Pokémon X & Y are already the most globally synchronised entries in the series to date with a simultaneous worldwide release; now it is reportedly confirmed that a feature allowing Pokédex entries in multiple languages will also be part of the titles.

Speaking to Nintendo World Report, Director Junichi Masuda confirmed the function, saying that when players “...trade a Pokémon that comes from a different language in the game [they will] unlock that entry in the Pokédex for that language.”

Multilingual Pokédex entries have been available in previous generations, including HeartGold & SoulSilver and Black & White, but were limited to certain Pokémon. Hopefully, with the global emphasis of X & Y, all Pokémon great and small will possess a full range of entries.

Were you aware of the ability to gain Pokédex entries in other languages in past games? Do you plan on taking advantage of the feature in X & Y? Let us know below.

[via nintendoworldreport.com]