Earlier today eagle-eyed Pokémon fans found an image of Pyroar on IGN, and now the site has officially revealed the 'mon. An evolution of Litleo, it's a fire and normal-type Royal Pokemon with abilities such as Rivalry and Unnerve. It can also unlock Normal-type move Echoed Voice, "which makes its power grow with every turn. Its power will increase even if other Pokémon use it, so try Echoed Voice out with your allies in Double Battles and Triple Battles to experience its real value.”

Original Article:

Yesterday brought a typical barrage of Pokémon X & Y news, with CoroCoro magazine revealing four new 'mon and pictures of Mega Mewtwo and starter evolutions. While the usual press release with Western names and official details and artwork is no doubt being put together by The Pokémon Company right now, it seems another creature has been revealed in somewhat more unconventional means.

Pictured below is Pyroar, which was apparently discovered on IGN by "playing with the URL"; in other words, the suggestion is that screenshots had been uploaded in the site's system and not published to the official pages, but were there nevertheless for eager experimenters to uncover. They seem to be legitimate, with the suggestion being that the 'mon could be an evolution of Litleo.

So there you have it, what do you think of this one?

Pyroar One

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