that the delay gave them more exposure).



Truelovetat said:

Just wait until this get's released over here in NA. I'll be there getting my Wii U version.



CommenSense said:

@Nintenjoe64 I was going to get this in Feb, but I am now busy with pickmin and W101 might pick it up cheap later, might not. Would be interesting to have seen how well it would have done.



Big_L91 said:

really good news this!! ive been loving this game so far, a perfect match for wii u if you ask me and easily the best 2d platformer of all time imo.



MathRaph said:

That's very impressive,even more when you compare installed bases. Goes to show to publishers that Wii U is a viable market if your product speaks to the nintendo crowd. Very good news.



dizzy_boy said:

I wonder how many of those sales went to the little babies who declared that they weren't buying this (because of the delays and non exclusivity).



dumedum said:

Surely Ubisoft now understands how pointless it was to delay the release. They could have released it multiplatform later for scraps, but have the game released in Wii U's launch window in a stronger position.

Companies don't understand that taking games multiplatform doesn't necessarily spell great news - Epic Mickey and de Blob good examples. The install base of the Wii/Wii U is very receptive indeed for certain game experiences, more than the other consoles.



nathatruc said:

I wasn't planning on buying it right now but I bought it on the eshop and I don't regret it, it's an amazing game.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@CommenSense same here, I had money and time for this early in the year but now the weather is nice, I have only completed Pikmin once and have plenty of other retail, VC and eshop games I could play so I don't want to add to my backlog. By the time I've had my money's worth of Lego City, NFS and Pikmin, there will be Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and Wii U Party available.



erv said:

Will buy it later on as I'm busy playing the excellent wonderful 101 which should have hit these charts too - oh well, here I am having lots of fun and already lots of stuff to pick up later



Falk_Sturmfels said:

Good news, but you all know, that the sales momentum will fall after this first peak. The other two consoles will make it in the long run.



Falchion said:

But it still was only 14th place... I think they were smart to go multiplatform but not delay the wii u release.



Peach64 said:

If anything this proves they made the right move. It reached 14 on the individual format, which is the same as Wonderful 101 last week. Remember that ended up at 22 in the all format chart. However, combining all platforms leaves Rayman in a very healthy 6th on the chart. They have probably more than doubled their sales, hardly scraps.



bizcuthammer said:

I think this goes to show that Xbox/PS gamers just dont care about innovative, fun games if they arent modeled with realistic graphics and rated mature. None of my 360-owning friends are even remotely interested in it, while almost all my WiiU owning friends are. Not only that, but most of my xbox friends only play sports games, Halo/CoD/Battlefield, and Minecraft. Any other game i try to get them to play they refuse because its 'not cool' or 'not their type of game.' I dont get that, as i play both games like Rayman, Mario, etc. as well as stuff like Halo and Madden. If its a good/fun game, i'll play it. But they dont want to even touch Pikmin 3 or Nintendo Land. I just think its really lame, as they're missing out on some great games and fun.



DiSTANToblivion said:

If only The Wonderful 101 could sell more... I haven't had a chance to even start playing Rayman Legends yet as W101 is taking all my time. Well there's that and the fact I still haven't finished Pikmin 3 either.

I'm playing though about 8 games now (on 3DS as well). I fail to see how Wii U owners are going through software starvation, like some people are still saying. Ahh well I guess people will always complain.



MAB said:

If it's selling well then that means I don't need to buy it, so I will just keep playing Splinter Cell and get Watch Dogs to support their other efforts instead. I'm not surprised about the PS360 though... As if they were gonna trade their COD/Battlefield preorders to play little old not hardcore enough Rayman



Swithom said:

This was once my most anticipated game for the Wii U but... September to december arereally busy months for me and I now have plenty of Wii U games now (not the case in feb) to occupy my time. It's sad but... somehow it's no longer on my agenda.

I might pick it up at a later date but the challenge demo has sated my lust really and so at the moment I don't really feel the need to get the full thing. Maybe next year? maybe...



Chris720 said:

I bet they're just kicking themselves now. I can see it now...

"We should have gone with the intended release date! We could have earned so much money from this game by now."



the_beaver said:

Same will happen with Sonic Lost World and Watchdogs, I'm sure of that. We may have Pikmin already, and Zelda, Mario and DK on the horizon, but we are still hungry of new kind of attractive experiences from thirds. And this is a proof of that. If they make a good and appealing game to us, we will buy it. As simple as that.
The Wonderful 101 is not selling very well, that's true, but rather due to the lack of "visibility". It must be said that the game hasn't made much noise, and specially being a new IP, they cannot expect getting tons of sales... For me it's not really attractive, but I still have to try the demo. Looks too weird.



AyeHaley said:

Well that doesn't surprise me. Rayman sells better on Nintendo hardware and I'm sure gamers know the Wii U version is the ultimate version.
I don't know if you guys played it on PS360 but those QuickTimeEvents are nothing compared to the true Murphy sections.
Rayman Legends is the best platformer I've played in years and is the best platformer on Wii U.



MrGawain said:

I look at this news in a different way- even having 3 platforms, Rayman only came in 6th in the chart, behind a lot of games that have been out for more than one week. I think this is a let down for Ubisoft in general.

And I bought it on Wii U.



rjejr said:

So does this mark an historic occassion? I just cant think of any other multplats that would have sold more on the Wii U in pure nembers. Maybe Disney Infinity from an installed base percentage, but thsts about it.



Damo said:

I notice a lot of people are saying this proves Ubisoft wrong - it doesn't really, because although the Wii U version sold more, the PS3 and 360 editions are both close behind and that's all extra sales.



Damo said:

@MrGawain It sold 20% more in its first week than Origins did, but then again, Origins wasn't exactly a blockbuster success.



FritzFrapp said:

Did my bit. I've had my copy on preorder for a year! Will have to wait just a few days more until dopey Zavvi get it to me. Was only a bargainous £19.95 though, so I can wait just a little longer...
Glad for Michel Ancel to see the game doing well in the charts.



MAB said:

That is about all it will sell on PS360 though... Guns, swearing and car crashes will be here in the coming months



MadAdam81 said:

@Macarony64 Now I want to buy pineapple rum.
I played the fancy demo, and I didn't even play all the free levels as I got bored fairly quick.
I felt it was more for kids than Disney Infinity.



YChung said:

@Araknie I really don't think so. I think they thibk that they have made the right decision and I think they have. They have more than doubled sales of the game releasing it on all platforms. Expect the wii u sales to plummet next week because of low user base



DESS-M-8 said:

This game is unbelievably good, from the art design to the level design and controls, it is just fluid and cool.
Infinitely better than origins which controlled awful, nice to see they have added in 40 levels from origins to replay how they should have been done.

Not only is this game great, the Wii U version is the only version to get. Every other format just has too much missing to be compared to Wii U. The off tv play, the fluid and instant menu naviagation, ALL the murphy levels. It's just not the same game.

Get this and get it on Wii U



Rafie said:

@bizcuthammer The gamers that you mentioned don't speak for the entire community. There are plenty of people that I know (myself included) that is getting the game tomorrow when it releases here in the NA. Gamers that have the 360/PS3 do care about innovation. It just has to be done in a fun way to entice them. Of course some don't and just rather shoot and kill someone on a game, but there are still some that do enjoy better ways to elevate the fun factor in games.

If these crowds on other platforms don't want to play's their prerogative. They'll be missing out totally on cool games. Also mind you that everyone doesn't like platformers, as there are some that don't like shooters, fighters, RPG's, etc. It's preference really.



Smitherenez said:

Still waiting for it to arrive... Stupid online store isn't able to send me one it seems.



Shambo said:

I sure did pick it up on Wii U. And if anyone truely wants to play it, they should get it on Wii U.
I watched the IGN review (I know) and was totally unsurprised the footage was of the 360 version, and they said idiotic things as 'the gamepad features are elegantly replaced to a one-button interaction in other versions' or something like that. Forgive every flaw in every port, except if it's a port to a Nintendo system. That's classic modern IGN. Even review the port, if the original design was for Nintendo.



DirkaDirka said:

That's awesome! Hope this shows as well in North American sales, since the game comes out tomorrow over here.

Looking forward to picking it up sometime this week on Wii U.



Kamalisk said:

Don't forget Rayman is available digitally through the eshop and those sales don't show up here (I don't believe they are released in the xbox and ps3 stores at the same time as retail).
I know many are against digital downloads because of the account system thing but I buy all my games through the eshop, so the WiiU would have definitely sold the most by far if you include that.




If the same thing happens in the US, ubi soft will pay close attention.

This is extremely good news for the Wii U, especially for a game that was delayed in favor of the other platforms.

I will definitely be picking this game up (on the Wii U of course) once I'm done with splinter cell and W101



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Damo I think you may need to fix the game overview description for Rayman Legends. It currently says 2 players but in truth the game supports 5 on the Wii U.

Also, this is good news on the Rayman Legends sales for the Wii U; I was kind of worried for it especially with the negative coverage it was getting before.



Einherjar said:

I hope the suits over at Ubisoft bite themselfs in the behind for not using the oportunity to release Rayman without any competition. That number would surely be doubled and the aditional content could have been DLC, that would have made them aditional money.
Nevertheless, thanks to all the people supporting the WiiU



shonenjump86 said:

I will be picking up Rayman Legends this coming Friday... On 360 though, along with Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. I don't have a Wii U just yet.



Dyltheman said:

i knew this would happen, which was my main reason to be pissed off back in feburary. also, when i picked it up yesterday the wii u version was cheapest XD



CaPPa said:

It's great that the Wii U version is selling well as it sends a message to Ubisoft.

I can't help but think that had they released it during the February drought that they would have got a lot more sales though. I know a few people who would have bought it then but are now using their money to get GTAV etc.



JuleyJules said:

I bought it on Wii U - the only system I have - and it shipped already! Out tomorrow here and I can't wait!! This is the system it was originally made for and seems to be the best one. Glad to see it's exclusive to Wii U in Japan.



JudgeMethos said:

I'll be getting mine in a couple weeks for Wii U Never once thought about gettin it for my 360 considering it was being exclusively made for the Wii U. I figured it'd be the better version. Awesome!



Sceptic said:

Good to hear some good news. There's obviously an actual market here, if you do it right.



DerpSandwich said:

It's funny how so many people said they weren't going to buy the game/not buy it on Wii U because of the delay. That's literally the opposite of what you should do. If you really want to stick it to them, you've got to buy it on the platform it was planned for. You've got to show them that it's worth developing for. Otherwise you're just proving that their decision was a good one.

But a lot of people don't tend to understand the economics of this stuff...



Sceptic said:

There's no way to stick it to Ubi in this. Buy it, and it's sales for them, but they're getting more sales overall thanks to multiplatform, so it proves them right. Don't buy it and shows there's no market on WiiU and it proves them right.

People may have to come to terms with the idea that Ubi probably did the right thing. For a third-party developer, platform exclusivity is an obsolete concept these days IMO.




Thank goodness that's right guys show Ubi that the Wii U a powerhouse platform that their games need to be on and need not worry if something is gonna sale on it or not.



kegluneq said:

I`m gonna buy it later. with a price drop. cause there`s nintendo games coming. I prefer to spend my money with nintendo and not with a stupid company like ubisoft



cfgk24 said:

If Ubisoft had released in February, it would have had all those lovely profits sitting in it's bank account for an extra 6 months!!! ANd then it could have released multiplatform - especially after the superb reception on the Wii U! PS3 and 360 players would have been pumped up for their release date this august!



AdanVC said:

This is like the punishment for Ubisoft from Wii U users. They thought this game would not sell on Wii U and now is selling more there than other platforms. Every Wii U owner should buy this game to show Ubisoft they were wrong >: ) (and support 3rd Party there because it really need it)



JaxonH said:

Probably not. They're more likely thinking "Glad we nearly tripled our sales by porting to other consoles". Doesn't matter how good Wii U does. PS3/360 still did well, and more is more. This is a gargantuan business we're talking about here, and gargantuan businesses like more money. Though there is something to be said for a console with less than 4 million userbase outselling two consoles with 75 million userbase each.



strongest_link said:

I preordered RL along with Pikmin 3 back when Best Buy had a buy 1 Wii U game, get a second for half price deal. I'm still not regretting that decision



TechnoEA said:

Some of you guys are thinking in short term not long term, long term Ubisoft made a great decision.

Not only is Rayman Legends selling well on Wii U, it gets released on PSN tomorrow and a lot of people who play Digital Only, will jump at the chance to pick it up.

I'm getting it on Vita and maybe PS3.

Stop letting fanboyism blind you.



xKing_Koopahx said:

Reason I bought the wii u so early was because of this game. I was super excited for it. I thought everyone wanted this game and I bought it quick.

But back to the topic. Rayman Legends is meant to be played on a Wii u all the other consoles are ports and sub par. I seriously think that when Rayman went to Wii. It got the true platforming 4 player action that ubi was going for. The Wii mote made the game very simple to play the game and complemented the simplicity and mechanics of rayman origins.

Now with the Wii u tablet.. Ubi brought it to a whole other dimension of gameplay. You guys saw the ps3 and Xbox ports.. Not even close.



unrandomsam said:

I hated Origins so I likely won't get this for a very long time if ever.

(Don't think I would even pay £5 at the point in the Wii U's lifetime where everything is dirt cheap used. I don't care about supporting Ubisoft in fact I actively want to avoid doing so whilst staying legal.)

I certainly won't get it on the PC uplay shows exactly what contempt they have for their customers.



Yoshis_VGM said:

I'm I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?

Ubisoft decides to make a Wii U game multi-platform.
Wii U version sells the best.

Too funny! I hope the same thing happens out here in the US. Comes out tomorrow!



Peach64 said:

@hwrose379 As many have already said, this would have been a flop without the other versions. The Wii U version came 14th on the individual chart, the same place as Wonderful 101 did last week, which everyone agreed was huge flop. It didn't even make the all formats top 20. However, with these 3 versions combined, they managed to get an all formats position of 6, so I'm sure they're feeling they made the right call.

Well done to everyone who bought it on Wii U though. I daresay it's a game more worthy of good sales than either Pikmin 3 or Wonderful 101, which are both pretty good, but Legends is going to be on many GOTY lists come the end of the year.



gojiguy said:

In slightly related news... Ubisoft really needs to put a price drop on ZombiU. No wonder they complained about sales for that game... It's still listed at $60!



Kaabiitorori said:

That's good news indeed! Clearly shows to Ubisoft the Wii U version had a lot of expectations and shows the platform has a viable outcome. If these numbers can be translated in the upcoming Ubisoft titles (Watch Dogs, AC IV, etc.), I'm sure they will keep on supporting the system.

Now I hope the game keeps on selling long enough. Rayman Origins wasn't exactly a blockbuster success, and with upcoming beasts like GTA 5 this could hurt Legends a lot. I hope I am wrong!

@Peach64 GOTY or not, both Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101 deserve healthy sales as well. Well, any really good game (especially new IPs) deserve healthy sales in order to succeed. These two, as well as Rayman Legends, look very impressive and I'll definitely get them altogether throughout this month, that's for sure. =)



banacheck said:

While this drops in the charts on the Wii U, i'll watch as climbs the charts on the PS3, the reason behind this is obvious.



Megumi said:

....Guess I'll go ahead and still get this game....Still annoyed that Ubisoft delayed it for the multiplatform release. But whatever...moving on.



S7eventhHeaven said:

on the ps3 and 360 the touch screen wii-u exclusive stages have been replaced by a computer ai that you activate with one button. this ai sucks and doesnt always react or go where you wish it would and thus you die. wii-u all the way.



S7eventhHeaven said:

@TechnoEA in 15 days ps3 owners and xbox 360 owners will stop buying rayman legends as this decades most awaited game GTA 5 is released. the wii-u will still dominate in sales for rayman legends.



GiftedGimp said:

Great news that it is I'm slightly worried that this alone won't keep ubisoft or entice other 3rd party publishers to support(ing) WiiU next year.
However well Rayman has done Ubisoft have to take into account how poor the WiiU version of Splintercell has sold compared to other versions and unless Watch_dogs and Blackflag sell well on WiiU Ubisoft will be very selective as to what the do and don't release on WiiU.



Wowfunhappy said:

@Falk_Sturmfels Will they though? Remember that the PS4 and XBO are coming out this fall, and won't be backwards compatible with last-gen games. The Wii U, on the other hand, will be around for a while.



R_Champ said:


I think any Nintendo fan should be annoyed, but I also think we should willing forgive and forget (at least for now) with how much love Ubi is still showing the Wii U. A good example is still giving the Wii U the best version of Rayman

The Wii U version selling the best even after the back-stabbing delay shows they should have tried harder for a timed exclusive though. Imagine how much more it would have sold back in February when there weren't any games coming up for months. That, and Nintendo haters were so desperate not to buy a Wii U they would have still purchased it 7 months later without complaint.



Uno said:

I was going to buy it half a year ago, but right now I'm busy playing Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101. I'm still going to buy this game, but probably at a lower price, since there are some awesome games being launched in the next months.



Gamer83 said:

Good to see Wii U owners had enough sense not to hold the delay against the game. If Watch_Dogs and AC IV also perform well, that should ensure the strong support Ubisoft has given the Wii U will continue.



gameboy1975 said:

All over the net where i have read this news, i notice that the usual naysayers & others downplaying it only wanna look at it 1 way it seems. Nevermind that yeah the u version may not be light years ahead in sales, but given the install base & the fact that they may have missed even more wii u sales with the delay is also very valid. I can tell you that they personally lost 2 sales of the game from yours truly.

And it is nothing about being bitter, but rather that now there's other titles that have leap frogged it or have my interest. They could have filled that lull, grab some of these sales , and still sold it to the other fans; that instead of competing with more intruiging softawre & angering or losing the interest of other potential buyers. So you can say what you want, but there's also other ways to look at it if we're going to spin things.



withoutdk said:

This is just great... i have ordered my copy as well.. hope the game is good and that it will show all the dev-houses out there that quality software is worth it.. also on the WII U!

i love the wii u.. being the green alternative to an xbox or ps3 (or even the new ones.)




samfzgames said:

This is great news in terms of Ubisoft support in the future. ZombiU failed hard for them, and that's the reason they made Rayman multiplatform, but based on this it looks like we can continue to see their support, potentially with more exclusives or exclusive features, in the future.



element187 said:

@Macarony64 mmmm pineapple rum... it gets the girls drunk !!

My wife (not a drinker in the least bit) doesn't even realize shes drinking booze when I pick up Pineapple rum.



Jazzer94 said:

This is Pikmin 3 all over again, next week it won't even be in the top forty if we only took Wii U sales (not hating brought the game for Wii U and its excellent).



gameboy1975 said:


Yeah, that sucks as far as Splinter Cell goes. I really don't know how bad it is doing to be honest; especially when I hear that a lot of the digital buys go undetected for a bit. To be fair to the userbase though, there's been plenty of reports of the bugs in the game and the knowledge that it's missing features & essentially gimped in some ways...yet they're still expected to kick out 60 bucks.

So yeah, the sales may not be up to par, but that also seems to be the case in some ways concerning the product. Hell, I wanted the title bad as I have not played a SC since the gen before last. However, I am personally waiting for the supposed patches that are coming (like the ones that I hear are already promptly done for the other systems) and kinks to be worked out before I part with my dough. That $$$ can be better served elsewhere or on another title until they make me a priority as they do fans of (their) games on other platforms. Plain & simple UBISOFT as games are NOT a necessity.



dimi said:

Now we can hope for more games for kids. Leave mature titles for Sony and MS



Kalmaro said:

For all of you people saying that Ubisoft made the right decision in no making the wiiu version exclusive, you're missing a huge point.

The mistake Ubisoft made was not releasing the game in February as the advertised,

Releasing the game to other platforms is perfectly fine and a great business decision, however, making the WiiU owners who were promised the game almost half a year before everyone else was a very bad decision since that equals to money they could have been building up not existing due to their own lack of faith in Nintendo.

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