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Monster Hunter 4 Will Allow You To Dress Up As Link Through Collaborative DLC

Posted by Orla Madden

See Mario and Luigi outfits in the full presentation, too

During this morning's Monster Hunter 4 themed Japanese Nintendo Direct, Capcom revealed that the upcoming 3DS title will allow players to obtain costumes from Nintendo's biggest franchises through specific DLC quests.

One quest enables you to dress up your Felyne in the famous Mario and Luigi outfits, equipping you with hammers to smash and bash your way through the task at hand. Players will be able to acquire the iconic costumes at 7-11 stores throughout Japan, but it's said they'll later be available online.

Further on in the broadcast, we see that the main character is fully dressed in Link's renowned green tunic, boasting the Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Those who prefer to attack from a distance have the option to use Link's bow and arrow. Details will be announced at a later date as to when The Legend of Zelda equipment will be made available.

Monster Hunter 4 will launch in Japan on 15th September. You can watch the full presentation below, which demonstrates plenty of gameplay including online hunting, which has the usual lobby and text chat options included.

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dumedum said:

Good... it will make even more money!

Looks stunning. So it's another Zelda game basically.



Senario said:

Take my money right now!! Although I do hope the version they bring to the west is the G rank one.



Emblem said:

The US & EU announcements are only a matter of time now , this is going to sell like hot cakes.



Spoony_Tech said:

That's the best thing ever! Who doesn't want a little bit of Link in their Monster Hunter!



NImH said:

So it's this the"secret project" that Nintendo is working with Capcom? If so, I'd really hoped for an exclusive game... this does look cool though.



Mahemoth said:

Haha this is awesome, If it doesn't get ported to Wii u, I will slap them though...



daznsaz said:

theres a lot of new monsters,hope we get it.there making the videos available to the west wiiu owners so fingers crossed



Vincent294 said:

Bring this over to the US w/ the freaking DLC Capcom! For once I really want to buy your DLC!



ollietaro said:

@dumedum Now that you mention it, both series of games are quite similar. Have you played Monster Hunter? It's somewhat different from Zelda. This outfit is only an armor and a weapon that you can get. That's the only "link" to the Zelda series there is. Both are action-adventure but Monster Hunter has you searching for monsters and slaying or capturing them in quests that you choose from a list whereas Zelda is story-driven. Both have exceptional adventuring aspects but it's difficult to describe the differences. Look up a youtube video of Monster Hunter and you'll see. However MH4 is rumoured to focus more on story and adventure sooo we'll see if you're right!



MrWalkieTalkie said:

So in Super Mario 3D World, we have the Mario Bros dressing like cats. And in Monster Hunter 4, we have cats dressing like Mario Bros? O.O



P-Gamer-C said:

now this is good news i think monster hunter is one of the best games i have ever played id love to be link



Kirk said:

It's a pity I think the world textures in this game just look bad. They are so low-res that they basically look N64 level (with terribly garish colors too). It puts me right off.

Also, I've never felt they've ever really nailed the controls in these games and I expect that's probably the case here too.



Senario said:

@Kirk They nailed the controls just fine a while ago. What problems do you have specifically? Also graphics being 64 level? Have you played the N64? It isn't even close. And even if it was, monster hunter is a dang good game more worthy of praise than Dark Souls.



Kirk said:


I just think the controls (and camera) are clunky (I'd say even Zelda 64 has better controls when you are in combat with an enemy and locked on etc). Can't remember off the top of my head all the things I didn't think were quite right though. I'd have to boot it up again and give it a shot...

The world textures really are basically N64 level (or not far off it):

Also, the thing is, at the time those N64 graphics were actually pretty frikin amazing, mind blowing at times, whereas in this day and age I just don't find Monster Hunter 4's graphics particularly impressive or appealing. The monsters look great, the characters generally look ok and the levels generally look ok-bad. I just wish the game looked a bit better overall.

I'm not saying the game is bad. I just think this 3DS version probably has the ugliest graphics in the entire series, mainly because of those ugly, low-res, garish textures. To the point it puts me right off the game.



Senario said:

@Kirk Well MH has a lock on feature as well and is really useful. A welcome edition that was tested with MH3U and will be going into MH4. You can also use the Circle Pad Pro if you have it for even more fluid controls of the camera.

That said I don't see how the graphics are so off-putting that you can't play the game. If you look at any of the PSP monster hunters you would realize that the graphics may not be much improved from MH3U but it is certainly better than the PSP. Judging a game by its graphics as to why you can't/don't want to play it isn't all that fair or valid reasoning because if that were true nobody would buy old games like Super Mario World, Majora's Mask, OoT, Final Fantasy 7-8, and so on. The game looks fairly good on 3DS considering it is a handheld game and not on console yet.



Kirk said:


Unfortunately, graphics do in fact matter to me.

They always have and they always will.

Not the technical aspects. I don't give a crap about whether a game is using the most cutting edge graphical effects of the day, like bump-mapping, bloom lighting, specular highlights etc (unless not having them makes the visuals actually look wrong on the particular game), but I do care about them being aesthetically pleasing.

I just don't find this game's art style and visual look aesthetically pleasing. It's so blurry, low-res and garish in places that it's actually unappealing*.

Like I said, it puts me right off the game.

Once again, I have to reiterate it's not about the graphics from a technical point of view but an artistic and aesthetic one.

I mean I still think a simple pixel art game like Donkey Kong in the arcade looks lovely for example, so it's not about tech.

Also, Super Mario World still looks great, to once again emphasize that it's really not about tech at all (as do many of the classic 2D games). Majora's Mask however does not look great because the visuals in that game were more focused on the tech of the time that pure artistry and the tech simply hasn't held up over time. This is why so many old pixel games hold up so much better than so many early 3D games.

I just need to feel like I enjoy looking at the game rather than being slightly repulsed by it.

*And think about this...If it's already fugly and dated looking now, and it's not even released yet, then just imagine how bad and outdated it's going to look in a few years time, let alone ten or twenty...



unrandomsam said:

Poor framerate bothers me more than graphics.

Glitches or lags annoy me massively.

(As do bad controls - Never felt Monster Hunter 3 had bad controls though).



Psyclone said:

are you serious? you do realize this is for the 3DS right? check this video out in 720p or the ending of this nintendo direct, your telling me this isn't good graphics for the 3DS? and these video are being upscaled. it will look a lot better in it's native resolution.



Kirk said:


Yes, I am serious.

The game just looks weird on 3DS with some really low-res, blurry and garish textures in places.

I mean compare that trailer, which you're so impressed with, to a trailer for Monster Hunter on PSP:

If you ignore the monsters for a second, which always look good, then the world graphics in MH4 are just strange looking, like the textures are all really low-res and really stretched out and blurred or something. In some parts they look decent and in others they look truly bad.

I'm not sure if it's just the textures that make it look wrong but something just does not look right with the world in the 3DS game.



Senario said:

@Kirk Uh...Monster hunter on PSP looked worse than Monster hunter on 3DS. It has gotten better looking and to say otherwise would just be plain wrong. I think it is just you that thinks it looks worse and not to your liking. And seriously, N64 level is just plain wrong in terms of comparisons.



Captain_Balko said:

@Kirk I actually get what you're saying about the world textures looking kind of crappy in the video, but I am almost certain that this is due to zooming in and camera angles that are used in the trailer but I doubt will be used in the actual game. It simply won't be that noticeable when you play the game, that I'm certain of, because any texture will look crappy if you zoom in enough.



AVahne said:

Hope this isn't like past MH games and Phantasy Star Zero, where crossover items were either removed or altered when brought to the west.



Senario said:

@Koto I don't think in this case they will be removed or altered. If they decide to bring them over in any way they'll likely bring it all over since Zelda and Mario are pretty universal in terms of appeal and they have no reason not to include that content as long as their partnership continues.

That said, I am unsure if they will bring MH4 to the west, they may wait until MH4G to bring that version to the west(maybe simultaneous release). That may be just my hopes but I think the version with more content is more compelling to western buyers as the series isn't as popular here, sadly. Releasing every version of the game would just be too much.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Yea, I hope so too. At least with these they shouldn't get removed since they're Nintendo owned and well know through-out the world. Everything else comes down to who hold the rights outside Japan and popularity though.

This isn't a graphics heavy series though, the ground textures and stuff like that aren't the best but then even Pikmin 3 has recieved similar complaints. I wouldn't call them N64 level though, maybe late-dreamcast at the least but they're not that bad.



AVahne said:

Well, we received the original Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter 3, so it might be likely that'll we'll get Monster Hunter 4. But at this point, we won't know.



AVahne said:

Welll, I don't know about that. Phantasy Star Zero had weapons themed off Nintendo franchises, like the Hylian Shield, Samus's Arm Cannon, and the Warp Pipe from the Mario series (used as a cannon in PSZ), but those weapons were turned into generic weapons with the western release.
But you're right about that last bit, it depends on who owns the rights outside of Japan.



AVahne said:

Ooookay, so those new snake dragons DO have hind legs. So now they're basically land-based, super-elongated Leviathans.



jayclayx said:

@Kirk I believe the low res textures are because it has lot of polygon render in real time at least more than most of the games right now on the handheld, personally I found this game quit interesting and good enough to get it as soon as possible.



Senario said:

@Koto That is true and you are right that we have no idea what they will do. I just hope for the G rank version because I think High rank is too safe and has less crazy monster strength and armor skills. It also feels like a more complete game to me although that is unfair since regular tri was a "compete" game. I just like a lot of the extra content.



suburban_sensei said:

This is really interesting, i'd check it out for sure when it comes to the States. For anybody into the Monster Hunter series, is Monster Hunter 3 a good game for a new comer? I have always wanted to check out the series, but never got around to it. I was thinking of picking up MH3 eventually (probably wouldn't be until early next year), but was curious if it's a bad place to start if it is the first entry I am trying out. Also, which version is better Wii U or 3DS?



Senario said:

@suburban_sensei Well, I would say Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is a great place to start. They really step you up slowly to the game and they give you plenty of starting options in terms of weapons (one of each type). A few things I need to say though
1) The demo was done terribly for new players so don't go off of that.
2) If you need to google/look up where to get gear, items, and so on don't feel bad that you need to. Everybody needs to, I still have to look up monster elemental weaknesses from time to time.
3) Almost all (99%) of monsters and quests are solo-able without cheesy tactics. The other 1% can be solo-ed with cheesy tactics.
4) Try out different weapons to see what you like best. Greatsword(buster sword type weapon), Longsword(katana), Hunting Horn(mallet like horn), Hammer, Bow, Bowgun(crossbow), Dual Swords, Sword and Shield, Switchaxe(hybrid sword and axe), Lance, Gunlance(can shoot bullets too!). There is no "best weapon type".

That said I would say it depends on what your situation is for the better version. Do you own a Wii U? A 3DS? For the 3DS, do you know anybody else irl who has the game (as that version doesn't have online, MH4 will though). ect ect here is a list.

3DS Checklist:
Friends you meet with that have MH3U
Have a 3DS (and possibly a circle pad pro)
Cheaper than Wii U version.

Wii U version:
You value Online play a lot, I honestly wish I had it sometimes and I will be picking up a copy since you can transfer save files.
You like better graphics
Preferably you might play on a classic controller pro or a Wii U pro controller.
You value off screen play.



SphericalCrusher said:

Yeah, I watched this Nintendo Direct earlier. I wish I can understand Japanese. Maybe I'll find a subtitled version. But nonetheless, this Monster Hunter has a ton of Nintendo stuff... which seems to be cool. The armor and weapons. Loved seeing MH4 have built-in online, which appeared to work even better than MH3U on WiiU. I can tell that it's more story driven and has a ton more locations to explore and hunt. The game looks amazing and I hope it gets localized soon.



SphericalCrusher said:

Oh and handheld wise, MH3U on the 3DS is the best looking Monster Hunter. It looks a lot better on WiiU obviously, but the game looks great on 3DS for what it is. You have to take into account the size of the game. It's not a side scroller and it does not have small maps. It's a massive, massive game.



SphericalCrusher said:

@suburban_sensei Sorry NintendoLife for the frequent posts. Senario said it amazing, but I wanted to throw my hat into the ring also.

If you want to start with Monster Hunter, I would definitely start with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate if you have a 3DS or WiiU. As far as which (I bought both) — it's up to you. WiiU version has built-in online, better graphics, etc. 3DS version is portable. Besides this, they're both essentially the same. The great thing about having both, is there's a utility where you can transfer your save file back and forth between the two.



Kirk said:


That footage of Monster Hunter on PSP does not look worse to me. In fact, in pretty much every way I can see the PSP version just reads better visually.

I think the reality is that the 3DS version might have less memory for the textures or something and so what you have is basically the same level of 3D geometry detail but far less textures at lower resolutions being spread over much larger areas*.

If I'm right then it's a matter of fact that the PSP version does in fact look better in terms of the textures and not just my opinion.

That however would require someone to do a bit more research on each of the games graphics and I can't be bothered.

Suffice to say that's exactly what it looks like is going on to me.

*Also, the textures in the 3DS version are DEFINITELY more garish in many places than I can see in the PSP game. The entire trailer showing off the Mario and Luigi cats is blatantly totally fugly because of the garish low-res textures, and surely no one with eyes could seriously dispute that:



Kirk said:

Dude, it's nothing to do with the up-scaling.

The textures are very low-res, blatantly, and they are garish.

The world just looks very fugly in places.



uximal said:

I have Monster Hunter Freedom Unite & Portable 3rd on PSP, Great titles & I still play them. Do you own any of the titles? If you do the just take your PSP and 3DS side by side and you will notice it instantly. Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 on 3DS way way better in basically everything!!!!!.



Pod said:

I really think the inclusion of Nintendo themed costumes in any and all hardcore games on 3DS and Wii U is getting overboard.

Of course I can see why it's great incentive for Nitendo fans, and I can of course just NOT use them if I think it's out of place, but it really isn't doing Nintendo's image any favors with the uninitiated.



SphericalCrusher said:

@uximal Agree. I have compared the two side by side - mainly because a friend of mine plays MH on PSP a ton, while I play on 3DS. We've compared visuals. You can get into the whole technical aspect of it, with lightning, textures, etc but to sum it all up — the 3DS version just looks better overall.

I think it's funny also, that I've always been a sword-and-shield guy but all the people I play with bash that. Now they want to use it, due to master sword+hyrule shield. Haha. But who can blame them. And it's not like we're getting it anytime soon.



Senario said:

@SphericalCrusher lol well it isn't an easy to play weapon. You have to be attacking almost constantly like you do with bow to be effective solo. That doesn't matter though with status effects/elements and multiplayer. Most of my weapons hit hard so I see their reasoning why they don't like the weapon.



Kirk said:


Yeah, the problem however is that all versions of Monster Hunter 3 seem to look better than Monster Hunter 4.

God knows how but the graphics do look to have gone backwards slightly, well the textures, based on all the footage I've seen.



Phle said:

That looks pretty cool. I would love to dress up like Link while playing monster hunter (^_^)



Windy said:

I wonder how much they will charge us to download the mario, link, Master Sword quest through DLC? I bet that's where this headed



Genesaur said:

I do wonder what weaknesses, resistances, and skills we'll see on that armour set. I am a little bugged that I would have to make a male character to use the Link set, since I don't think it'd suit Eurydice well at all. I'd still use that Sword and Shield - Master Sword or not, it's my favourite weapon type.

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