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Panzer Dragoon Creator Yukio Futatsugi Wants To Work With Nintendo Again

Posted by Damien McFerran

"We have a good relationship with them"

Yukio Futatsugi — the man behind Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword and Sega's beloved Panzer Dragoon series — clearly likes to keep himself busy. He's been speaking to Siliconera at the Tokyo Game Show about his future projects, and has revealed a desire to work with Nintendo again — as well as continue to have a relationship with Microsoft and develop for smartphones. Where does he find the time?

Futatsugi — who established his studio Grounding after parting company with Sega — said:

My personal interest is in smartphones. They’re gradually becoming capable of having visuals like this. We’ve worked on a number of mobile games so far, and I’m really interested in using the network aspect to make a more interesting game. Perhaps we’ll work with Nintendo again, since we have a good relationship with them…and naturally, Microsoft has been great to us. We want to do a lot of different things, so I guess we’re kind of a greedy company!

For those of you with keen memories, this might seem like an odd thing to say, as Futatsugi revealed back in June that his studio was already hard at work on an unannounced project for Nintendo's handheld. Perhaps that game has stalled or fallen through, or maybe Futatsugi is being deliberately obtuse about his plans to keep things under wraps?

Whenever the reason, we do know that Grounding is currently putting the finishing touches to the much-delayed Crimson Dragon, seen by many as the spiritual successor to the aforementioned Panzer Dragoon. The game was originally intended as an Xbox 360 Kinect title, but is now being re-tooled as an Xbox One launch release. Futatsugi has high hopes for the game, and told Siliconera that he would be interested in creating an RPG based in the same universe, should the Xbox One release sell well enough.


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Macarony64 said:

I would love some Sega Saturn remakes on the 3ds . Burning rangers, sakura wars,shining force 3 and other games that where great but Sega screw up during that time also a Saturn vc on wiiu.



Kifa said:

It's funny how everyone has "good relationship" with Nintendo, and yet so many are reluctant to actually do anything about it. I understand that there are reasons behind it, more or less, but can't we just talk openly and straight up say that "we will not support Nintendo unless they sell us 10+ millions of systems to make games for"?



Nintenjoe64 said:

Go on Nintendo, fund Sega to make a brand new Panzer Dragoon for me!

Nintendo really need to start getting some Sega classics (from Saturn and Dreamcast) on VC. I'd definitely rebuy Panzer Dragoon, Sega Rally and MSR..



Shiryu said:

I can't but imagine the possibilities of the core "Panzer Dragoon" mechanics using the Wii U gamepad. In fact, the Wii U is just the perfect place to have a new Panzer Dragoon IMO, hope to see something like that in the future.



MAB said:

Less crappy new games (except for Sonic Lost World)... More Megadrive/32X/CD/Saturn/Dreamcast VC



Araknie said:

"My personal interest is in smartphones."

Bad way to start, come to a real console you'll ditch smartphones soon enough i bet ya.



archlord said:

@Araknie This man probably sees a future where mobile platforms dominate the game industry. I can certainly see it happening and I think the big 3 see it as well.



Platinumhobo said:

Loved Panzer dragon and definitely loved Sakura Samurai too. Can't wait to see what Yukio has in store.



Emblem said:

"My personal interest is in smartphones."

I can't take any developer seriously who starts anything with this line. The only smartphone games that can't also be d/l titles on a console are ones filled with micro transactions.



Windy said:

Come on Panzer Dragoon Saga 3DS! Or Panzer Dragoon 3DS would be nice too



GraveLordXD said:

@archlord yeah I know I kinda hate it if I ever do take that aspect of gaming seriously it would be a tablet with a great button layout and better games for sure , I know there's a few good ones here and there but most of them are garbage and I can't have a phone call stopping and interrupting my game I just want my phone to not break when I drop it and make decent phone calls and run my apps I just don't think it makes for a good gaming device
A tablet would but it has to be done right and so far its not even close



archlord said:

@LDXD I have an ASUS Transformer which is like a hybrid tablet/netbook with an NVIDIA Tegra 3. Most of the games are crap. Some good ones, but too many are knock offs of major console/portable/PC titles. I do enjoy some games, but I don't think I'll ever get used to strictly touch screen controls.

In the future, we will probably see a pleasant gaming experience from mobile platforms, but it's at least a few years away. If Nintendo joined the fray and made a phone with a controller dock of some sort I'd be all over. OF COURSE, it'd have to have a block call feature.



GraveLordXD said:

@archlord lol yeah but then your calls will never get through can you imagine your girlfriend or the wife trying to call and you got it blocked because your playing a game for me it will be a lot that will seriously get me into trouble, if they did do something like that I would buy the tablet version for sure and I trust Nintendo to put some quality games on their
I honestly see a home console portable hybrid type thing for the next generation or soon after



SecondServing said:

@archlord I don't think consoles will die off even after the ps4/Xbox. And if they do, I'm pretty sure it'll be PC gaming as the lead system. Yes, tablets will be used for some gaming, but I just can't see millions and millions of hardcore gamers wanting to play a game on a tablet. We're too used to having buttons. Hell, even my friends that are casual gamers hate tablet and smartphone gaming and prefer a Nintendo console or a Xbox to game.



archlord said:

@LDXD @SecondServing I don't think they'll die off, more so the technologies will combine. One device for everything. A docking station here, a portable dock there. Something will change. I will always prefer a straight up console though.

Oh, and LDXD, perhaps a small notification that would pop-up or an LED to let you know of an incoming call. Gives you enough chance to either answer or simply ignore and save your game and an appropriate spot.



Shinto said:

Nintendo really need to start getting some Sega classics from Saturn and Dreamcast I want to see many classics of the SEGA Saturn and Dreamcast



GraveLordXD said:

Yeah I don't think dedicated home consoles will die off anytime soon , I do see however a combination of home and portables



CazTheGamerGuy said:

@Windy Sadly, that won't happen: The original code for Panzer Dragoon Saga was lost. It's why we haven't seen an HD re-release or port to modern consoles, which is a shame from what i've heard of it.



raith said:

Nintendo already has an exclusive Sonic game, which is a great start to attract the Sega audience. I agree with some of you when you say Nintendo needs to resurrect more Sega IPs. But the one game of theirs they want see return is Shenmue 3. If Nintendo manages to fund it and other dormant Sega classics, it can definitely move systems.



retro_player_22 said:

A new Panzer Dragoon for Wii U would be awesome. Hey if Nintendo want a perfect candidate to developed a new Star Fox, this guy is the one since Panzer Dragoon and Star Fox does had similarity.



unrandomsam said:

If you just look at what the Panzer Dragoon track is like in Allstars Racing Transformed it just shows what it could be like.



CazTheGamerGuy said:

@Windy I am aware of that, but regardless, a new Panzer Dragoon game would be excellent, but again, unlikely since Crimson Dragon is made to be a spiritual successor.



DESS-M-8 said:

@MadAussieBloke You want less crappy games AND want 32X virtual console titles? Seems a bit of a contradiction. There's only 1 good game on the 32X out of the 18-36 titles (depending on your territory) that got made.
As long Saturn makes an appearance as a new format, bringing Radiant Silvergun, Burning Rangers, NiGHTS into Dreams, Sega Rally '95, Deep Fear, Shinobi X, Panzer Dragoon Series, Guardian Heroes, Street Fighter Vs X-Men, Clockwork Knight etc etc etc. so many classics, not to mention unused Sega IP's, the Sega Saturn is beggin for a virtual resurrection (especially given te price of these titles on eBay.



DESS-M-8 said:

@cazthegamerguy yes it is a shame, GREAT game. I had it for years and only just recently sold it for £113!!!! Very rare and expensive game.
BUT a HD release of a 32-bit game would be a disaster. Even the PC release of the original metal gear solid looked disgusting so the original code going missing is not a problem. They would need to make the game from scratch with a new graphic engine (similar to square remaking final fantasy VII) therefore it is possible as the original code is not needed to make a true remake

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