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Nintendo Direct: Watch The Pokémon Direct Broadcast Live

Posted by Damien McFerran

Pokémon X & Y details revealed within

Today Nintendo will run a Pokémon-themed Direct broadcast which will focus on the forthcoming Pokémon X & Y for the 3DS console. The video will air at 7am PST / 1PM CEST / 12PM UK time.

You can watch the entire broadcast below and post comments to share your opinions with other Nintendo Life readers about the footage and much more besides.

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NintyMan said:

No live chat, huh? No biggie, but I'm looking forward to seeing what will be shown and announced today. This is the most interested I've felt about Pokemon since the beginning years. It'll be pretty nostalgic once I get to play the game later this year, and yet the game will be new enough for me to get back into the series.



Kyloctopus said:

I've never actually noticed this before, but Damien has one awesome About section. If you haven't looked at it yet, you really should.



ShanaUnite said:

Why is it that im always right in time for the direct broadcasts without even trying o.0



Discipledoctor said:

I'm excited for Bank, but we're halfway through and that's all they've announced. Come on, guys, I love you but let's move on!



Lalivero said:

There was a Pokemon mobile gameboy adapter? Really makes you see how far we've come with the internet.



ShanaUnite said:

Well ........... That was interesting i guess :S like the fact that we get kanto starter as well



BulbasaurusRex said:

Remember way back when people would come up with fake evolutions for Charizard? Who would've guessed we'd actually get a real one someday?

As for my choice in partner Pokémon, I'll give you three guesses, and the first two don't count.



sillygostly said:

I'm annoyed that we can only transfer Pokémon from Black, White, Black 2 and White 2. Why not Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver? I don't want to have to transfer them all manually via Black and White first (It's tedious as hell).



Jazzer94 said:

I'm confused do the special edition 3DSXLs come with pokemon installed.



jjmesa16 said:

Wow. Not a lot of news for 20 minutes. 15 minutes of the direct was dedicated to the history of Pokemon while 5 minutes was dedicated to the new features. Waste of time.



RainbowGazelle said:

They said we need to use Pokemon Bank to transfer pokemon from White and Black to X and Y. They also said we need to pay for Pokemon Bank. Does this mean we need to pay, just to transfer our Pokemon across?



Sensei_Sendai said:

With luck we get a free version of it with our first purchase. I'm wondering what happens if we don't pay, I'd assume we just lose access to our Pokemon until we renew. Hopefully it's not too expensive as this could be a useful service for future games



Reverandjames said:

So, no Pokemon Blue/Red VC announcement? Shame. They would sell so many as the hype train is a rollin' for pokemon right now, but then again, Nintendo are clearly not interested in making money... oh well, back to rumble blast.



ShikabaneHime13 said:

People complaining about the fact that Pokemon Bank will cost a fee... Do you seriously not realize that ongoing upkeep for services does cost money? They stated the service is supposed to be around for years and be useful even for future installments of the franchise games. So if it were free, chances are it might be lackluster and then people would gripe and groan if that was the case.... I doubt it would be an exorbitant fee as they know a lot of kids would need their parents' permission to use the service (unless you can use eShop cards to fund the fee). Also, the fee is annual, not per use. Quit crying until we get more solid details.



LoveSugoi said:

The actual news we got was good but it still felt like a pretty "empty" Direct. Only 20 minutes and most of it was spent talking about feelings and reflections. Oh well. Chespin and Bulbasaur W starter FTW. That Mega Charizard evolution is freaking sweet though.



RainbowGazelle said:

@ShikabaneHime13 I'm totally fine with an annual fee if I am to use the Bank service to keep pokemon in. All I'm saying is that it would suck if it costs for people who only want to use it to transfer pokemon from Black/White to X/Y and nothing else.



adam9431 said:

I posted a topic in the forums about the special editions coming out on the 27th a few days ago!!!



jjmesa16 said:

Pokemon Bank opens on Christmas Day in Japan and costs 500¥ ($5) a year. It has a free trial until January 31st.



SpookyMeths said:

Well, that was... deliberately paced. There was about 3 minutes of news stretched out over 20 minutes.

Since I skipped Gen. 5 though, I guess the only really news for me was classic partner Pokemon, which I can dig.



Ralizah said:

Yes! They let you choose a Gen 1 starter as well! Near the beginning of the game, it looks like!



Kirk said:

Would have liked to have seen more footage of game and I'm not sure about the idea of charging just to store Pokemon in the online bank (I guess that's really just for the obsessed fans with money to spare).

The game still looks great though and happy to see this particular return of the original starters.

Edit: If the bank is only around $5 for the year and there's a free trial period, as someone mentioned above, then I guess it's no biggie.



Trikeboy said:

Has everyone forgotten about the downloadable Torchic? It comes with the mega evolution stone. That's three awesome looking fire starters.



flummerfelt said:

I personally think it was an awesome direct. So much nostalgia, especially since I've been with pokemon since gen 1. So good to see the old starters again!



bluecat said:

$5 a year for the bank? Now if it was $5 a month I'd be a bit peeved. But a year? Pssh, that's like nothing.



chiefeagle02 said:

Great to see that there's a way to transfer Pokemon from B/W and B2/W2 to the new games. Having no such option would probably have been an absolute deal-breaker for me. I have to wonder how much the transporter app will go for (not more than a few bucks, I imagine, like the Dream Radar).

The cloud-based Pokemon storage is an interesting idea. However, part of me would rather have something along the lines of Pokemon Stadium for storage (a standalone game with offline storage and a LOT of great trainer practice, opportunities for rare Pokemon or abilities like teaching Pikachu how to surf, and mini-games). But I digress, having the ability to access the cloud and your Pokemon, regardless of future hardware and software releases, is extremely enticing (with Stadium, you were limited to the Game Boy generation). On another note, the idea of paying for a Nintendo service is nothing new (remember, Flipnote for the 3DS is going to charge a few bucks a month for its World Service). I also have to wonder though, if you forget to pay your monthly dues, does your account just get suspended until you pay again OR does it get deleted (wiping away that hard-traded Shaymin). I can see people playing this religiously for the first four or five months and then slowing down when other high-profile 3DS games come out (Smash Bros 3DS, et cetera), completely forgetting they ARE subscribed to this service. Then again, I think this is more for the uber serious trainer who WOULD need space for 3,000 Pokemon as opposed to the casual collector (like me...and on that note...).

The Gen 1 starters is a cool idea, but my Pokedex in White is already complete, so I've got ALL of the starters already (bwahaha...but I imagine there may be a stipulation where you have to beat the Elite Four before being able to transfer Pokemon to the 3DS, like it was when transferring Pokemon from B/W to B2/W2).

All in all, this Direct answered a lot of the tech questions I had about X & Y (mainly about transferring Pokemon from older generations). It's still not a "Day One, OMG!" purchase for me, but it's made me feel better about potentially picking this up.



Zup said:

Usually I might be annoyed about them changing the best ever group of starters, even if it does make them better, but this time I find that I really don't mind. And I gotta admit, they look pretty freaking awesome.



Firebird360 said:

I'm new to pokemon. Can someone explain why we would need 3000 pokemon bank? Aren't they all the same or are there different versions of a pokemon? I'm confused.



Trikeboy said:

@Firebird360 each Pokemon caught has different stats like attack, defence etc. People who play at tournaments spend a lot of time searching for the right Pokemon. They will catch many of the Pokemon they are looking for until they get the one they want to train. Also, Pokemon Bank will be updated every time a new entry to the series is made. It will be compatible with games made in 20 years time, if the franchise is still going. Those 3000 spaces will fill up with all the new and not imagined yet Pokemon.



FilmerNgameR said:

I like the Pokémon search idea in the Pokémon bank tool I had some difficult times looking for a specific Pokémon in my PC boxes so, this is a good idea.

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