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Pokémon X & Y 3DS XL Systems Hit the West on 27th September

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

In red and blue varieties


Nintendo of Europe has confirmed what we suspected in the article below — these limited edition systems will not be bundled with copies of Pokémon X & Y.

Original Article:

During today's Pokémon Direct broadcast, Satoru Iwata spilled the beans on a routinely leaked and widely expected reveal of recent weeks — limited edition 3DS XL hardware to celebrate the release of Pokémon X & Y. They'll come in blue and red, as predicted in retailer leaks, and arrive in North America and Europe on 27th September.

What that release date seems to confirm is that the games won't be included on their respective systems, with the packaging visible (above) not mentioning an included game copy. The wording in the broadcast and in subsequent tweets has also made no mention of an included game, so it seems this will just be hardware alone, rather than a bundle.

We'll keep an eye out for more details, but in the meantime you can check out both designs below.

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Jazzer94 said:

But the designs are absolutely gorgeous, this is why I have waited so long to upgrade to a 3DSXL.



rjejr said:

I pity the family who's kid asks for one of these but their parents bring them home a red or blue 2DS instead.

Releasing these 2 weeks before the game w/o bundling the game makes as much sense as announcing the Wii U price cut 3 weeks in advance. Hey only 2 more weeks and 2 days and people can buy a Wii U Deluxe bundle for $299.99.



SphericalCrusher said:

These look amazing! This is a "Want but don't need scenario" but would be awesome if I could just give my blue XL to my son, since he's been wanting an XL (He does really well playing mine) and get the blue or red XY one... Hmmm... Nonetheless, wow. Just wow!

Edit: I was halfway expecting the game to come out with this 3DS but be on a time stamp and unavailable until Oct 12 but that does not seem to be the case.



Trikeboy said:

Ok, I'm getting the blue version. I don't have a 3DS XL yet and this is the perfect time to upgrade. The blue makes the designs "pop" a bit better.



tchaten said:

These look great - the blue does look hotter for the design they choose - where can I preorder this! ...



Yrreiht said:

Maybe they'll include a code in the package to download the game when it's out?



Pokefanmum82 said:

If the game doesn't come with the system that is a shame and rather stupid (to me anyways). I'd rather have waited until the 12th so I could get it with the game pre-installed. But still getting the red one anyways because I need a new 3DS. I already have the games pre-ordered anyways.



pikku said:

Those are pretty sexy, I must say. And I'm not even a huge Pokemon fan.



Shambo said:

@BlatantlyHeroic @Jazzer94 These are clearly also aimed at collectors like me... Therefor, including a downloadable game makes no sense, you'll pay extra for something that is not collectible.
I want all my games boxed, and that's probably the main reason I'm not buying the Zelda Wii U system. Another reason of course is that I've already preordered the Special Edition of the game.
Still, no matter how gorgeous these systems are, I already have the Pikachu Edition 3ds, and quite a few other Pkmn themed systems. I MIGHT pass.



JuanitoShet said:

I said it from the start that these would be announced. Because it's POKÉMON, and Pokémon merchandise is good for business.

I have the Zelda Edition 3DS, but if ANY person could make me envious with their 3DS, it's be if they owned one of these. :B



element187 said:

@rjejr You can buy the deluxe bundle for $299 already.... most retailers are offering incentives to clear stock. Target was selling the deluxe with a free $50 gift card.



kinatarai said:

Awesomenes, super excited. But man it does suck the game doesn't come with the console, hopefully they we change that and it will come with the console.



sillygostly said:

Meh. I'm not crazy about the design. I'd rather stick with my childishly too-embarrassing-to-play-with-in-public Pikachu 3DS XL. =P



bluecat said:

Hmmm, I've been wanting to upgrade to a 3DS XL...that red one is calling to me...



Captain_Gonru said:

Well, if the Yellow XL is any indication, Well you better get in line now. My local Target sold out of those in literally a minute.



DeathCode said:

I never got a Nintendo 3DSXL so this might be the time to grab one these designs are gorgeous.



ShikabaneHime13 said:

I'd have preferred one legendary per console. The current design seems a my honest opinion. Had it been Yveltal on Red and Xerneas on Blue, then I'd be rushing to Gamestop right now. As it stands, I'll stick with my Pikachu XL and import the gold system from Japan (getting Japanese region copies as well so I can play my US copies in English and use the Japanese copies in Japanese for my language class)



rjejr said:

@element187 - "You can buy the deluxe bundle for $299 already.... most retailers are offering incentives to clear stock."

Best Buy, TRU, Kmart, Walmart and Target websites still all have it listed for $349 and I didn't see any incentives mentioned. I forgot to check Gamestop though. TRU actually still lists the $299 white but it isn't available for shipping and isn't available if the half dozen stores within 50 miles of my house.
Most (I forget which) websites also showed the Zelda bundle for $299 available for pre-order, so I suppose technically you could "buy" it now and get it in 2 1/2 weeks. Seems like the way to go.

You are probably correct about the in store offers but I haven't been in any in awhile.



wicked636 said:

@sillygostly that was real funny wording on the pika 3ds...i am thinkin about the red one but might just get the black.never upgraded from original black.



FishieFish said:

These look amazing! I'm upgrading even though I only spent 10 hours on White (my only Pokemon game) and then gave up on the third gym leader because I couldn't beat it.



Wolf_Link said:

I love my zelda 3ds. the only way I would be willing to upgrade, is if they release that absolutely gorgeous Charizard 3dsxl. In Reggie's words, any other 3ds/xl is a "Meh"



Shambo said:

@unrandomsam Probably will happen artificially, when it's sold out in stores. Retailers have to stick within a certain price range I believe. Ebay won't.



Mr_3DS said:

So glad it doesn't have the game. I like getting physical copies and I'm sure if this included the game it would be downloadable and it would bring the cost up by at least $30. This is good!



FJOJR said:

Yikes. If I were a richer man I would switch my teal 3DS to the red one. I sure do hope it's downloadable early. Would be my first 3DS retail download.



WindWakerLink said:

Why would these systems come with the X & Y games if the system is coming out 9/27 & X &Y is going to be a "Worldwide" release on 10/12?? "I guess wishful thinking." Anyway that's GREAT!!! I rather physical copy of the game than forcing me to have it on the SD Card.



EpicGamer said:

I want this, I want this bad. The 3DS XL has recently peeked my interest (after seeing a life-size cardboard cutout of one, my mind was blown, because of how huge it was! I never thought the screens and the system its self was THAT big.)



rdp223 said:

All I had to do was wait a month and a couple weeks and I would have gotten one of these collectors items. But I'm still satisfied with my BlackonBlack XL...I can always slap a design on there for some uniqueness haha.



NightmareXIV said:

I already have a 3DS XL I'm not going to spend money on a collector's item with nothing special about it.

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