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Lilt Line Developer Seeks Crowdfunding for Sequel and Includes a Wii U Stretch Goal

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Gaijin Games published the original, from different cloth, on WiiWare

WiiWare enthusiasts among you may remember Lilt Line, the WiiWare title developed by different cloth and published by Gaijin Games, the latter being particularly well-known for its BIT.TRIP series. The concept was simple, as you guided a line down increasingly tricky tracks while following a beat to some funky tunes; we were certainly fans in our Lilt Line review.

Different cloth is now back on its own to publish a sequel, lilt line too!. As is often the case with small developer projects now, it's taken to Kickstarter to raise funds; its original £15,000 goal is for an iOS version. Since the campaign launched, however, different cloth has been offered a loan Wii U dev kit and has added a stretch goal of $45,000 to bring the game to the Wii U eShop.

This new entry, if funded, is targeting a release in July 2014, will have 3D levels — as opposed to just top-down — 20 full-song length stages, collaborative local multiplayer and competitive online multiplayer. The music will be provided by American musician ill.gates.

You should certainly check out the fairly light-hearted, humorous pitch-video below, and the game does look like a promising expansion on the original. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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sinalefa said:

You got me at 3D levels. The original game is interesting so I am heading to kickstarter right away!

EDIT: @ThomasBW84

Please correct the article as all the stretch goals are in British pounds and not in US Dollars. So it will be a bit harder to reach that 45,000 pounds stretch goal. And I am not even sure I can even pledge for this as I don't have a pounds account.



DiscoGentleman said:

The ending part of that video was kind of arrogant and really did not make me want to back this project.



onlyaman said:

The original was really fun on Wiiware. It worked well with wiimote tilting.



OorWullie said:

I'm a little confused,if it's only 15,000 he needs to get the game on IOS and Nintendo have offered him a free dev kit,then where is this extra 30,000 needed to bring it to Wii U?Obviously there is going to be extra work involved and some cost to port it over but 30g extra?! This guys having a laugh!



Kilroy said:

I don't know if it's been revealed how much this loan dev kit costs, but for a guy who "needs" to resort to public funding to develop a sequel, he's acting awfully arrogant (see: his "children" comments) about how his potential game will influence an entire genre.

Am I missing something? Is his personality simply falling on deaf, American ears?



Jukilum said:

I didn't get the impression he was being arrogant. It seemed more tongue in cheek to me.

I was interested until I heard the rap/dub step.

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